Jackie’s third round of GRIT, June 2020:

June 4 2020
Day of GRIT: 1 of 28
Metric: 12 Minutes of Death
Finisher: F3 with 5 lb weights. I did both the push ups and the tricep flex
Context: “A Story Athlete finds a way”
“If you want a job done efficiently, give the job to the laziest genius”.

I don’t think I am really that lazy, and I don’t think I am a super genius, but I sure have found ways to get myself out of predicaments all through life. I slowly learned to not get myself into predicaments. Then I figured out how to use those skills to push through personal growth and to create my life of passion.

Whether it is through thinking outside the box to find a way, or using some sort of stacked or leveraged solution, I am known to get it done, if I have my mind set on whatever goal I choose.

It took a long time of learning energy work to finally realize that with everything being a vibration, every “wrong” thing in our lives is just an energetic misalignment. That is a hard concept to grasp when you’re going through crap situations, but I have learned.

I get to see miracles every day because I have learned to balance energy and can align myself with the vibration of what I want to see come into my life. Yes it is that simple. I can change me to find a way.

Of course, I still have to recognize that I cannot change anything outside myself and those factors may be a deterrent. I must BE the change I want to see, and then I will always find a way.

June 5 2020
Day of GRIT: 2 of 28
Metric: Complex Palooza F5 with 5 lb weights, the modified easier versions.
Finisher: AMRAP F2 5 rounds in 4 minutes with 2 stops. After pushing F5 on the main part, I am going to stop at F2 here so I am not going backwards next week :/

Context: “Sometimes I’m Terrified”
I have been mulling all day on what to write about for this context. What still terrifies me?
I survived childhood trauma and once I took charge of my own life, I have faced fears head on ever since.
I was terrified of heights so I jumped out of a plane. I was scared of ocean water so I went scuba diving. I was terrified of guns so I took gun courses. I was scared of going too fast, so I raced a car around a track. I was scared of being confident, so I modeled in fashion shows. I was terrified of speaking up, so I joined Toastmasters.
I had recurring traumatic nightmares well into my 30s. I was terrified of flushing the toilet in the dark at night. A child’s red foot sleeper was serious mental trigger for me as a young mom. Going into a wooded area was also a mental trigger for many many years.
Through facing the opposite extreme for some things, and for all of it, using energy balancing, I have overcome so many things that I used to be terrified of.
I cannot control anything outside of myself, I can only change what is in me. By changing my own perception of fear, not much triggers me anymore. Everything good in life is just on the other side of fear. And fear is just unhealed triggers within ourselves.
Leadership even used to scare me. Apparently I have leadership qualities that others see in me, but I have not always stepped into my potential there. It’s not that it terrifies me, it’s just uncomfortable. I can do it if the need arises.

So what is left that truly terrifies me?
Losing my kids. I have lost one already. My son in law that I was very close to in soul connection. That kind of motherly grief is like a merciless chainsaw ripping through a beating heart. My other kids have all been lectured to live their lives in such a way that I never have to experience that kind of grief ever again.
But, we cannot control the fate of our “exit point”. That terrifies me.
All else is just letting go of fear. Forfeit Everything And Run or, Face Everything And Rise.
The back of my van says “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space. No Fear”. My life motto.

June 6 2020
Day of GRIT: 3  of 28
Metric: Saturday Palooza F3.
My modifications: 5 lb weights for squat press, no weights for belly on floor, used coffee table for cliff hanger walk out, cross crawl option.
Finisher: F3 got steps in with fast dancing to my 90’s dance tunes.

Context: “My Work Matters”
Thinking back of my work over the years, pretty young I had a paper route; age 13 I sold Regal Greetings and Gifts; age 15 I sold Avon under my mom’s name as the youngest consultant in Canada; age 15 I was a fast food burger cook until I left on maternity leave. I worked election polls. Did any of this work matter? Meh. It taught me useful skills, business ethics and responsibility.

I have been a mother since I was 16. Does that work matter? Yes definitely. I have brought up four socially responsible adults.

Then I worked 26 years at the post office. Did this work matter? Meh. It paid the bills and built up a pension that allowed me to retire early. It also allowed me to see the inside working of a corporation and the good parts and the horrors of union jobs.

What I do now as an energy practitioner has been the culmination of all my past work understandings in allowing me to have good and bad experiences which gives me the knowledge I need to see that my work now really does matter. So, in a sense, all my past work had more value for me than I saw at the time.

