Day of GRIT: #1 of 28
Unit 6 #DoYouEvenGritBro?
METRICS: (FoF) Leg Day Countdown Circuit F2 Finisher- 4MOD- (AMRAP)- Hoppers & Bombers and G2G!
CONTEXT: “StoryAthlete Finds a Way…”

In a conversation with a childhood friend this morning, she said I have always been a go-getter. I always get so amused that people think that of me. Ya ok, I get stuff done. My Taurus redhead, get the heck outta my way attitude. But no one seems to understand that I also zone out and stare at the wall sometimes, or take a power nap in the middle of the day. (I call them defrag naps now actually). I have come to understand that these down times are my form of meditation and listening to my body to take time to recharge.

Otherwise, if I get an idea in my head, not much stands in my way. This is one of the biggest reasons I love GRIT and my Story Athlete community. No excuses, just get ‘er done. I have always been able to find some resourceful way to accomplish my goals. Romans 8:28 has always been a fave verse. Within this community though, I feel like I have am surrounded by a supportive warrior community and that verse has become very real. My life has changed for the better in the past year. I love and appreciate every one of you!!

Day of GRIT: #2 of 28
METRICS: (FoF) Total Body Sandbag Circuit F2 Finisher- 4MOD- Max Pullup Challenge
CONTEXT: “I See Pain as Opportunity… “

A client recently asked me if I have ever had a mental or nervous breakdown. My reply… Which one?

When I was 16 years old and 7 months pregnant, feeling abandoned and alone, staring at my father’s razors?
The one when I was 20 with 2 small kids and on the verge of divorce because all my childhood trauma surfaced?
Or age 24 when I found out I was pregnant about the same time I found out my husband had had his ex girlfriend in the back of my car?
Or when I was 28 and definitely getting a divorce, having to take on life alone with 4 small kids?
Maybe the one when I figured out my second marriage was a sham and all the events after that trying to get myself back on track.
Or the mother lode most poignant breakdown April 23 2008 when the kids father was taking me back to court yet again to get out of paying maintenance; my daughter was moving to Europe; and my previously wonderful job made some cutback changes that took a toll on my already exhausted and injured body…
That was the day I flipped out at work, in front of everyone and broke out in hives hyperventilating.

Actually, that one wasn’t the mother lode really. In a span of six months back in 2016, I dealt with 4 attempted suicides close to me, and a whole lot of disruption in family relationships. Then more changes at work. I had already submitted my retirement notice but a few hours later I walked out after 26 years.

Yeah, each one of these events was pretty painful to go through. But I am a survivor and each one of these events was a opportunity to grow and change for the better. When you’re at rock bottom, the only way to go is UP. And there is truth to the balance idea that the further you are down, the further you will go up.
I am not sure I would be exactly where I am today if I had not gone through each of those experiences.

Life is pretty awesome these days. Because I turned pain into opportunity!

Day of GRIT: #3 of 28
METRICS: Sunday-Stretch-a-Palooza
CONTEXT: “I Make It Right…”

It’s my daughter’s 37th birthday today, so this story is an old family fave now. It wasn’t at the time lol.

When Chantelle and Melissa were about 12 and 10 years old, it was somewhat of a rite of passage in our hometown to be able to go to the mall alone on a Saturday afternoon. Off they went with a friend. It got to be about dinner time and mall closing time and I wondered where they had got to. Soon enough they came in the door.

I was busy in the kitchen, and the 3 of them were sitting in the living room, noticeably fidgety. Curious, I finally went in the living room and asked what was going on for them to be so uncomfortably fidgety.

All three of them kept saying “you tell her, no you tell her”, until a hand shot out to me with a piece of paper and a phone number. I was told I had to call that number. I did. It was the manager of the mall drug store who informed me that these youngsters had been caught with pockets full of shoplifted items from the drug store, and from the dollar store.

Because of their age, and a first time offense, the manager had decided not to call authorities but just require the kids to get parents to call them and acknowledge the offense.

I was grateful for the notice given, yet also mortified. What do I do to make this right?

Restorative justice. I told my girls that they must write out an apology letter to both managers, and hand deliver the letters after school on Monday before going to their dad’s place, or I would tell their dad about the incident. I also required a phone call from the manager. That instilled enough fear in them to complete the task.

On Monday afternoon, their dad called me to ask if the kids had gone to my place as they hadn’t got to his place yet. I said they weren’t here and were probably just taking their time.

I received a call from the manager, quite appreciative of my taking responsibility to have the girls own up to their mistake and rectify the issue with a written apology.

