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Honeybee Inspirations was created in 2011 by Melissa Rioux. Melissa was first introduced to journal binding by her long time friend Jessi Lynn Bell of Running Bird Memory Books. Jessi wrote her first novel, hand bound it into a beautiful masterpiece and gave it to Melissa for her birthday in 2010. That book was the beginning. Jessi taught Melissa how to bind books and from there, Honeybee Inspirations was born. It was originally created as a journal binding business but soon evolved into an artistic outlet to explore and discover new creative ideas.

Melissa has travelled across 29 countries and has lived in 5. Through these journeys, she pursued her love of photography. Many of her original photographs are available through Honeybee Inspirations.

In September 2017, Jessi and Melissa decided to combine their love of writing and book making, and thus the Inspir-Write Project was born.


Inspiring art inspiring life – one journal at a time

The Inspir-Write Project is a collaborative quest by two artists to create and share journals with the world!

Our Mission:

To inspire your inner artist or writer, to promote your life’s extraordinary journeys and preserve them forever.

Your life is an incredible journey. It is your greatest work of art. Go out there and live it. Find your quest. Whatever it is you’re doing, be passionate about it. Then, at the end of the day, write it down in this journal. Don’t let it be forgotten. Your heart and soul will live forever right here in these pages we’ve created just for you. The journal itself is a piece of art only half finished – fill it with your life, and make it the best story you can!

The Inspir-Write Project is designed to be about sharing and inspiring others. Join our Facebook Page to share your quest, get journaling tips and inspiration, enter contests, and follow our own quest to make and share as many journals as possible.


Local supporting local! These local shops have Honeybee Inspirations and The Inspir-Write Project products for sale. Be sure to pop in and check out all the amazing products by local artisans!

Topaz Bead Gallery, 1229 4th Ave V2L 3J5 Prince George, British Columbia

Urban Treasure, 1280 Fourth Ave V2L 3J4 Prince George, British Columbia

Here & There Trading Co., 1685 – 3rd Avenue (Above Books and Company) V2M 2P3 Prince George, British Columbia

Darling Deviance, 2300 John Hart Highway, Prince George, British Columbia