This is definitely a look into the not so bright, but oh so entertaining, side of Jackie. I saw a video on social media promoting the effects of a garlic cleanse. I decided to try it and to post my adventure over 3 days of posts. I had no idea of the reactions coming. Sharing here now for all to enjoy. Thank you to all my friends for all the funny reactions to my plight.

Enjoy. But please either do not try this, or at least try at your own risk. By the way, I have not done this again since this episode.

This is the video I shared: Eating 6 roasted garlic cloves, will heal your body just in 24 hours

October 31 2020
I doubt I’m gonna have any goblins coming around my house tonight. I decided to try this. Omg my house… My eyes are watering like crazy lol. Sage the house? Nope.. Let’s just roast garlic and stink up the whole freaking neighborhood.

Jackie N. Rioux: holy molitas… if there was any bad bugs in my body before now, I am pretty sure they have been decimated with garlic now. The inside of my ears are feeling pretty warm lol. Good thing I am alll by myself today


Sherry: Jackie, how much did you eat???? Lol

Jackie N. Rioux: I baked 7 and ate 3 at once.

Kirsta: Jackie – roast them with black olives and eat them together. It’s wonderful.

Jackie N. Rioux: Oooohhhh yum

Doina: you only ate 7 cloves though not 7 heads of garlic?

Jackie N. Rioux: I baked 7 bulbs, ate 3 bulbs

Doina: it didnt sound like you were supposed to eat 3 whole bulbs Jackie , cloves and bulbs arent same thing

Jackie N. Rioux: Doina lol… How long have you known me? Do I ever follow rules properly? Somebody home but the lights aren’t always on here lol

Doina: I hope you’re feeling ok now sometimes less really is more.

Amanda: Jackie N. Rioux indeed! Like, if less is more, then imagine how much more more will be! (Can’t take credit for that line…heard it on tv or Read it somewhere)

Jackie N. Rioux: I’m actually feeling really good.

Cathy: There otta be a law that everyone eats garlic at the same time

Jackie N. Rioux: Meh… good way to social distance .. way more than 6 feet lol

Paula: what time of day did you eat the garlic? Was it on an empty stomach ?

Jackie N. Rioux: Paula, Not totally empty.. had a salad first and 1st time was after lunch, second time dinner time

November 1 2020
Update on Garlic (instant) detox. Warning this is not a dignified lady kind of post.

Yesterday I posted a video about eating roasted garlic and all the benefits gained within 24 hours. The video suggested roasting 6. I roasted 7 whole garlic bulbs. My house aroma soon became the best deterrent for any night crawler vampires.

Roasted garlic loses the strong pungent taste of raw and develops a soft nutty taste, yet retains its beneficial health properties. I managed to eat 3 full bulbs of roasted garlic before my eyes started watering like crazy and the insides of my ears were burning a bit. Pretty sure I was giving off steam actually. My tummy took a vacation without me to the equator. Internal combustion central. Complete with a sporadic and intermittent breeze that would rival the local pulp mill on clear days.

Nothing really eventful all day, until bedtime. I didn’t actually sleep much til some odd time in the morning. I tossed and turned with the covers on and off for hours. The room was cool but my tummy was still really warm. Thankfully not in an uncomfortable way though.

I don’t know if I developed some sort of animal instinct because all three cats were glued to me most of the night as well. I am pretty sure no human would love me right now.

I feel pretty good this morning. Tummy feels considerably deflated. Last time I weighed myself was last Wednesday. I gotta say I am impressed that I am down 8 lbs since then. Not sure if that was all effects from last night because I had no idea that air weighed so much.

I have the rest of the baked garlic from yesterday to consume today. Garlic was on sale so I bought a whole bunch. I am not sure how often I am going to try this again, but seems to be somewhat effective. I am certainly doing my part on the social distancing, that is for sure. It is a good thing I am all by myself and my kitties love me.

That is my update. Try this method at your own risk lol.


Janet: Keep us posted!

Vicki: Tears are running down my cheeks! Haha!

Elaine: Seriously, is this for real???!!!

Jackie N. Rioux: Elaine, yup.. you were warned lol.

Sonya: LOL!!! Jackie…you are just the best story teller.

Amy: I bought a huge bag of garlic… some to roast and some to plant… I plan on putting the roasted garlic in a glass bottle with EVOO… and then keeping it in the fridge for salads, etc… I think I’ll pass on the eating whole cloves thing until someday when Rusty will be gone several day… lol. You made my day!!! Ha ha ha Cats are so forgiving!!! Lol lol lol

Lee: LOVE this

Amanda: Wow. You are brave. I cannot stand garlic!!

Nataša: You should do stand up comedy Jackie!

Denise: Spice Girl! Ha!

Cindy: Well this is very well written. Stay healthy

Valerie: I feel so invested in your story now I need to know how it plays out.

Jackie N. Rioux: So far so good… Feeling pretty good. Got the next round warmed up but having a salad first and bracing for the next round

Christine: I have always wanted to try this but have not in fear of what it may do

Jackie N. Rioux: Well… It is kinda like burning your insides out from stem to stern, fumigation style. Its not that uncomfortable. You might wanna do it with hubby, or have him gone a few days before you try it though lol

Jackie N. Rioux: I actually feel really good today, surprisingly lol

Christine: Jackie N. Rioux I can imagine it really cleans u out

Lena: I love garlic and so does my hubby. BUT we both work with clients daily. Maybe next Friday night.

Kirsta: I feel this needs to be celebrated. Love this post.

