I soiled a page in a book one day
I tore it out and threw it away;
Then I started a new page and
vowed to do better,
And made it perfect –letter for letter.
Then I spoiled a page in my life one day,
I was grieved o'er the blot and in so much dismay;
It could not be torn out–oh how it must look
I had soiled a page in our Father's book!
But after a while I grew thoughtful and calm,
Perhaps I should not feel so much alarm;
I would go to Him with a humble plea,
"Father, have you a new page for me?
I'll make it as perfect as when I was small,
And spoiled that page and re-wrote it all…
To hear you say, some day, "Well done,"
I promise I will not soil this one!"
Blanche Fralic, N.S.

Email received 🙂

From: penny fralic
Sent: November 28, 2006 1:20:06 PM
To: ourladyposte@hotmail.com

Dear Jackie,

I lost my grandmother, Blanche Fralic, on November 19th. I was just sitting here and decided to search her name on google and found one of her poems on your website ("A New Page for Me").

I just wanted to say hello and to let you know that reading that poem meant a lot to me.
Penny Fralic