I am not sure what ever happened with their friend about this incident. I don’t think she got in any trouble with her family as she got into some more bad situations through her teen years.

I did learn more details years later that their dad still found out about the incident because they ran into their grandpa on that Monday when they were supposed to be going to their dad’s place.

Although my girls may have had some other upsets later on, that restorative justice experience stuck with them all their lives. It is still brought up as family stories. Chantelle admits that she has never had any inkling to ever steal anything again. And she has raised her girls with good morals as well.

Day of GRIT: #4 of 28
METRICS: 12 MOD (FoF) Finisher- AMRAP Sandbag Ladder Palooza
Sandbag Carry 10-20 yards down and back + “Ladder” Circuit F2
CONTEXT: I Believe in Alchemy…

Of course I believe in alchemy. In several modalities of energy balancing work, the absolute base concept is all about releasing hidden beliefs that keep us stuck in the past, in pain, in dysfunction. Once we let go of the blocks holding us back, miracles can and will happen. It is the most fascinating thing to notice subtle and ongoing shifts in my life, in the world around me, and to hear about these similar shifts with clients giving feedback.
We can create our future life by transforming our present by letting go of the past. The essence of alchemy.

Day of GRIT: #5 of 28
METRICS: (FoF) Total Body Complex Palooza F2 Finisher- 4MOD (AMRAP)- Core Crusher modified
CONTEXT: “My Ambition is an Asset…”

There are some days I listen to my body and get some extra sleep.
There are other days that I make a list and get er done.
Yes some days I can stare at a wall and zone out, my form of “meditation”.
But you can always rely on my redhead Taurus determination, AKA ambition.
If I get an idea in my head, get the heck outta my way because things are gonna get done.

Day of GRIT: #6 of 28
METRICS: 5K Day, Finisher- 4MOD- Bicep Blaster
CONTEXT: “I Benefit From a Blueprint…”

When we realize that we were originally created perfectly according to God’s blueprint for our human bodies, we can use this to our advantage in energy balancing.
As we go through life being exposed to environmental toxins, the human failings of our parental influences, and just our own day to day upsets and traumas, we disrupt this original blueprint and these imbalances can manifest physically.
Through energy balancing, and getting to the root causes of issues, we can realign our bodies with our original blueprint, and there are even some suggestions that we can reverse the aging process.
This is something I am definitely exploring through my energy balancing modalities!

Day of GRIT: #7 of 28
METRICS: 12 MOD (FoF) Finisher- Twists, Swings, & Tucks F2
CONTEXT: “I’m No Underdog…”

Years ago in Toastmasters, we learned to introduce ourselves with something memorable. I had become known among my friends as “the crazy redhead”. Road trips, concerts, and just a get er done mentality.

I have learned more recently that “crazy” may have been a fun nickname for me, but not exactly the connotations I want to instill in others’ impressions of me. I used to call myself “scatterbrained” a lot as well.

I have done a lot of work on myself to overcome childhood trauma and to revise my learned coping skills more to my advantage. When we have unresolved trauma, we often get stuck at that emotional age as well. I often felt that I was an Ugly Duckling story in how I overcame my past. All this work I have done with my own personal growth has afforded me more of a sense of maturity, and much less “craziness”.

I have had many nicknames in the past. Mouse, because I was so quiet. Gopher, because I was a go-getter. Rockin Postie, but I retired 5 years ago.

These days, as an energy balancing practitioner running a business called Ladybug Wellness, I have become known as Ms Ladybug. I love that all my friends, and even clients, all send me messages and gifts all related to ladybugs.

Ladybugs are a symbol of hope, freedom, and prosperity. This is the persona I am much more aligned with, and not so much the previous underdog story of my life.

Day of GRIT: #8 of 28
METRICS: FoF leg day countdown circuit F2 finisher 4 MOD hoppers n bombers amrap
CONTEXT: I finish what I started..

I had a fascination with figure skating when i was very little. So my parents put me in figure skating classes. Yay! I earned a couple badges.
Then there was one badge where we had to do a pirouette spin in order to earn that badge. Try and try again. Ugh!
Did i mention I hate being cold? Ya the arena was cold.
The teacher missed seeing me succeed a few times so try and try again. My parents insisted i finish that series of classes first.
Finally one day i managed to do that spin while the teacher was watching and i earned my badge. I finished that series of classes and never went back. So much resentment yet a valuable lesson learned to finish what i started. I did!!

