Cleaning out emails and found this. At a time when material commercialism is all time high point of the year, this is a good list to consider:

Questions to Ask Yourself When You Struggle to Let Go

How do I want to feel when I’m in my home? (Describe it in detail.)

What could I have done with the time I spent over the last few months shopping online, organizing my stuff, or looking for documents that had gotten lost in my clutter?

To what extent does the state of my house impact my ability to be present and give love to my family?

Would I rather spend half of my days picking up after my kids and getting after them to pick up after themselves, or would I rather spend those same hours engaged with them?

For all of the tidying and nagging I do, do my family members see me as being obsessed with our stuff?

How does the emotional angst that comes with feeling like a slave to my things impact my relationships?

Would I rather store this item indefinitely—or borrow or re-buy it if the need were to arise down the road?

Does my home visually represent the person I’m trying to be?

Does it feel like my brain is constantly at capacity?

Can I get even more honest with myself about the line between a want and a need?

Will this piece that’s meaningful to me mean the same thing to the person I might pass it down to someday?

Who will sort through my belongings after I’m gone, and what can I do to lessen that burden now?

Does getting rid of this item mean I’ll be getting rid of the memories associated with it?

Is there a different way I can document or honor what this piece means to me without actually holding on it? If so, how?

Will this matter in a year? How about ten? Twenty?