Does my work now matter? Ohhhh HECK YESSSSSSSSS!!!!  I get to see miracles every day in the flow of synchronicity! It is such an honor to work with clients, to see their faces light up, to see the “weight of the world” lift from their shoulders, to see them understand and experience that emotional baggage IS heavy and that when we lift and shift that emotional baggage, we can eradicate the past triggers of their traumas and they can truly experience inner peace and happiness.

Yes, without a single shred of doubt, I know my work matters for not only myself and my clients, but also knowing I am shifting global consciousness as a lightworker. My work now, in my opinion, is the most important work out there today!

June 7 2020
Day of GRIT: 4 of 28
Metric: Much needed stretch day, followed video, then “modelled” for my daughter’s reflexology practicum
Finisher: Tonight is my remote group Reiki session (all are welcome to join in by the way!!)

Context: “I believe in myself”
Who Me???? The little girl who used to be such an ugly little wallflower?
Yes, that little girl grew up and stepped into her own power. It took a while. A long process of forgiveness of the past, letting go of shame, the loss of the innocence of childhood, grief. All the heaviness gone, uncovered the beauty of my inner strength and light.
I am grateful for those mentors who have come into my life at strategic points that encouraged my growth and broadened my horizons. They saw in me what I did not see at all at the time.
There are still times when I feel like a little puffer fish protecting myself from that big ol world out there, because I never had much protection all through life.
As I have matured, I have learned much and strengthened my boundaries with self respect and a belief in my own self empowerment.
I wasn’t always this way, but now I can say with conviction “I AM”. Because I believe in myself.

June 8 2020
Day of GRIT: 5 of 28
Metric: 12 MOD.
By the way, MY take on CJ’s intro, well done. I completely understand where you are coming from in focusing on ourselves. This does not mean we condone what is going on in the world around us, it means that if we are being triggered by something outside of ourselves, it is because of an imbalance within ourselves. BE the change you want to see. Our DNA carries memories. What I am seeing in my clients the last few months is ancestral triggers. This, in my opinion, is where we need to work on ourselves to change the world outside.

Finisher: Baby Shark Abs workout. F3.5 I did two circuits plus I managed 2 minutes of a dead hang and made use of that dusty chin up bar 😛
OMG CJ!!! My son came upstairs while I was in the midst of flailing around on the floor. Let me just say, that was a sight to behold and a whole lot of snickering :/

Context: “I See Food As Fuel”
I am having trouble with this one. I have watched the FUEL videos. I have taken biology courses. I experienced an ulcer many years ago after second divorce. So, yes I understand completely the concept of food as fuel and about digestion and how our bodies process sugars, carbs, proteins etc.

More than that, I view food as energy. I also understand the emotional aspects of food and eating. There is a whole other aspect of digestion imbalances being the result of traumatic upsets.

This means that eating is a form of survival and of bonding. Think of a baby suckling at the breast, or the idea of breaking bread in peace keeping rituals, or just conversation over dinner while mingling with friends.

Then we can look at emotional upsets like divorce and loss, where some people gorge themselves to fill the void, or they can be like I was going through “divorce diet” where I lost my appetite and shed weight fast.

I didn’t have much to give my kids materialistically while they were growing up, but I made sure they always had full tummies as I knew they needed “fuel” for their bodies to function at all.

Further, we can look at individual energy toxins where the concept is similar but different than allergies. A certain food can completely imbalance an individual’s energy system and cause hiccups, gastric upset, and irritability.

Hangry is a new term these days and I can understand the concept of running out of fuel and or running out of good fuel.

So, yes I see food in all sorts of concepts, not just fuel.

Personally, I like the idea of moderation. I am conscious of cutting back on straight sugar, and I avoid chemicals and most processed foods. But I will also gladly indulge in a piece of homemade black forest cake for my kids’ birthday parties. I avoid alcohol for the most part and I love my vegetables and fruit.
I don’t know if this is an argument between my Heroic Self and my Lesser Self, or if this is just Jackie Self putting all my experiences together to say that yes, food is basically fuel, but it is also a whole lot more as well.