Day of GRIT: #9 of 28
METRICS: FoF total body sandbag circuit F2 finisher 4 MOD max pull up challenge
CONTEXT: I know it takes what it takes…
One of many trauma response coping mechanisms is to stay on high alert and dodge life’s curve balls just to survive.
Thru healing that past trauma, we can turn these coping mechanisms into an advantageous personality trait.
Being able to understand that some goals require thinking outside the box, and it just takes what it takes, means that come hell or high water, I know i can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

Day of GRIT: #10 of 28
METRICS: Sunday stretch day
CONTEXT: I protect my time.
Growing up with no respectable boundaries, I was often inadvertently involved in everyone else’s drama. Either by being triggered by other’s stories, or agreeing to do things for others when I didn’t want to. Quite often this was detrimental to my own sanity and well being.
As we grow and mature, and resolve those previous trauma coping mechanisms, we start to understand how precious our own time and self worth are in keeping respectable boundaries.
The ability to say no, guilt free, is a wonderful thing.
Yes i still do things for others, by my own choice and convenience. My family, my life, my goals come first. Because if I don’t prioritize my own time, no one else will.

Day of GRIT: #11 of 28
METRICS: 12 MOD (FoF) Finisher- AMRAP Sandbag Ladder Palooza
Sandbag Carry 10-20 yards down and back + “Ladder” Circuit F2
CONTEXT: I Get Unstuck…

Eons ago my life just seemed to be a revolving train wreck roller coaster of drama. Thankfully I did slowly move forward and learn some life lessons that gave me skills to get myself out of that previous life of being stuck in trauma, stuck in the past.

What really made significant strides for me was learning about energy healing. Particularly finding any projecting energies such as insecurity and low self esteem. Then more focus on finding and releasing any non beneficial hidden beliefs.

I am grateful for all my energy balancing skills as my life has improved to be a life of sharing my passion with others while enjoying many milestones of personal and business success.

Day of GRIT: #12 of 28
METRICS: (FoF) Total Body Complex Palooza F2 Finisher- 4MOD (AMRAP)- Core Crusher modified
CONTEXT: “I Believe in the Power of 1%…”

I saw a Facebook post today that was about a girl on America’s Got Talent, singing her heart out and winning. The kicker was that she has a diagnosis that she is very sick and only 2% chance of living.

Her words? “I have a 2% chance of survival but 2% is not 0%. 2% is something. And I wish people knew how amazing it is”.

In GRIT we have a 1% journey of enhancing our personal growth. It may not seem like much, but when we can flip that perspective knowing that 1% is SOMETHING, life can become amazing!

Day of GRIT: #13 of 28
METRICS: 5K Day Finisher- 4MOD- Bicep Blaster
CONTEXT: “I Keep My Word…”

I have always been the one with the reputation that if this redhead Taurus says something to you, come hell or high water it will happen. Or I will give fair warning that I cannot keep my commitment, usually with good reason beyond my control.

My commitments to myself though, need work. I am really good at procrastination and excuses when it comes to myself. I have learned that this is an issue with my own self respect and self love. I continue to be a work in progress in this area.

Day of GRIT: #14 of 28
METRICS: 12 MOD (FoF) Finisher- Twists, Swings, & Tucks F2
CONTEXT: “I See Hardship as Opportunity…”

From all I have learned in life, most people, myself included, shy away from hardship due to fear of survival. Survival is a basic human need on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. But I have also learned that everything we want in life is just on the other side of that fear. So buckle up, hang on for the ride, and get ‘er done!!

Day of GRIT: #15 of 28
METRICS: (FoF) Leg Day Countdown Circuit F2 Finisher- 4MOD- (AMRAP)- Hoppers & Bombers
CONTEXT: “I Hunt Leverage…”
Being the eldest of four girls, with a huge space of years in between me and my sisters, I was “raised as the babysitter” as my parents used to say.

Becoming a teen mom and getting married young didn’t quite work out as the escape plan I thought it would be.

Raising four kids alone was also a solo venture for the most part.

Starting my own business as a solo-preneur, has been just that, solo.

In years past I did co-own a business with my ex husband, and I am thinking that experience plus other mishaps and miscommunications along the way have jilted me on the idea of working with someone else.

A few business leadership conferences over the years have opened me up to the idea of leverage, but joining Story Athlete has driven home the advantages of leverage in a whole new way.

I have grasped the idea of Return on Time and have adapted to some new technology in my business as well as starting a YouTube channel.

