Court of Atonement

Court of Atonement
I am all about self empowerment. That said, I connected with this lovely lady and her website in September of 2017. Since then, my life and the lives of many others, has drastically changed for the better.
Court of Atonement is something simple anyone can do to heal family patterns and any upsets/ discord with anyone.

The Court of Atonement is a spiritual healing modality. We request the Souls we are working with to meet each other in a sanctuary of healing (The Court of Atonement) so that these souls can discuss their differences beyond the constraints of human emotions. The souls decide how they are going to choose to proceed and the changes in energy are brought back to the cells in the body.
Conflicts often dissolve completely and the issues resolve.
You can download her booklets for more information. Several links to interviews at the bottom of this page as well.

There are 4 booklets available now, some are translated into other languages as well:

Want to try it? More details on calling a Court of Atonement:

Simple Outline
1. I, _______ place myself, _______
2. Into a Full Court of Atonement
3. I bring in, ______________
4. For the purpose of, __________
5. I ask for positive resolution. I ask for, ________.

This is a free download booklet from Amy Jo, Ancient Truths and Wisdom:

My Back Story: The following is a wonderfully fascinating story as to how I came to know Amy Jo Ellis and the Court of Atonement in September of 2017. I just have to share it here:
I am privileged to be on a few practitioner forums where we can share knowledge and success stories — an incredible source of encouragement! In August of 2017, I was scrolling through one forum and came across a post “Court of Atonement”, a spiritual intervention to heal family patterns. It looked interesting so I bought the downloadable booklet and read through Amy Jo’s captivating story of how she received and shared this prayer/ blessing. It seemed simple enough, so I tried out a few of her suggestions on myself and my family. A few days later, my oldest daughter messaged me asking if I did some relationship clearing on her as she had received a completely unexpected message from her first boyfriend from 20 years ago. He profusely apologized for everything that happened back then! A few days after that, my daughter had her largest one-transaction sale in all her sales years. Then a family member stopped drinking cold turkey. Early in September, I was just getting into bed one night when my intuition was tugging at me and suggesting I should post my experiences on a private international Emotion Code practitioner forum. I couldn’t sleep until I made that post. By morning there was an explosion of 100 comments and excited interest in COA. Later that day, a friend tagged me in a post where Amy Jo had asked about all the sudden interest. Amy Jo and I ended up on a 2 hour phone call! She is an absolutely delightful soul! Turns out that she had shared this COA booklet only a few months before and sold just 14 copies up until then, even though she sensed this would be an important and well loved gift to the world. Overnight she sold 46 copies and counting! At the same time that I had been posting my experiences, she had been asking her guides to “prove it”! How is this for synchronicity??!! I am so glad I listened to my intuition that night as so many energy practitioners have now found COA through international connections and are also sharing with their personal connections. I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to check out Amy Jo’s website and download the booklet. She now has group teleclasses on YouTube. Do check out her channel!!

As for myself, I have now been using COA with my clients before beginning sessions and it just seems to clear away all the “crud” and make way for energy healing on a much deeper level. I fondly call COA a spiritual laxative, in a good way! I am so thankful for Amy Jo sharing her gifts, and for the ripple effects it has had on my life in such a short time, as well as for those around me. Amy Jo would love feedback on any shifts you notice. The stories are nothing short of miraculous!!

Join the Court of Atonement Facebook Group: “This group is here to help each other learn a simple spiritual process called “The Court of Atonement” It is a command to the universe that directs the souls to meet behind the emotional constrains of the conscious mind, and duke it out! Once they gain full understanding of what each other has been through, the conscious mind seems to gain some insight into the situation and the perceived problems disappear.
This group is put together to share our successes as well as our failures. This way we can learn from each other as we grow!”

How fast does COA work??  December 2017 — I have to share this one!! I had a client come just before Christmas. Her session went well, but in chatting afterwards, she told me that her daughter “did an about face” two years ago and they weren’t sure what she was into or where she was. The last contact was 3 months before, it was frantic, and then they lost contact again. Right then and there I called a full COA for her daughter. Just simply calling for soul recognition and facing anything she may be into that drew her away from home. This client called me the next evening to tell me that within 3 hours of her appointment with me, her daughter called and was coming home for Christmas. Two weeks later I got to meet this young lady for her own session!! Miracles happen!

July 2018 I took a very long road trip to Idaho to meet Amy Jo in person. Although we had chatted many times via video chat, meeting her in person was like meeting a long lost heart sister. I spent a week with her and we talked non stop!!! So much learning and appreciation, and so much fun together! She is now holding classes for COA Q and A, Pardoning and Name Clearing. I highly recommend each of these classes! Powerful!   Sign up through her website, or join the Facebook group. 

This is Amy Jo’s YouTube channel to answer more of COA questions:

This is an interview with Amy Jo on The Wellness Show discussing COA:

November 27 2017:  This is from Amy Jo on her Facebook group: “I sat down to channel this evening and asked if there was any messages that my guides wished to share with you all here on Facebook. Their answer was YES.

It is our greatest pleasure to have you joining us and assisting the healing of the Earth. Each Court of atonement that is being called is picking up detrimental frequencies and transforming them in to beneficial energy. From our view the changes already taking place are measurable. So we are here to encourage you all to keep going.

It is often asked why it is that the spirit realm does not clear up the energy and make the changes that so many are aware of.

It is not our place. We encourage you to do your part. Some are confused at to what their part is. They believe they have to reach into the mire and clean up the mud themselves. Asking for assistance from the unseen realm is all you need to do. See the things you do not like, place your focus on what you do want to see and ask for us to assist you in creating what you want. This is your part!

The Court of Atonement is looking at what you do not like, and making a decision to no longer tolerate it and asking for assistance in cleaning it up.

We recommend that you place everything around you that you notice that you do not like and call it into a Full Court of Atonement. If you are seeing brush fires in your area and you are not liking it. Call the fire and the earth into a Full Court of Atonement. Ask for the situation to be healed on the Astral Plane. Place your focus on seeing the forest green and healthy and call that into the Court of Atonement as well.

If you see garbage washed up on the beach, Call those who littered into a Full Court of Atonement with the beach.

These Atonements will begin to infiltrate the thoughts of those who are guilty of littering, it will start to clear the thoughts of those who hate to see the littering. Please try to understand that the anger that is vented due to the litter is also toxic. The anger itself accumulates. So, calling for Full Atonement between those who littered and the Earth, will begin to align the frequencies to eliminate the litter.

The toxic emotions of others who have seen the debris, judged it to be bad and yet have done nothing to change the situation, lingers like the litter itself. The atonement gathers up these energies and puts them to work toward a solution, so that the next people to walk through will feel less overwhelmed and more like doing something to clean up the mess.

It is also possible for the litter to biodegrade much faster than had previously been thought.
Keep up the wonderful assistance you have given the world.
We are with you and applaud your efforts.”