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HEAL: Happiness, Ease, Acceptance, Love
Do you want more EASE, GRACE, JOY & PEACE every day?
Want to Heal your Life? 31 Women will show how …

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Update 2020: I do not have any copies left, and I am not sure many are left on Amazon now either. You are welcome to read my chapter here: http://ladybugwellness.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Final-powerful-you-chapter-JR.pdf

YouTube channel, Jackie reading her published story: https://youtu.be/xE80wKVEWQU

I’d like to share with you the stories of thirty-one inspiring women who have courageously chosen to share their stories so that you may be guided to more ease, grace, joy, and peace on your journey of life. These are profound, real stories of women who are living consciously and joyfully in many areas of their lives – they are living on purpose, with passion, and in the truth of who they are meant to be in this world. Their stories will speak to your heart and soul and, as you read, you may see yourself in their words. You’ll be moved to live in a space of well-being as you move through the moments of each day and you’ll become more aware of what truly matters to you. Because…

If they can do it, you can too.

This anthology book celebrates the strength and beauty that all women (and men) possess. It provides a resource, a sounding board, and a path for you to follow.  And mostly, it speaks the truth about not only surviving, but thriving through uncertainty, growth, and seemingly impossible circumstances.

These 31 women celebrate the launch of Heal Thy Self: Tapping You Innate Wisdom to Heal Your Mind, Body, and Spirit by treating you to an incredible one-time book launch offer with special bonus gifts from our generous joint venture partners and authors.

If you have ever wondered if self-healing is possible, you don’t have to wonder any longer. The Possibilities are Real and Infinite.

Not only is it possible to heal yourself; it happens every day to ordinary people like you. Healing is the birthright of every individual; it does not discriminate. You don’t even have to believe it is possible for healing to occur; although, your belief in your ability to heal along with your mindset and a good dose of self-love greatly assist the healing process.

There are many people who suffer loss, illness, and trauma, and this greatly effects the way they show up in their lives, their overall well-being, and level of happiness, contentment, or success. Many of them live for years without resolution or healing before becoming aware and tapping into the incredible, inherent wisdom of their bodies and spirit. The beauty of discovering this natural resource of inner healing is that it is always available, to everyone—no exceptions.

Heal Thy Self contains stories of thirty-one women who have transformed their lives through some form of self-healing. Although each of their lives and stories of healing is very different, the common thread they share is that they are grateful for their healing and now have a desire to help others heal themselves too. Each of these women emerged—feeling blessed, grateful, vibrant, and even happy! Each transformed her life—and often the lives of those around her—into one she is now happy to live and share. May you find your own inspiration and passion to Heal Thy Self.

Read the Book and Explore the Possibility of Self-Healing:

  • Dis-ease can be released with ease
  • Well-being is your birthright and readily available
  • Self-love is the starting point for self-healing
  • Grief, mourning, and despair can heal through love
  • Shame and guilt can be alchemized to love and purpose
  • Emotional and physical abuse are catalysts for personal power
  • Self-respect and self-worth are often born through faith
  • Regret and remorse can disintegrate with inspired action
  • Practices and modalities work when you work them
  • Prayers and devotion are precursors to peace
  • A broken heart mends with loving intention
  • Release the past to live fully in the present
  • Forgiveness is an open door to healing

If you’d like to be free of the story that is holding you back from true well-being, and living as the powerful woman you know is within you, you’ll want to read this book.

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Holding you in vibrant well-being and love,

Jackie Rioux

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Is it possible to heal yourself? Not only is it possible, it happens every day to ordinary people like you and me. Healing provides an abiding sense of well-being, peace, ease, and even fulfillment. It lets you know that you are a part of something bigger than yourself, and allowing the flow of life. Did you know there are specific practices you can do to heal yourself? Here’s a free e-book to help you learn how to do it.

Jackie’s interview:

Would you like to feel more empowered as you move through each day—no matter what’s in front of you? Do you need some guidance and inspiration to move you to live with more vibrancy and a true sense of well-being? Are you ready to heal yourself?

Join us as these amazing women who have made this conscious choice in their own lives come together to share their stories, strategies, tools, and wisdom for you! They are the co-authors of the soon-to-be-released book, Heal Thy Self.

These women share their souls, and provide strategies, tips, and practical advice based on their own journey of healing. You will learn how they changed their mindset, adjusted their habits, and alchemized their way of being to experience healing of their physical body, their emotional state, their psyche, and their spirit.

The Heal Thy Self Summit provides more than 10 hours of complementary inspiration, motivation, encouragement, and lessons – especially for you.
You CAN heal yourself. We’ll help you do it!

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