Shared from a social media post by Lissa Rankin April 10 2016:
Let Love Break You Open:
According to Zoe Inman in Let God Love You Up, we all struggle with a Master Wound we inherited in childhood. Most of us have one of two master wounds- the “Not Enough” wound or the “Pedestal Child” wound. Both hurt like the dickens. These wounds create the core psychological make up of the little child we once were and even as adults, we struggle with these old beliefs.I was the Pedestal Child, carrying the burden of being perfect, feeling the pressure to get it all just right, following all the rules, being the responsible one who brought pride to my family, never making a mistake. Although I now realize it wasn’t true, I grew up believing love is conditional- that if you screw up, you’ll be unlovable and everyone will leave. My best friend has the Not Enough wound, having been put in an orphanage by his mother because he was “too difficult” to raise. He grew up believing that no matter how hard he tries, he’ll never be enough to earn love. Both wounds point to the same pain- that we aren’t okay the way we are and that we are essentially unlovable.These wounds become the trunk and the roots of who we grow up to be, driving how our psyche develops, who we marry, the jobs we choose, what we do with our weekends. We make decisions our whole lives in order to avoid having these core wounds felt- and then healed.Things are shaking up on the etheric plane, and many of us are having our Master Wounds needled so we can move through feeling the full devastating pain of these wounds in order to heal them. If you’re a Pedestal Child, you’ve probably had an experience that knocks you off your pedestal and leaves you wondering “Who am I?” But you may also notice that after making a seemingly unforgivable mistake, your loved ones still, in fact, love you. Maybe they love you even more.If you have the Not Enough wound, it may be triggered lately with yet another experience that you’re still not enough. But maybe you’ve also had someone demonstrate with pure unconditional love that you’re exactly enough- and your belief system is unraveling. Right now, as we awaken as a collective, all our wounds are emerging to the surface, and it feels uncomfortable. But this is what Ram Dass calls “fierce grace.” Allow these blessings of awareness to challenge and unravel your core wound. Let those wounds peel away, leaving you feeling naked and scared and humbled and curious, unsteady, unstable, uncertain of who you are.Who are you? You are nothing but love.