Jackie’s Compilations

Welcome to my corner of the world wide web!Here you will find my compilation of little sayings and poems.

I have a fascination with words and language itself. I have been collecting little sayings, quotes, and poems since high school. I started with some little sayings that were in my workbooks at private school. From then on, my sources were endless. I saved anything that was touching or inspirational in some way. I had a book full of these things, but whenever I loaned this book to friends, I had a hard time getting it back. With my spunky type of personality I usually am a cheering committee, all on my own, for friends who are down. So the idea of a website to share these compilations was born.

“Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear, Livin’ on a Prayer” ~Bon Jovi These Sayings, Poems and Stories are a collection of some things I’ve grown to believe in, whether they are serious or silly. It is my hope that all who read what is contained here will find something worthwhile–no matter what you may believe in. This part of my website has been online since 1998. Since then I have added more and more to the inspiration as well as including resources, favorites, etc… anything that has helped me along my journey in life that I feel may benefit others in sharing with the world 🙂 Each block below will bring up the poems/sayings within that block. * Written by Myself

Wisdom Philosophies Christian Principles Friendship Parenting
Relationships Proverbs Miscellaneous Wisdom Miscellaneous Wisdom 2 Micellaneous Wisdom 3
Gone Away (music) Just Tell Me ‘Twas the Night Before Jesus Came If Women Over 30

Little Things

Be The Best

One Talent
A Winner’s Creed

There Are Periods Of Time
After a While
Thank-You For Being My Friend
Please, Just Listen
Letter From A Friend
I Must Go Shopping
Out Of This Life
Around The Corner
Divorce * Turn Back To Me The Rose (music) Cocaine
Problems Of BeingA Perfect Husband Did I? or Didn’t I? A New Page For Me God’s Boxes Never Give up Decisions
My A.D.H.D. Child Sand Dollar Legend Single Mom Poem Your Best Friend Friends Forever Threads of Friendship Jelly Bean Prayer
Can You Feel My Pain? Lost In A Dream Of Love Heart Of Love Misplaced Trust Are You Able? Winner Or Loser? Builder Or Wrecker? Essential Four Letter Words If I Had My Child To Raise Over Again… My Hands Were Busy My Mother Is Teen Commandments Just One Drop Let Us Negotiate A Lion Met A Tiger Children Learn What They Live 21 Memos From Your Child Mary Had A Little Boy
Friendship Nog * 24 Things to Always Remember Words of Encouragement Love is a Mystery
Malachi 3:3 Two Horses I Believe This is Good Heaven Butterfly Story Two Wolves Cracked Pots Mayonnaise Garbage Trucks Wedding Finger God and the Barber To grieve is to be an artist of life/ I know/ Daddy’s Empty Chair/ If Tomorrow Starts Without Me I Promise Myself 5 Finger Prayer
The tablecloth Angels Desiderata A Stranger Walked By
Before I was a Mom Research Associates Family Man Mermaid or Whale Attitude Is Everything Wrong Number What Oprah says about MEN

Humor Laughter is the best medicine. Warning: I do have a twisted sense of humor. These are a collection from friends over the years.

A Bit of Humor Humor with Kids Animals Old Age
Pondering Thoughts Mottoes
Resources These are things that I have learned and have found useful over the years. Hopefully you will find something interesting here as well.
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