I feel I still need a ton of work in the leverage area, but I am trusting the 1% journey as life has already changed drastically in the past year of membership here.

Day of GRIT: #16 of 28
METRICS: (FoF) Total Body Sandbag Circuit F2 Finisher- 4MOD- Max Pullup Challenge
CONTEXT: “I Flex My Imagination… “

I usually look at the next day context as soon as CJ posts it, and let the ideas swirl in my mind til I get to posting my own context the next day. I suppose I need a heck of a lot of work here because my mind stared at this for minutes on end with nuthin.

I want to say something to the effect of past trauma coping skills is to stay in high alert state and mostly serious.

Then again, there is the idea of the spirit separating and that creates imagination of sorts in a different coping mechanism.

But what really comes to mind here is that once you start healing all that past, you can develop a very twisted and dark sense of humor.

Releasing all the heavy darkness of the past creates a wonderful expansive space to create a brighter future, and that is where imagination can develop fully in being able to manifest a wonderful reality. Some days I am not sure I am there yet, and then when I look back on the tapestry of my life, I am sure that an expansive sense of imagination was key to bringing me to the life I live now.

METRICS: “I Use Story to Escape the Trap…”
CONTEXT: Sunday-Stretch-a-Palooza

My website has been my outlet to share my compilations for many years. Not always my own stories though. Since being part of Story Athlete, I have been articulating my inner stories way more.

I have been told many times to write about my life, and that is happening slowly. The stories are definitely there. The organization has started now as well… It’s coming. As I remove my own blocks energetically and emotionally, I am no longer trapped in the past, and my stories are out there to share and encourage others.

Day of GRIT: #18 of 28
METRICS: 12 MOD (FoF) Finisher- AMRAP Sandbag Ladder Palooza
Sandbag Carry 10-20 yards down and back + “Ladder” Circuit F2
CONTEXT: I Am Always Testing…

As I have grown older, I have stepped into my reputation of Taurus redhead get ‘er done mode. I look back on my life and I wasn’t always this way, but a good chunk of my life I have no idea how I did have that stuff or handled all that I did.

I now realize that I was always pushing my limits and testing myself. Just get ‘er done come hell or high water. With that attitude, you almost always need to think outside the box. Look for a loop hole and make use of it.

At this point I am thinking I need to add some more things to my bucket list as I have accomplished most of them and my life is far from finished lol.

Day of GRIT: #19 of 28
METRICS: (FoF) Total Body Complex Palooza F2 Finisher- 4MOD (AMRAP)- Core Crusher modified
CONTEXT: “I Create My Own Rules…”

Since my father was totalitarian, I grew up with “my house, my rules”. Then I got married and I still was catering to my husband’s rules, always walking on eggshells there too.

Once I was out on my own, I was a little rebellious in making my own rules especially for music. While growing up, I was exposed to dad’s German classical music, and mom’s country music. I was not allowed to have anything of rock music in the house. I particularly remember my father seeing pictures of KISS and he went into a tirade of men wearing make up and dressing the way that is KISS’ signature outfits.
I cut loose and loved rock music away from my father. That may have been part of my rebellion in getting married so young as well.

I fondly remember one time my father came to visit at MY house. First of all I put on GRID Swamp Thing, quietly. He was ok for a few minutes of this 6 minute song, then went off the deep end about psychological warfare and how repetitive music is damaging young people.

I nicely changed the CD in the stereo and put on a ballad-y type song. He listened carefully and approved of the new selection. I told him the song was called “Beth”. I asked him if he knew who sang this particular song. He didn’t know. I quite proudly told him “It’s KISS!!!!!!!!!!!”.

Day of GRIT: #20 of 28
METRICS: 5K Day Finisher- 4MOD- Bicep Blaster
CONTEXT: “I Know Quit Is a Parasite…”

“Birds of a feather flock together”.

The further I have come in my life, the more I have grown and healed my own past, the more I realize that certain people have fallen away from my life. My redhead Taurus determination has always propelled me forward. Albeit sometimes I feel like I have taken a few steps back in the dance of life, I have continued to move forward. Quitting is a parasitic energy. I have had people in my past give up on themselves, give up on me, give up on life. I have had a few times I was even in that headspace myself actually. But time keeps ticking and life goes on with or without us. I choose to keep going because in the end, I will be the only one to see the flashbacks of my life. Make every day count, and never quit.