June 9 2020
Day of GRIT: 6 of 28
Metric: 5K Palooza F3. Between client appointments and playing Gramma taxi running grandkids around to appointments, my 5K got done in pieces through the day, running around my house with tunes.
Finisher: F4

Context: “I Learn Through Struggle”
One of the most common analogies I share repeatedly is the story about the man who came upon a caterpillar cocoon and tried to help the struggling butterfly out by cutting away the cocoon. The butterfly ended up crippled. The point being that the butterfly needed to PUSH its way out because this forces the necessary fluids into its wings so it can fly.

In the same way, life is full of opposites. As Nikki Sixx suggests in “Life is Beautiful”, we need to know the opposite so we can appreciate the good things. We cannot quit until we try, we cannot live until we die.

The binder I used for my Master class had a quote on the front:  “Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens FOR you”. (Byron Katie)
Wayne Dyer reiterated a common analogy amongst inspirational speakers suggesting that before we come to Earth, we sit with God and choose our life purpose. In his case, Wayne told God he wanted to teach people to be independent. So, God said, “ok, we’ll give you an alcoholic father, and an absent mother. You’ll grow up in orphanages all your life and learn to be independent and then you can teach other people”.
I was actually listening to Wayne’s seminar CDs on a road trip when I heard that part. It was a defining moment for me when I finally realized why I had been through so much crap and struggle in my life.  Today I get to live my passion and purpose because of my past that I have overcome. I learned through my struggles and now I can show others the way to inner peace through simple and effective energy balancing.

June 10 2020
Day of GRIT: 7 of 28
Metric: Wednesday Palooza F2 with 5 lb weights
Finisher: F3

Context: “I Know The Cycle Of Pain”
Having taken many psych courses, yes I understand the cycle of pain. I have unfortunately witnessed the addiction cycle in too many loved ones, and even lost a few that way. I remember a counselor asking me why I wasn’t an alcoholic drug addict or in the looney bin after all I had been through in life at that point. I never got into hard core drugs or alcohol. I never had anyone to protect me, and I had four kids depending on me to keep my wits about me to protect them. Yes I did some party years after my first divorce since I missed that in my teen years. Not so fun learning life lessons when I should have been adulting by then.

For myself, I suppose my own cycle of pain would be dependent and dysfunctional relationships. I got pregnant the second time I had sex at age 16. I knew better, but I had this white picket fence theory that my first boyfriend was going to save me from my totalitarian father. And a baby would love me for me. Honestly, looking back, I must have thought a baby would be a nice pet. Boy oh boy was I in for a hell of a ride being a mom to four kids, and then raising them alone later. I jumped from frying pan into fire a few times in those experiences. 10 years of a neglectful stagnant marriage. I thought I grew up and matured, but I fell for a pathological liar for the second marriage. Guys I dated in between turned out to be functional alcoholics with a myriad of their own problems and cycle of pain.
When you get married the first time and it falls apart, you can blame the other person. When you get married the second time and it falls apart, it is time to look in the mirror!!
I was the problem!! You CANNOT change anything outside of yourself!! You MUST start inside for the cleanup crew.
Thankfully I learned energy balancing and I have put a definitive end to the cycle of pain, not only for myself but for my loved ones and clients. Currently I am seeing so much of ancestral trauma come up for everyone I have worked with. All of the issues we are seeing around us now can be resolved when we work on ourselves to end the pain within ourselves and in our own lineage.
This is how we find and keep inner peace, by ending the cycle of pain.

June 11 2020

Day of GRIT: 8 of 28

Metric: 12 MOD Loved the shout out to Glenn!!

Finisher: F3 3 rounds with 5 lb weights….and my arms are about to fall off now lol

Context: “I Choose My Battles”

I learned early to choose my battles. If I ever spoke out of turn or disrespectfully to my totalitarian father, my punishment was to clean the large kitchen with a toothbrush. Every nook and cranny. I shut up.

But I know now that being stifled or refraining from speaking our truth can cause all sorts of throat chakra imbalances.

I also learned to pick my battles with raising four kids and having one never diagnosed with ADHD. Then, going through family court with their father. Ugh.

Years later, I do speak my truth when I need to. But I also pick my battles. There are many causes out there that can pull our energy in all sorts of imbalanced directions.

For myself, although I consciously support many humane causes, I also consider the energy of causes along with the people involved.

I understand the power of words so with that in mind, I am careful to choose “battles”.

For one, I will not get involved in a “fight”, “protest”, or “anti” anything. Where focus goes, energy flows, and I will not put my energy towards a “negative” cause.