Maxine: lol!! You go Girl!!

Jackie N. Rioux: Maxine, So is anything wafting across the road?? lol

Maxine: lol!! Not yet!!

Jackie N. Rioux: UPDATE: 6 pm. the other 4 BULBS of roasted garlic have now been consumed. Now we wait…. My cats seem to be rolling their eyes at me with disturbed looks of anticipation… I seem to have shed another 2 lbs. That wasn’t air. I just would like to Thank God right now that all my dear clients this week are online…At least I am good for entertainment….


Amanda: Jackie, is there a world record for the amount of garlic consumed in a certain period of time??? You are probably in the running!!

Jackie N. Rioux: I dunno. You’d think there is a record where someone got sick or died so they have a “limit” of sorts. I’m feeling pretty good actually.

Amanda: Jackie N. Rioux I googled and did not find any death by garlic cases. But I did find an article that said you should not leave chopped garlic lying around because it can grow botulism. ( Ew!)

Jackie N. Rioux: Amanda,makes sense. Onions are good detoxifiers when you leave cut ones around the house. Toss in the morning.

Amanda: Jackie N. Rioux yuck! I hate onions. I am starting my own detox tomorrow: 7 day water fast. (Well, ok, cheating and allowing coffee too. Apparently it isn’t a true fast if you allow coffee but no Way I’m going without food OR coffee .)

Jackie N. Rioux: I’ve known a few people that have done a water fast. I’m hesitant I’d starve. Let me know how it goes for you.

Amanda: I have done them before. Longest is 20 days. That time I got a little sick and had to get an iv of potassium and some other thing, but it was no big deal. I do get really hungry, but the thing is I am ALWAYS hungry. I can eat a full day’s worth of food and then 9:30pm sets in and it literally Feels like I have not eaten all day. So fasting doesn’t feel that much different than usual. I think the biggest benefits for me are my skin, mental clarity, and weight loss.

Tammy: I LOVE garlic but it does not love me. If I ate that much garlic I would for sure feel dehydrated and headachey for days. And I hold the smell for DAYS – it emanates out of my pores.

Jackie N. Rioux: Well if I go out in my back yard, I could be an “air freshener” for the neighborhood as you are just over my back fence LOL

Tammy : true

Lorena: Jackie N. Rioux LOL. I need to move there! You guys are having way too much fun…where I am…just 2 grumpy adult boys around.

Dianne: Oh my Jackie. One can have too much of a good thing; even too much water can be detrimental to optimal health as it depletes the balance of sodium in the body and predisposes one to potential seizure activity as a result. Too much garlic can imbalance the brain so would be good to test how much and how often would be best for you. Love the story and the way you’ve worded it though hehee.

Jackie N. Rioux:  I’m a redhead… I am quite well known to overdo things when it comes to me lol. And pretty sure my brain was imbalanced a lonnng time ago

Janet: Great writing. Great descriptions Jackie. Very entertaining, if not educational. ha ha

Jackie N. Rioux: An example of what not to do lol… At least I am good for entertainment lol

Lorena: You ought to be an author LOL. Love your stories

Jackie N. Rioux: Lorena, I did publish “my story” a few years ago. And there’s a few stories in my website. I keep saying a book is coming of my adventures with road trips and raising kids

Lorena: What is it called. I bet it would be an awesome read

Jackie N. Rioux: Heal Thy Self Book – Ladybug Wellness

Julie: I enjoyed reading this so much! The idea, the action, the tension, the result…….amazing

Marsha: Oh my dear that was wonderfully written, I definitely will not be trying this at this level. LOL.

Jackie N. Rioux: But I feel pretty good…

Jackie N. Rioux: Since you all enjoyed reading this… I’ll mention one more humorous thing that happened the second night…Ebony felt the need to console me all night by snuggling and cuddling… but… Midnight felt the need to “attack” and pounce on the source of the all night trumpeting… Ya… that was fun.

Janet: Thoroughly enjoyable, and fun to hear your story Jackie, but would you recommend it?

Jackie N. Rioux: Well, if you like garlic, sure. It is certainly a whole lot better than a bottle of magnesium citrate.. cuz trust me, that method is NOT fun. Other than fumigating my insides from stem to stern, the garlic method ain’t that bad at all. And I do feel really good now. Weight hasn’t changed a whole lot, but skin seems softer. Head feels clear. and roasted garlic is a good appetizer. I just overdosed on purpose lol

Janet: Ok! I bought 8 heads of garlic yesterday. Might wait for my roommate to leave for a few days….thanks to your meticulous description!

November 11 2020: Let’s try this again… 4 whole bulbs of roasted garlic mixed into a salad. I wonder what kind of effects we’ll have this time. My cats sure love me… Down one gullet, past one lung, hello tummy, here I come


Pamela: Sounds like my kind of salad.

Annette: stinky skunk lol

Peter: Still…..???

Jackie N. Rioux: What? I don’t mind garlic actually.. felt pretty good last time. Might as well do it again. I realized I bought 3 bags x 20 bulbs. Wanna come visit??????

Lee: Eagerly awaiting the next installment…

Jackie N. Rioux: Lee, I had no idea my garlic adventures would be so popular lol. I am never gonna live this down. I got on FCOA class the other day and 3 people asked me about garlic LMAO!!!!!!!

Kirsta: Look into garlic honey

Amanda: Better you than me, that’s all I can say!

Jackie N. Rioux: Seems to have worked. Not quite as entertaining with subsequent tries lol. Great way to fumigate your insides from one end to the other lol