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Energy balancing is all about clearing out the negative energetic blocks that hinder us from a happy healthy life and also prevent vibrational alignment with our dreams and goals. Ladybug Wellness invites you to invest in yourself!

Appointments available via Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger, regular phone, and email. Please state preference when confirming your appointment. Some in-person appointments available as local restrictions allow.

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Services available:

– Weekly Remote Group Energy Balancing
– Mini Introductory Session

– General Energy Clearing and Balancing

– Abundance Alignment
– Business Vitality Alignment
– Resonating Relationship
– Energy Clearing for Animals

Meridian Point and Touch Therapy sessions:
– CCMBA and Black Pearl techniques
– Reiki / Reiki Training Classes

The following is a brief explanation of services available. Please see this page for more information on the energy balancing modalities that Jackie uses in these sessions:

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FREE weekly remote group energy balancing: Did someone say FREE? Yes, free and no effort other than to sign up! In these weekly sessions, you receive the benefit of all of Jackie’s trainings in one rest and receive session. Think of this as energetic maintenance while you sleep on Sunday nights, the best kind of self care! Invite your loved ones and pets!
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Mini introductory general clearing offer: Are you new to energy balancing and would just like to experience how Jackie works? This is the appointment for you! This is a 10 minutes general energy balancing session where you will receive notes via email. Usually finds and clears 1-3 energetic imbalances. $30. value. You can also use a one per client code to book this as a complimentary session.

General Energy Clearing and Balancing: Book this session when you just want an overall energetic balance and clearing. Allow Jackie’s intuitive skills to find the root cause of issues using a combination of all her non invasive energy modalities. No need to explain or re-live past experiences. Just relax and release the energetic blocks hindering you from a happy healthy life.

Abundance Alignment session: Abundance can cover many areas of life. In this session, we use a goal statement to align you energetically with your chosen goal. Some of the ideas used here are Financial, Personal Growth, Health, Business, Career, etc. Fast track your manifesting with this goal oriented session. This session can be used for business focus, with the main focus on YOU.

Business Vitality Alignment session:
Since everything is energy, it only stands to reason that your business can pick up non beneficial energies over the course of time, and may even be repelling clients/ customers. These non beneficial energies can block alignment with success, abundance, prosperity, visibility, and progress.  This can also hinder opportunities to evolve your business through uncertain times as well. Energize your business and watch it prosper! Revitalize your business now! This session focuses on the energy of the business mainly.

Resonating Relationships Session:
In this specialized session, we look at your alignment with the different aspects of a functional and happy healthy relationship. We often carry baggage from previous experiences. By correcting the energetic imbalances, we can better align with connection and harmony. This can improve our relationships with others, whether these relationships are platonic or romantic. This is a more in-depth session focusing on your alignment with all the aspects of a healthy relationship and also addresses conflict resolution styles.

Energy Clearing for Animals: Animals have feelings too! All kinds of animals can experience upsets and traumas, just like humans. Abandonment, separation, betrayal, and rejection can be just as devastating for our furbabies and can create misbehavior patterns. Animals have no placebo effect, so they often respond very well to energy balancing. When they are happy, they often behave much better as well. Jackie has worked with dogs, cats, rodents, birds, horses, and even snakes. No you do not have to bring your pet for this session. A picture can be helpful though.


Option of distance proxy or in-person:

Black Pearl Technique: The Ancient Chinese Black Pearl Technique works on your nervous, parasympathetic, sympathetic and neurovascular systems as well as your amygdala.  A delightful combination of meridian clearing and energy healing it releases deep-seated traumas and stress from these systems.  When these systems are stress free, the amygdala shrinks and becomes like a black pearl, hence the name. The Black Pearl Technique focuses on a deep level healing of the amygdala to release trauma, as well as balancing the fight or flight system. The processing time for this technique is two weeks, so you may notice subtle shifts over that time frame. This is a rest and receive type session. You must be able to be resting comfortably for the duration of the 90 minute process.

Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment CCMBA/Complete Cellular Soul Memory Clearing CCSMC:  Claimed by researchers to be the most powerful ‘Hands-On-Healing’ Technique in the medical and spiritual fields today and written up in 100s of books. The CCBMA/CCSMC Energy works with the Higher Self on the individual’s issues no matter what they are and invariably obtains results! Experience the Law of Grace, which takes precedence over the Law of Karma. CCMBA/CCSMC is the Mind/Body Healing technique that reconnects us to the fullness of the universe and who we are, removing barriers in the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects of our being that prevent us from living to our true potential. The processing time for this technique is two weeks, so you may notice subtle shifts over that time frame. This is a rest and receive type session. You must be able to be resting comfortably for the duration of the 90 minute process.

Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is a 2,500 year old healing tradition that was rediscovered in the late 19th century by Dr. Usui in Japan. This is the vital life force which flows through all living things. Reiki is a holistic healing modality that provides relaxation and stress reduction which brings about transformation on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level of your being.
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You do not have to believe in Reiki for it to work, but you do have to take the first step and treat yourself to this unique experience. Reiki is a gentle, non-intrusive touch therapy that brings wholeness to the recipient & the giver. Reiki is given by placing hands on, or just above, the body. Reiki works toward restoring and vitalizing the natural energy balance in humans, animals and plants and therefore promotes the body’s natural healing. Although Reiki energy is infused through all of Jackie’s services, this individual session is available as an in-person session only.
Bonus: a mini session of Emotion Code clearing is included in Reiki sessions.

Access Bars® is a process that allows your body to process and receive the changes you are choosing with ease.
Access Bars® are 32 points on your head which, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive. These points contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations you have stored in any lifetime. This is a possibility for you to let go of everything!
**Although trained in this modality, it is only offered as a special request as I have found that Black Pearl and CCMBA are much more effective techniques.

Traditional Japanese Usui Reiki training classes

It is said that Reiki finds you. So if you have been fascinated with Healing Hands, Reiki training may be for you! Not to be taken lightly, it is an honor to become a Reiki practitioner. Learn to direct this healing and cleansing life force energy to yourself and others.

Levels 1, 2, 3 – Master Advanced, and Master Teacher trainings available in person, and online.
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*** To maximize your session time, please familiarize yourself with the information in this website. Please note, in respect of my time, your time, and the time of other clients, I offer this disclaimer as well:
I am not a certified counselor, and therefore cannot and will not offer advice on your situation. This website is full of resource suggestions that you can choose for yourself. However, I am more than happy to discuss brief personal details pertaining to your energy balancing session with me. If you require a certified counselor to discuss your situation in depth, I am happy to recommend some reputable contacts.  My services are limited to empowering my clients with energetic balancing to enhance their overall healing journey. ***