The heart of love
Alone again
Yet not always alone
The heart is feared
To turn to stone
As love is not
Love in the heart
There is no end
There is no start
When the heart once feels love
Love is always there
When the loved heart leaves
The heart is bare
Bare to be open
To be attacked with pain
To harden a shell
Is only to keep sane.
However, the shell is weak
And can be battered
When loneliness attacks
The shell can be shattered.
Another kind heart
Another kind soul
By being gentle, can mend
And retain the heart’s soul
If another shows love
The heart shall respond.
Only if the heart
Finds the other heart fond
One should take one’s time
For the heart to give new love
For the heart has to await
The return of the dove
Only then, the heart will open
To give another heart it’s love.

~Michele Dornonville de la Cour