Day of GRIT: #21 of 28
METRICS: 12 MOD (FoF) Finisher- Twists, Swings, & Tucks F2
CONTEXT: “My Actions Have Ripple Effects…”

Around the time when I first started my Ladybug Wellness business, my daughter asked me to go visit 8 hours away. I told her to post in some of her groups that I would be in town and offering Reiki/ Energy balancing sessions that weekend, intended as a way to earn some gas money. I was on the highway within just a few hours that Friday afternoon.

I had a few signups for the next day Saturday afternoon. One lady in particular has been a wonderful memory. In our introductory chat, within the first few minutes of arriving, she announced that she was “supposed to meet me”. I was a little surprised considering I didnt even know I would be there 24 hours prior.

She explained that she was on leave from a high level stressful job. Her naturopath had suggested a Reiki session. At that point she had no idea what Reiki was, but my daughter’s post about me came up in her newsfeed so she booked in.

She had a wonderfully relaxing Reiki session and I wrote some notes with dates of some of the imbalances I had corrected. She looked over these few notes and told me each date was a severely traumatic event in her life.

This lady kept in touch briefly once I was back home but had only ever booked in that one session with me.

It was about 3 or 4 years later that I published my story in an anthology book. This book was available on Amazon and I had posted in my website and all over Facebook as well.

I received an email from this particular lady soon after my story was published, asking for a signed copy to be mailed to her. I was so excited hearing from her again. She thanked me for introducing her to energy balancing modalities as that was a turning point in her life. She had moved to a different town, had a different career path and was now exploring some other energy balancing modalities in depth. Her life had taken a complete 360 since she had met me.

Since then, I have had a few people tell me that their lives have changed drastically, and they have given me credit for much of that change. Of course, we know that I am just a facilitator and they do their own work to heal and improve themselves, but it is quite humbling for me in realizing how far reaching my actions and my work can go in creating the necessary shifts for someone else to change their lives for the better.

Day of GRIT: #22 of 28
METRICS: (FoF) Leg Day Countdown Circuit F2 Finisher- 4MOD- (AMRAP)- Hoppers & Bombers
CONTEXT: “I Am Hyper-Observant…”

Three years ago I got stranded on a road trip to the US. My vehicle broke down close to a one street backwoods kind of place. With roadside assistance, I was towed to the nearest shop and stranded overnight. The guy at the shop was a complete jerk. I was frustrated beyond belief. Worst service ever.

Contacting some of my practitioner friends, we soon realized this jerk needed some spiritual intervention prayers. As soon as I did that, I was towed to another shop and back on the highway within 2 hours.

What I learned from this experience is that the universe/ God or whatever higher power you believe in, is always conspiring for us. I have been finding more and more that other souls are reaching out to me and other practitioners on the spiritual plane requesting help.

Now when I have unusual delays happen in my life, I try to settle my frustration quickly and look for who needs help, or what lessons I need in this moment as well. This is the life of being in synchronicity by being hyper observant of the world around me and taking all planes of existence into my awareness.

Day of GRIT: #23 of 28
METRICS: (FoF) Total Body Sandbag Circuit F2 Finisher- 4MOD- Max Pullup Challenge
CONTEXT: “I Push Beyond 40%… “

The mail must go through… This was a non negotiable mantra eons ago, but after some nasty human rights complaints, there was a cut off of -40 Celsius where we had a choice to go out. It was -42 Celsius and I, hating cold but hating the idea of a double load the next day, chose to go out. About 5 hours in to my delivery portion of my day, I could see the end of the street in the distance. My mind was just repeating over and over “one foot in front of the other”.

The corners of my eyes were frozen shut, my eyelashes had frosty icicles from the steam coming from my breath seeping out from behind a scarf because you cannot breath that cold of air directly into lungs especially during physical activity.

I wanted to cry, but I didn’t dare add to the moisture around my eyes. I wanted to collapse, but who would even venture out in that kind of cold to find me?

This was one memorable time that I had to tap into any kind of hidden reserve and push my way the next half hour to finish my route.

I know I have it in me, but since retirement, I don’t willfully choose to push myself quite like that anymore. Still I will accomplish my goals in any way necessary.

Day of GRIT: #24 of 28
METRICS: Sunday-Stretch-a-Palooza
CONTEXT: “I Am the Proof…”

The person I am today compared to the person I was 30 years ago is a completely different person. Previously I was fearful and stuck in a traumatic past. Today I am a mother, grandmother, and a energy balancing practitioner with a viable business in assisting others to overcome their own traumatic pasts.

I am the proof that energy healing gets to the root issues and can create a bright future for anyone willing to take those first steps towards making their own lives better.

