Honeybee Inspirations: Creativity and Wellness

Please message us for close up pics and to arrange your purchase. E-transfers accepted and contactless purchases can be arranged, or you are welcome to arrange appointment to view items as well. **Shipping fees extra where required.
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Previous YouTube video showcasing Honeybee Inspiration: Creative Artistry products available: https://youtu.be/sonJd0VxhHE

December 2020:
Some big changes are coming to Honeybee Inspirations! Melissa has been busy revamping her business to merge both the creative side and the wellness side into one all-encompassing service for you. She is working on a new logo and branding as well.

A note from Melissa:
This year has been a time of change: a time for shifting, reflecting and re-evaluating. After many hours of meditation and discussion, I have come to understand that it’s better to work smarter, not harder to grow and succeed. With that in mind, simplifying my approach to my businesses is a priority. I have run the Honeybee Inspirations Facebook page for several years to promote my handicrafts and art projects. At the beginning of this year, I began my journey to become a Reflexologist. To promote this service and engage with the public, I created a second business page – Honeybee Inspirations: Yoga & Wellness and renamed the original page Honeybee Inspirations: Creative Artistry. After almost a year, I’ve realized that running social media (Facebook and Instagram) for two businesses is exhausting and time consuming… and therefore has been sorely neglected. I’ve also realized that my creative endeavors tie in with my wellness endeavors; the more I pursue growth and knowledge in wellness – in reflexology, in yoga, in aromatherapy – the more I feel inspired to be creative. With that in mind, I have decided to merge my social media accounts. Going forward Honeybee Inspirations will encompass both creativity and wellness under one Facebook page and one Instagram profile.
Thank you for all your support and I appreciate you all so much!

Honeybee Inspirations: Creativity & Wellness on Facebook and Instagram is where Melissa promotes her yoga teachings and reflexology business as well as the wide variety of unique, hand-crafted products she makes from books and bookmarks to jewelry, magnets, and more. 

In 2019, Melissa completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification and began teaching yoga at Yoga PG. In 2020, she began training in reflexology.

Book an in person reflexology session in Prince George BC Canada with Melissa by clicking this link: https://thewholesum3.janeapp.com/

Honeybee Inspirations now has this web page within the Ladybug Wellness website with all contact information here. 
As local restrictions have not allowed for a fair type set up this year, we have put together an online Christmas Shopping event on Facebook. Please see link below for event information where you will find close up pictures of many items available. 

Please contact Melissa at honeybee.inspirations@gmail.com to arrange shipping your selected items. Thank you for supporting small businesses in your Christmas gifts shopping choices.

Background: Honeybee Inspirations was created in 2011 by Melissa Rioux. Melissa was first introduced to journal binding by her long time friend Jessi Lynn Bell. Jessi wrote her first novel, hand bound it into a beautiful masterpiece and gave it to Melissa for her birthday in 2010. That book was the beginning. Jessi taught Melissa how to bind books and from there, Honeybee Inspirations was born. It was originally created as a journal binding business but soon evolved into an artistic outlet to explore and discover new creative ideas.

Melissa has traveled across 29 countries and has lived in 5. Through these journeys, she pursued her love of photography. Many of her original photographs are available through Honeybee Inspirations: Creativity and Wellness

The following are SAMPLES of what items are available to purchase. Marbled barrettes, bobby pins, bookmarks, key chains, jewelry; eggshell magnets.   And of course, the original start of Honeybee Inspirations are the unique hand bound journals!
Please contact us for shipping options for these unique handcrafted journals and marbled jewelry and accessories. 
** Not shown here, bottle cap magnets and necklaces. Please see Facebook page for extensive pictures.

Join Facebook pages: https://www.facebook.com/Honeybee.Inspirations

Join Instagram pages:  #honeybee_inspirations_creative

See Facebook page for upcoming events and also local businesses where you can find Honeybee Inspirations: Creative Artistry, or check current events page as well.

Local supporting local!  These local shops have Honeybee Inspirations  products for sale. Be sure to pop in and check out all the amazing products by local artisans!

December 2020 Honeybee Inspirations products are available at the following shops!

Prince George:

Shhh Gifts 1233 4th Ave Prince George, BC

Cobwebs & Keepsakes 2290 John Hart Hwy, Prince George, BC

Two Rivers Art Gallery 725 Canada Games Way, Prince George, BC

Northern Hart Designs 3839 Austin Rd W, Prince George, BC

Goat River Folk Art 2420 Burrard Ave, Vanderhoof, BC

George Little House 3100 Kalum St, Terrace, BC

Mackenzie Community Arts Centre – MCAC 86 Centennial Dr, Mackenzie, BC

Purple Bicycle Natural Foods 400-700 Mackenzie Blvd, Mackenzie, BC

Wildwood Gifts 136-403 Mackenzie Blvd, Mackenzie, BC

100 Mile House:
Crafter’s Market (At Claudette‘s booth) 205D Birch Ave, 100 Mile House, BC