February 25 2020

Mercury Retrograde. Anyone know what that is?? This was a term mentioned to me several years ago. I was clueless. Looked it up. Some sort of astrological alignment where the planet Mercury “appears to be spinning backwards”. Ya, ok. So what? Well, we already know that the moon cycles affect tides, and more so before artificial lighting was prevalent in the world, women’s hormonal cycles also followed the moon cycles. Whether you are into “astrology” or not, we can somewhat agree on the scientific aspect of moon effects.

Ask anyone in emergency health care, front line police work, emergency responders, and most will tell you they get awfully busy during a full moon when it seems the world goes crazy.

Now, this mentor I had several years ago told me that Mercury Retrograde is like the full moon on steroids for about 3 weeks, and this happens 3 to 4 times a year. Mhmm. Ya whatever.

Apparently Mercury Retrograde is supposed to affect travel, communications, and electronics. It is also advisable to avoid signing any legal and or binding documents due to hidden possible miscommunications. Former love interests may come out of the woodwork to rekindle or heal the past. 

I really didn’t think much of all this information at the time, but I did develop an “awareness” around me. I started noticing way more sirens, news articles of accidents, electronics issues; and arguments between people seemed to escalate in miscommunication and hurt feelings.

Hmm… maybe there is something to this weird cosmic interference. I follow several practitioner forums and i am always open to new information and learning. Evolving in my own personal growth is an ongoing journey. Change is the only constant, and adaptability is key to survival in this big ol’ world.

In these forums, there are some people who follow astrology like a religion, there are midway people who take it into account, and then there are others who refuse to believe astrological influences have any bearing whatsoever on people at all.

What I have come to understand over the years, and my own theory I have come to believe, is that scientifically, these influences make sense. It is also evident in my own observations over time.

I had the unfortunate experience being in an emergency room several years ago where the staff were busy dealing with a horrific trauma MVA, plus every bed was occupied. Twice in the 8 hours we were there, two different “psychotic” people lashed out at staff, to the point that security was called in a few times.

I have experience in psychology and many energy modalities. From these experiences, I propose that some people are greatly affected by Mercury Retrograde and others notsomuch. What is the difference? Awareness, and unhealed hurts.

I am not sure how to explain the accidents and electronics, but when I was working in the communications industry and we had to use scanners, those scanners were atrocious during these astrological influence times!!!

What I have observed is that yes people miscommunicate, and get awfully offended, and they get triggered easily. I also observe that these same people are not the consciously aware kind of people, and /or they have got a lot of unhealed issues that create havoc and drama for them in their immaturely reactive state.

I say immaturely in the sense that as our personal growth evolves, this is a whole different kind of conscious “maturity”.

Maturity is when someone hurts us, and we try to understand their situation rather than hurting them back. Or when we are content to feel right about something, without the feeling of needing to change someone else’s point of view.

So how do we deal with Mercury Retrograde when we feel affected?

Just be aware. Observe the world around you.

Understand that not everyone is on the same page, or even on the same healing path as yourself.

Avoid getting caught up in others’ messes. Strengthen your own boundaries.

Mercury Retrograde is a great time to Reflect, Renew, Rejuvenate, Revisit, Recharge. Take time for you!!

Have an amazing day! Ladybug Hugs!!

This is a great article to explain how to survive Mercury Retrograde: http://galadarling.com/article/how-to-survive-mercury-retrograde/

More on astrological influences:
From a social media post in June 2012, about the Summer Solstice:
“Today could prove to be a very interesting day indeed. Summer Solstice touches us this evening in North America, although the energy is already affecting many people. For those 24 hours people are likely to experience a wide array of emotions coming up. This roller coaster of emotions is really about making a final choice of how you want feel overall. If you seek peace and joy, all that interferes with it will be stripped away. This will happen much quicker than most people are used to, as it will likely happen in days & weeks, not months & years. Those who choose to stay in unhappiness will find things collapsing quickly around them as the earth is no longer willing to actively support this choice. It may be hard to be patient with people having difficulty through these times but it’s worth remembering that much of it is based in fear, and in some cases outright panic at the sense that the world is changing fast and they have little or no control in some areas of their life. The same old things that used to work for many people simply do not work anymore and it is difficult for many people to adjust to this because it requires a sincere look at oneself – the good and the bad. To keep it in perspective, if you find yourself feeling this way, remember that you’re a wonderful work in progress, still growing and learning.”