February 9 2012 This was passed on to me through email. Notes from a conference call with Jeffrey Combs. Several good points I figured worthwhile sharing here. I love NFL… all 3 of them…that’s ME!!


How’s that for making it really obvious what is important to us? And it makes us realize even more that if our dreams AREN’T bigger then our excuses, well…we will never reach them.

Procrastination seems to be the main cause of our dreams not materializing in our lives, and why is that? Well, Success is a Mindset, and if your Mindset isn’t focused on your Dreams, then everything under the sun will get in the way. To be Successful you need to push all of the excuses out of the way, the ‘I’m tired, I don’t have time, this is too hard, I’m not good at sales’, and focus only on your Dreams, because your INNER WORLD, your thoughts, your feelings, your attitudes towards your Dreams, they control your OUTER WORLD, which is the life you are living. So, if you don’t like your car, your house, your body, your love life, change your INNER WORLD and watch the magic happen.

There is a book that I read 4 years ago called “Rules For Renegades” by Comaford-Lynch, which really hit home for me. Excuses are just that. They are ways we allow ourselves to back out of truly being successful…excuses are safe, excuses are normal, excuses are what we learn growing up…excuses STEAL OUR DREAMS. Two words I heard recently on a call: Renegades and Mustangs…that is what a Successful Dream Seeker is!

How many of you suffer from NFL? And no, this isn’t the National Football League!, it is an acronym for three states a Dream Seeker goes through:

                1)      No Friends Left – Love this one, as we all go through it…they think you are crazy at first, that your dreams will never happen, then they try and steal your dreams by telling you that you cannot achieve them, and when you don’t quit, they leave your life….NFL….consider the source if someone says something negative…are THEY where you want to be?

                2)      No Funds Left – You are barely making ends meet as it is, you are living paycheque to paycheque and you feel the hamster wheel of trading time for money will never get better

                3)      Not For Long! – This is what you need to have in your mind at all times! Rather than think “lack of”, you think “Not For Long!!”…THAT is the Mindset of a Successful person!

Don’t let your PAST mindset affect your PRESENT mindset…a professional NWM requires a state of mind that is ZEN – LIKE…you need to be able to neutralize your emotions regarding ‘lack of’, and do not let the negative dream stealers affect your Success Mindset…which will help you to achieve your dreams.

I have also learned that your environment affects your state of mind, how you dress, how you eat, how you ‘appear’ on the outside has a direct impact on what you are attracting to you. Are you attracting to you success if you are dressed in sweat-pants when prospecting? Are you driving in your car that has garbage inside and dirty windows? Are you walking with your head down and being shy? Do you “Dress For Success” every day?

I would love everyone to really focus on what your dreams are, and creating that mindset of Success in your every day actions. Don’t let Excuses, Fears, Guilt, or Obligations hold you back from achieving them! The only thing you need to keep in your mind is this: What excuse will you come up with when you reach the end of your life and your dreams have not been achieved?