At a conference several years ago, a statement was made that stuck with me. “Why would you send your child to a “hospital for sick children” when you want them to get well?.

I support Wellness. Therefore I will not support any charity cause as a “fight for the cure”, or anything with a disease named in their slogan or charity title.

I will put my focus towards what I want to see. BE the change. I will focus on wellness, compatibility, inner peace, grace, peace, love, enlightenment as those are what I want to see, and this is the high vibration choice.

Gregg Braden did some experiments with focusing good energy on Detroit (and some other places too), a place known for high crime rates. Through these experiments, he found that crime stats were reduced significantly in that 24 hour period.

The light of Divine Truth will always overcome the dark. As an energy healer and a light worker, yes I choose my “battles”. I choose Peace, Light, Love, and Divine Truth.

June 12 2020
Day of GRIT: 9 of 28
Metric: Complex Palooza F5 with 5 lb weights, the modified easier versions.
Finisher: AMRAP F2 5 rounds in 4 minutes

Context: “I bet on talent”
While I understand the concept about betting on talent, I haven’t always been this way. I have had some pretty bad experiences in the past with a lack of boundaries and a horrible sense of character judgement.
These poor traits in myself due to past trauma, and the resulting after effects of hidden traumatized beliefs, created these bad experiences. From bad experiences comes wisdom.
Once I balanced my own energy sufficiently, strengthened my own boundaries, and developed my intuition, I gained the ability to sense the good or bad vibes around me. In my energy terms, the energy vibration of a person or situation.

When I choose to see another person for their heart and soul, I can more easily assess if this is a person I want to have in my life, or for me to hire or interact with.

Talent can be something innate, but it is mostly learned and continuously applied skills.
I have been blessed to have certain mentors through my life that saw something in me that I didn’t necessarily see at the time. They encouraged and guided me to develop my skills and “talent”. I am thankful that they had bet their time and energy on me.
I am also blessed with a network of wonderful practitioner friends that I know I can refer my clients to with confidence.
So, while I understand the idea of talent, I am more likely to bet on integrity, honesty, and effective communication. These are the traits that are the basis of a good character. All else, including talent, can be learned.

June 13 2020
Day of GRIT: 10 of 28
Metric: Saturday Palooza F3.
My modifications: 5 lb weights for squat press, no weights for belly on floor, used coffee table for cliff hanger walk out, cross crawl option.
Finisher: F2

Context: “I Know How To Sell”

Yes I know how to sell, but do I want to after so many poor experiences? I learned early how to sell Regal and Avon in my early teen years, which at that time were both door to door sales in my neighborhood. I am pretty sure people just felt sorry for me being that young and pounding the pavement for sales for some extra cash. A memorable naive and awkward moment was knocking on someone’s door and realizing that lady was the mistress of the man down the street who had just passed. I was obviously not up on the neighborhood gossip and walked into an uncomfortable situation.

I did so well with Avon sales at age 15 that several years later after I was married and had kids, the local Avon distributor contacted me to get me to do cold calling for recruits for her. I was a shy wall flower back then but I managed to fake some professionalism in those polite sales calls. It all came to a halt when I had one man out of the phone book get quite upset when I asked for Mrs (their last name). She had passed recently and their family was still grieving. I still hate being the one who is inadvertently intrusive in delicate situations.

Other than my steady corporate job, I also got into a few MLM businesses. I despise the MLM model and I totally get Ryan’s take on “How to lose friends and make enemies fast”. I hate those sales pitches to sell people high priced stuff they really don’t need so some CEO somewhere can live the high life off of the lower rank minions at the bottom of the MLM. All those sales pitches play on human nature and basic psychology to manipulate sales.

Ok, ok there are some good products in some MLMs, but I don’t like the middle man idea that adds extra costs. Ship straight from warehouse and save the middle costs. If a product is that good, it should sell itself by reputation and word of mouth, not by me having to convince someone to give up their paycheck for some dust collector they won’t use.

Years ago I read a book called Your Money or Your Life. It was all about spending money on useless do hickeys, getting away from materialism, and stepping away from the corporate world. Psychologically, people spend their money to fill a void. Sometimes it is on useless stuff they don’t need. I do not want to be the person who up sells to make money for my pockets at the disadvantage of someone else. So yes I think I have negative idea allergy towards “selling”. Selling just invokes an idea of forcing and dishonest manipulation.

