Contest Winning’s

You can’t win if you don’t enter!  Besides local contests, I enter many contests through big companies such as Kraft, General Mills and Proctor and Gamble. Years ago many contests required mailing in Universal Product Codes (UPCs) to enter contests. These days many are found online. Some good reputable contest sites would be found in Chatelaine, Divine, MochaSoft, Homemadesimple, and Homebasics, Canadian Living, Tribute.  Basically look for well known magazines, and movie/music sites.

Take care with online security and links you may not trust. Stick mainly with reputable companies. Remember also that contest wins are FREE, nothing required except signing a liability waiver. There may be associated costs like airline taxes for trip wins, but reputable companies are up front about that and it will be listed in contest rules.

I wasn’t quite as fanatical as this documentary, but I certainly had a lucky streak!

For a little encouragement, here is a list of the things I have won since 1987, and the companies that sponsored the contests: 

Gold wafer– Local shopping mall – October 1987

Maui Pearl Necklace & Earrings – Safeway – January 1988

Men’s Turbo Hairdryer & 3 Golf balls—Shoppers Drug Mart – May 1988

(2) One pair ZaZu Earrings & Brooch –?? — June 1988

Beach Ball – Lawry’s spices – August 1988

Yo-Yo – Brown Cow – September 1988

Canvas Air Mattress –Lawry’s spices — December 1988

Inflatable Dinosaur — Shreddies – February 1989

Baseball Hat – Cardinal – March 1989

Shower Kilt – Dial Soap – October 1989

Limited Edition Cow Creamer – Carnation Milk — November 1989 

Rubbermaid Patio Furniture – Unico Foods – January 1990

Cotton Company Sweatshirt – Local SPCA Draw

2 Parker Board Games –??— January 1990

Kodak pedal car–Sight ‘ n’ Sound music store

“Land Before Time” video

Little Tykes playhouse–Local Preschool Draw

Beach Hat & Sunglasses – Foster’s Lager — January 1991

Coffee & Filters –Melitta Coffee – January 1991

Baseball Hat – Cardinal – January 1991

Dr. Mario Game – Aquafresh – July 1991

Golf Hat & Glasses – Foster’s Lager – January 1991

Trip for 2 (Airfare & Accommodations) for one week to
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico — Old El Paso Foods – May 1993

One Week Mexican Cruise – Dole Pineapple – December 1993  

5 Compact Discs – Alberta Distillers – January 1994  

Fire Extinguisher & Smoke Alarm — Alberta Distillers –January 1994  

Molson Canadian T-shirt

Visine Visor

Panasonic Technics Mini-Component Stereo System – Salon Selectives Shampoo –January 1995

Nylon Jacket – Yop Yogurt Drinks

Pace Picante Sauce & Cookbook – Maclean Hunter –November 1995

Bike Helmet – Johnson & Johnson – July 1996

T-shirt – Cadbury and Junior Jays

Biking Glasses – Evian Bottled Water

$100 Co-op Certificate – Purina Pet Foods – January 1997

Terrycloth Robe – Ponds Cream – January 1998

2 Movie Vouchers – Neilson Cadbury

Benneton Sports Bag – Yop Yogurt Drinks

Baseball Key chain – Colgate Palmolive – October 1999

$150.00 worth of Dutch Spring Bulbs – (—August 2000   

Mike’s Yellow fever T-shirt –Mark Anthony Brands –June 2001

Jolly Rancher Blanket and candy assortment –August 2002 

3 x $10.  Gift Certificates for local pub — 94X fm radio — May 2005

Several CDs — 94X fm Radio — 2005 – present
(Offspring, Bon Jovi, Korn, Breaking Benjamin, Rob Zombie, to name a few)

Local hockey game tickets — local credit union draw — October 2005

Tickets to Trews and Rocketface — 94X fm Radio — February 2006

Canvas Beach bag plus $35. worth of Revlon make up products — Summer 2007

Basket of $75. worth of St Ives products (shower gels, lotions, cleansers) — November 2008

50 inch plasma TV, one year HDTV hook up, and 12 movies — 94Xfm Radio — March 2010
This has got to be the best one in years!!  Morning After show podcasts from March 23, 29 and April 1, 2010 had winning calls and old tv smashing!

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