Day of GRIT: #25 of 28
METRICS: 12 MOD (FoF) Finisher- AMRAP Sandbag Ladder Palooza F2
CONTEXT: I Know My Story Arc…

Many times I have been told to write about my life. There are some things in my past that you just can’t make up. Raising kids, road trips, rock concerts may seem innocent, but when you add a determined Taurus redhead and four different personality kids, you can get quite the circus of stories going.

Now that my kids are all grown with kids of their own, life has become way more interesting in the story department. it seems every time we have a family dinner, or when relatives and friends come to visit, that some of these stories surface. Everyone remembers a different angle and hilarity can ensue well into the early morning hours of regaling these tales.

I have all sorts of written tidbits stored away in my computer files. With each Story Athlete context prompt I am often reminded of these family stories and share some of them in my daily writings. In this past year I have been much more focused on bringing a memoir to life for my kids and grandkids.

It is coming. It is a work in progress. Some of the beginning is kinda crappy, but the turning points are instrumental in how I have created the incredible life I am privileged to lead now.

Day of GRIT: #26 of 28
METRICS: (FoF) Total Body Complex Palooza F2 Finisher- 4MOD (AMRAP)- Core Crusher Modified Circuit:
CONTEXT: “I Commit to Move…”

June 22 2021 was the 5 year anniversary since I retired from the post office. I got out before my body broke from forcing my body into exhaustion daily. I have had to work through a lot of emotional resentment and other energetic imbalances acquired over my 26 year career there.

I realized when I joined Story Athlete last year just how out of shape I had become in being sedentary. I used to love hiking, walking, dancing, and just moving all the time. I fell off that wagon with being so exhausted. GRIT got me back in the saddle and I am so grateful for the community and encouragement I have here with my tribe. The 1% journey is a sustainable commitment to keep me in check.

Day of GRIT: #27 of 28
METRICS: 5K Day Finisher- 4MOD- Bicep Blaster
CONTEXT: “I Reflect on My Results…”

The tapestry of life is an analogy that explains that in the midst of trials and troubles through life, we may be completely blind to the beauty unfolding around and within us.

This analogy was something my grandma relayed to me at a very young age and it has always stuck with me. She explained that God weaves a beautiful tapestry of our lives. Looking forward we may see nothing, or we may see a future we can create. In the present, depending on what were are going through at any given time, we may see variations of happiness or sadness.

The real epiphany comes when we look back over our lives to see the tapestry that has been woven. The dark threads highlight the range of colors of brighter threads.

Looking at my life at this very moment in relation to my results through this past month of GRIT, I have had usual ups and downs of life, but GRIT has kept me consistent with a bit of movement and writing each day. 1% journey of progress. I still have been only doing the bare minimum F2 through the month, so I may not have shed any considerable weight, but I also have not gained any either. Even just this bit of movement means that I am much more limber than I was a year ago before I joined GRIT.
Where I see the most progress for myself is having my GRIT warrior team mate inspirations through reading their contexts each day. This inspiration have given me ideas to implement for my own life and business. This has been so encouraging for my mind, business, and relationships. Again, just a 1% journey, but so much farther ahead than a year ago, and even a month ago.


Sheryll Mairza: Jackie Rioux I love the tapestry analogy — it’s one I’ve used for as well.
I also appreciate that you are such an inspirational member of this community, dear.
You add a rich strand of vibrant color to all our tapestries.

Day of GRIT: #28 of 28
METRICS: JUNE 2021- Final GRIT workout F2
CONTEXT: “I Expect the Unexpected…”

Last day of June GRIT 2021. As always the context is “I expect the unexpected” and I brace for whatever surprise workout CJ has for us. This surprise is meant to keep us on our toes. We can plug along on our 1% journey with wash, rinse, repeat daily. Or as a quote from one of my courses “Zen, and then the laundry”.

Life would be pretty boring though if we didn’t have some bumps along the way. One concept I love is a pic of a heart rate monitor showing the chaotic rhythm of a heart rate. It has ups and downs. In one of my tapping courses we learned about heart rate and how to tap meridians so that the heart calms into a healthy beating rate.

Did you know that when a heart rate gets too much of a steady rhythm, and beats are too close together, it can signal a pending heart attack? Fascinating that our bodies are designed for a chaotic rhythm in many ways.

Adaptability is the key to coping through life. Change is the only constant and we need to be prepared for the worst case scenario, while still focusing on the best of life.

I expect the unexpected because life is full of ups and downs. And we never want to flatline.