Practitioner Recommendations

Practitioner Recommendations 

Energy work is a very personal experience and it is my opinion that you should always choose a practitioner that YOU feel comfortable with. We all have unique gifts. A good practitioner, I believe, should not insist on only working with them, or discourage you from working with someone else.

With that in mind, I would like to offer my recommendations and referrals here. I have a wonderful network of practitioners that I work with regularly myself, they have become personal friends. For more practitioners please see my Excel document practitioner directory in the E-Learning Resources page. 

I have had profound results and shifts myself in the work I have done with each of them, and therefore highly recommend each of them!

Many of these practitioners can work remotely, and many also work directly in their locations.

Amy Jo Ellis: Please see Court of Atonement page. Yes, I have an entire page exclusively for Amy Jo, our story is in her page.

Barbara Goggins is my intuitive Angel Card reader.  Contact herat
Her dear husband Tim does engraving and Reiki.

Debi Emerson I have taken a series of energy clearing sessions with Debi, with immediate and profound results. Also look for her daily “Sacred Activations” in her Facebook “Spiritual Seekers” group.

Denise Goodwin:  LoveLight Connections. phone 8146578546 or email Denise is wonderfully intuitive and a lovely lady to work with. I met her on the 2019 practitioners cruise. I had an amazing experience and wrote a lengthy testimonial for Denise. Read that here: 

Eddie Masters: Eddie does “psychic surgery” as well as other dowsing techniques. He worked on my knee in May of 2018. I had fallen a year before and had inflammation issues and ongoing aches. After he worked on my knee remotely, I could not remember which one was sore!
I had the honor of chatting with and learning from Eddie Masters in February 2018. An amazing man with fascinating stories and results in his clearing methods. 
I have recommended to some of my clients for house clearing, and several for physical issues, and they all have reported back to me that Eddie is AMAZING!
Here is an interview with him and contact info there as well:

Elaine Molley
I had an intuitive reading with Elaine that really helped explain a lot of things I wanted to understand in my life. She is a dear compassionate soul and highly recommended. Those of whom I referred to her so far have quite appreciated her insights. She is also a medical intuitive and quite adept at finding and resolving many different ailments.

Jo Dunning Events:

Natasa Martinec: Natasa is in Ireland. I have known her a few years and worked with her regularly. She is a dear soul and a pleasure to work with:

Pamela Kratt uses several modalities and I have always felt an immediate shift with her work. I met Pam on our practitioners cruise in May 2019, although we had been working together for some time before.

Sonya Marcoux specializes in working with animals, but is a dear people person as well. I met her on the cruise May 2019. Sonya was the wonderful lady who helped us through an extremely painful experience in losing our 19 year old cat Zoomer. 
Reach Sonya at:

Tamsin, The Pathogen Whisperer
If you’re not already a member of the Pathogen Whisperer Facebook group and would like to be, please sign up here – members receive lots of exclusive clearings and offers, wouldn’t want you to miss out.

Teresa Crabtree: Soul Cleanse: