This was written for me by a very good friend
who knows the hurts I have been through in life.
I (God) have seen the painful paths
That you have walked upon,
The disappointments, and the hurts
That have come along.
I have seen your tears,
Down over the years.
I have never left your side
For you are my lovely child.

I long for you to behold my face
And feel the warmth of My embrace.
To have you sit on my knee,
And from your fears, set you free.

Turn back to Me, my love.
Give Me your whole heart
And walk in My ways,
For your way will only
Bring you more pain.
With Me, there is much to gain.

You and your children are precious to Me.
In Me, there is healing for your hurts and pain.
Only I can reach down into all your hearts,
And heal the deep emotional scars
That will otherwise follow and affect you,
All the days of your lives.

Let forgiveness flow,
unforgiveness will
Bind you in your soul.

There will be peace in your home,
As you put Me first,
And teach your children in My ways.

This will influence them in all their days.
To come, your home will be transformed,
With light as all the darkness will flee.

Oh, come to Me, My arms are stretched out wide,
To receive you, My child.
Oh, how I long for your love
For your soul to be made whole.

To walk with you in My garden,
All your sins, I will pardon.
I AM your only hope
I AM waiting for you!
I AM calling you, yearning for you!

I love you!

From God Your Father

Written by Marj Smith
February 2002

Update January 2020:
Marjorie Lorna Smith (Byfield)
August 28 1939 – Sunday January 20 2020
I read out this poem at her Celebration of Life February 1 2020