Emotion Code Testimonials

Clients I have worked with have reported better sleep, feeling lighter and less stressed, past events no longer bother them, and improved relationships.

This is a Facebook Live video interview with Tasha Wall of Prince George for the RUOK organization, November 1 2017: https://www.facebook.com/tashawall.ptrainer/videos/10159568758675080/
We discuss the notes from her Emotion Code clearing session.

“Yeah I feel lighter and just happier I cant explain the feelings but inside feels different. I wanna cry cause as I read those dates I remember things. July 1995 was the first time I tried to kill myself 🙁  Wow this really does work. I haven’t been sleeping well but I slept like a baby last night“. ~ T.A. Calgary AB

“The day I got my results was actually the first day I didn’t cry after ending things with my boyfriend. I’ve been feeling very level headed since the results and have been looking at situations more objectively than emotionally and it’s helped me stay strong in my decision to leave him (and yes, I did find the strength to walk away!). Thank you for doing this, Jackie. I really appreciate it”. ~V.S.K. Vancouver BC

“I want you to know that my husband is normally completely happy and o.k. Only when he is reminded of the war and all the loss of property and the injustice of all which he is not able to change – then he gets angry – and of course sometimes he has bad dreams about it. But now a few days ago when he came to the breakfast-table he told me that he had a wonderful dream. He was dreaming that he was together with all his friends in (Europe). And he told me that he never had this kind of dream before. – And I guessed right away that this could be the result of your doing. So we both thank you very much”. ~wife of F.B., Terrace BC

“Thanks for this. It is a nice insight into myself. It has made a difference. I am feeling better about myself, things around me and where I am in life“. ~R.G. Prince George

“Wow…. Pretty much hits home…. You honestly did help me with my shoulder, and cleared my mind of things that have haunted me for YEARS. But seeing why and how it happens is a shocker. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Seeing how to cure the hurt and hate may change the way I look at people, and the way I live…Thank-you”. ~K.B. Penticton BC

“My cat is definitely different now and more affectionate. My fiance has been happier, despite the craziness at work“.~D.H. Kelowna BC (Emotion Code done with whole family)

“My parents’ divorce doesnt bother me anymore“. ~ R.R. Vancouver BC

“My cat was a rescue cat from a shelter. She had been very skittish and we didn’t know what may have happened to her. Since doing Emotion Code, she has been very cuddly.” ~ R.R. Vancouver

“My three month old son was waking up screaming for a few nights. With Emotion Code we found he had the trapped emotion ‘shock’ from
the day he got his needles. After this was released, he slept fine“. ~ L.N. Vancouver BC