Family picture taken August 2014, as this was the last time we got everyone together. 
My children: Chantelle, Melissa, Rae, Jared
My Grand Children: Elizabeth, Kyralynn, Oliver and Abigail



For the sake of my children, I am including something here about their father, my first boyfriend, Ray. We were married in July 1985, when Chantelle was thirteen months old. The marriage lasted 10 years. We had three more children. There were some happy times, but Ray and I are two totally different people and we eventually grew up and apart, rather than together. That marriage, to me now, is nothing more than a closed chapter in life and a hard lesson learned. My only regret from our divorce is the effects that several years of ugly court battles has had on our children. When we split up, Ray told me no man would ever want me and that he would not help me financially. I have managed to make a good life for myself and my kids regardless of his spitefulness towards me.



***Dedicated to my children: "Wonderful" by Everclear;
"Oh the Places You Will Go" by Dr.Suess;
"Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch;
and of course "Bird Dance"***