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Welcome to Group Energy Balancing Sessions with Jackie at Ladybug Wellness

There is no “catch”, this is a gift for you from Ladybug Wellness. I only ask that you add your name on the remote group list.

These Sunday Sessions are a wonderful way to invite newcomers to self empowerment through energy balancing modalities. I am honored to be able to serve so many on a grand scale in this way and this is an open invitation to as many people as would like to join in. Energy amplifies to the needs of the group.


Please message directly if you have any problems signing up and I will add you. It is implied that permission to be added has been given by your loved ones. You are welcome to invite your friends to sign up themselves as well. Share away!

YES you can include your pets. My cats Niko, Ebony and Midnight all love energy work! Wonderful for rescue animals as well.

Sign up for one or all sessions offered. The direct link scheduler is set to book sessions many weeks in advance and has an option to be added to all available sessions at once rather than signing up each individually.

You are welcome to sign up any time with your revised list of loved ones and pets. I am trying my best to make the scheduler user friendly so you can edit your own list as well.

Action requested please: I can easily keep track of who IS on the list, but it is hard to notice who is NOT on the list. I am asking for your own due diligence in making sure you are on the list. You will receive a confirmation email upon sign up, then a reminder and follow up email each week. If you are not receiving these emails, please contact Jackie asap to add you and your loved ones to this most beneficial offer!

Offered every Sunday evening, 8 pm Pacific. Your confirmation email will show the time in your particular time zone. The appointment time in the scheduler says 2 hours duration but I often spend up to 3 hours to balance and clear the group energy. In these group sessions, you are receiving the benefit of all my trainings and experience in one session. This is my gift to you in empowering you to find and maintain your inner peace.

The beauty of these remote group sessions is that you do not have to be physically, or even mentally, “present” for the session to be effective! You receive energy balancing while you sleep, or when you are ready!

Just Rest and Receive. No effort or obligation needed other than to sign up.

This group session is a way for me to connect with a large group of people in a short amount of time. I consider this my “tithe” of gratitude for my Ladybug Wellness business and the honor of working with so many wonderful people and animals. 
In a sense, it is an efficient “bulk energetic cleanse” of the collective consciousness of the group since many people have a variation of similar issues. Then, I am noticing, the individual sessions for clients during the week can address deeper personal issues.

These remote group sessions have been well received, with many people reporting back to me that they have felt relaxed, energized, refreshed; and many had a very restful sleep. Several people have said their unhealthy cravings have subsided, and some chronic aches have alleviated as well. Many have reported that their homes have become more amicable and peaceful, and they look forward to a weekly boost of energy healing.

Some testimonials in website:
Feel free to add your own testimonial as well.

This is a complimentary offer as a thank you to all my clients, as a thank you for taking steps towards your own self empowerment, and also thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

It is also an open invitation welcome to any newcomers interested in experiencing energy balancing and clearing, and to experience the connectedness of energy while still respecting social distancing. In these group sessions, you are receiving the benefit of all my trainings and experience in one session. This is my gift to you in empowering you to find and maintain your inner peace.

Your only commitment in participating is to sign up, then rest and receive. It is my intention that you will receive this healing energy when your body is most ready for it, meaning an energetic queue. If you are not ready and resting right when we start, you will receive the energy when your body is next able to receive, usually when you retire for your nightly rest. You are welcome to sleep through the entire session. It is also my intention that you will receive this energy balancing energy in the highest and most beneficial way, the most benevolent outcome. As we raise our own vibrations through energy healing, we also raise the vibration of global consciousness, which in turn creates Heaven on Earth.

For my remote group participants: The LBW30 code works on any full sessions you choose to book. Please use this code as needed for as many bookings as you like. Main booking link:

Karmic debt energy exchange: Energy must always flow. If it does not flow, there is either a stagnancy or a vacuum created. This is the concept of the Universal Law of Reciprocity. Money is also an energy, which is why practitioners charge fees for their services, knowledge, and skills. There is also a theory of tithing, where we give back a percentage of our earnings in some way. I have been truly blessed over the years with some amazing clients, and the opportunity to share my knowledge and energy balancing skills with others. By signing up, you are giving me permission to work with you. The effort of signing up is the minimal required exchange of energy to continue the flow.
You have the option to sign up for our newsletter as well.
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You are welcome to just “pay it forward” in any way that makes your heart happy! Spread the joy!!

Yes this remote group offer is FREE. I think of this as my tithe or karma offer, and yes, this is coming around tremendously as everyone pays it forward in their own unique ways.

There have been some inquiries regarding payments for these sessions. Thank you for your generosity and appreciation. I am choosing to keep this as a FREE offer to my clients and anyone else interested in receiving these highly beneficial and valuable weekly sessions.

However, any donation of your choosing are accepted through these avenues:
or Canadian e-transfer at
Any donations received through these avenues are graciously accepted, and we offer many blessings in return.

Testimonials are humbly appreciated as well through our website or through our Facebook page

Session Technique Details:
In these group energy balancing sessions, I infuse Reiki healing energy. I use meridian point trauma release techniques as well as energy clearing modalities such as Court of Atonement and Emotion Code/ Body Code. This  releases several trapped emotions and energies common within the group.

The appointment time in the scheduler says 2 hours but I often spend up to 3 hours to balance and clear everything that comes up. Plus I often run audio clearings for several hours as well.  

It is my theory that global situations are triggering ancestral trauma within us, and this seems to be what is coming up within these remote group sessions. Note that if you are signed up for weekly sessions, some of these energies are releasing new and deeper layers each week. Emotional baggage comes off in layers, like an onion. We are always releasing and correcting the energies that are Activated at any given time.

Here are some examples as to what comes up and is addressed for the group sessions each week:
— Infused with Reiki healing energy, uses group energy clearing modalities such as Court of Atonement and Emotion Code/ Body Code to release trapped emotions and energies common within the group.
— Meridian point therapy addressing mind/ body/ soul alignment, fight or flight response, panic, anxiety and digestive issues. 
— Common familial lineage and ancestral trauma pattern issues including: clutter, procrastination, overwhelm, vulnerability, resistance, lack of abundance, self sabotage, stagnation, martyrdom, exhaustion, insecurity, heartache, powerlessness, rejection, mistrust, discouragement, abandonment, resentment, unloved, suicidal, pain, unsupported, lack of boundaries, lack of control, betrayal, unrequited love, loss, scarcity, anger, grief, and insomnia.
— Hormones balancing such as melatonin, dopamine, serotonin, histamine, nor epinephrine and melanocyte. 
— Neutralizing toxins and Epstein Barr pathogen clearing
— Addressing hidden non beneficial belief patterns as well.
— Energetic vitamins, and energy boosts, plus a chakra cleanse balance. 
— I particular add any new information from Court of Atonement and any other new knowledge I have acquired.

In between these weekly sessions, please see the Self Empowering Techniques page in the Ladybug Wellness website There are a few techniques particularly for sleep issues. Please try these and let me know if they work for you.

Explanation of Reiki:

Explanation of Emotion Code/ General Energy Clearing:

Explanation of Court of Atonement:

Explanation of Black Pearl, CCMBA, and other energy techniques I may use in these group sessions:

Feedback is greatly appreciated! Please do message with anything you may have experienced through this session.
Thank you for the honor of working with you!

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