However, there is a different aspect beyond selling “stuff” and that is when I must sell ME to my clients. Why would a client want to work with me? This is where I am all about self empowerment. I work on myself lots to keep me in the right frame of mind to sell me to my clients through my positive energy and through my shared experience stories. I want to know that when a client invests in their own well-being through working with me, that they are getting the value of all my experiences and training as well as tips for their own self empowerment journey.

June 14 2020
Day of GRIT:  11 of 28
Metric: Stretch Palooza day!! Plus my Group energy balancing session tonight

Context: “I Share My Principles”
I have several principles I have come to believe and to align with in my life’s journey.

Integrity is number one. It is a moral code that encompasses honesty, trust, effective communication, business and personal ethics, respect. If I tell you I will do something, or be somewhere, you can count on my word. If I cannot come through on my promise for any reason. I will have enough respect for myself and for you to tell you so as soon as possible. Cowardice has no place in the morals of integrity.

I am a Christian. My fave verse is Romans 8:28. “I can do all things thru Christ”. While I hold my Christian beliefs dear to me, I am also human and perfectly imperfect. I swear lots. I have a very twisted sense of sarcastic and sometimes dark humor. I still make poor choices at times and I still stumble. I get back up and I am a survivor.  I have a past and some things there I am not proud of, yet I accept that those life lessons made me the person I am today.

I do not push my beliefs on others. “Religion is for those who fear hell. Spirituality is for those who have been there”. I accept that others are not on the same path as me and that is ok. I can still love them and hope that my light will shine as a beacon for them when they are ready to awaken their own path.

Byron Katie says that life happens FOR us, not to us. Also, all of our stressful thoughts come from being in the wrong business. There is God’s business, their business, and my business. Whose business am I in? This is a good one to remember when there is lots of drama going on in the news. If it triggers or upsets me, what is unhealed in ME that I need to correct and balance. BE the change I want to see.
Other people’s opinions of me is none of my business. It is only their perception of me anyway.
Me first!! Meaning work on me first. Always. We cannot change anyone or anything outside of ourselves. Period. Life is our mirror. If something outside of myself is bothering me, what is unhealed within me that is being triggered? If someone treats me badly, what unhealed energy within me attracted that mistreatment? Yes that is one hell of a concept to wrap your head around, but once you get it, you can forgive others and move on. No this does not condone someone else’s bad behavior. It recognizes that I cannot change them, I can only change me. Neutralize the situation with forgiveness and walk away in my own inner peace.

Boundaries are important. I cringe when someone says they are so empathic and care so much about others, that they feel everything. They want to help everyone. No. My learned-from-too-many-poor-experiences opinion is that you have poor boundaries! When you care for yourself first, you can be respectfully compassionate with others rather than an intrusive martyr. There is a huge difference between empathic and compassionate.
PITY says I acknowledge your suffering. It makes me feel bad inside to see your situation and I’m sorry you’re going through such a hard time. It’s really awful to look at your life and I can’t imagine it happening to me. SYMPATHY says I care about your suffering. EMPATHY says I feel your suffering. COMPASSION says I see you, and I see your challenge. I have every faith that you can handle this situation. Let me know how I can help you. I love you.

I lived for everyone else for wayyyy too many years. Martyr syndrome and self sacrifice is not heroic at all. It is the Lesser self shame amplified. The concept of “me first” is not selfish, it is essential self care and self respect. It is respectable boundaries.

“God give me the grace to accept the things I cannot change. And grant unto me the power to change the things I cannot accept”. Dr Richard Bartlett, Matrix Energetics    I have the power to change ME through energy balancing!

I read a couple variations of the same principle years ago, that are “rules for life”: “Never do or say anything that you would not want your mother to see or hear”.  “Never do anything that you would not want to be caught doing when Jesus comes”. I think these would all depend on your relationship with your mother, or your religious views, but the concept to remember is integrity. Shine a light on your past wounds, heal yourself, then walk tall with confidence and live a life of integrity.

Just because someone else has a different viewpoint than me, does not mean I have to hate them. It is the ultimate in personal growth maturity to realize that others are on a different journey, with different life lessons. My viewpoints have changed over the years as I have matured in personal growth, in my spiritual path, and in my biological years. We all know a child who is wise beyond their years. We also all know some middle aged person who has never grown in wisdom at all.
Referring to Maslow’s hierarchy, some people are enlightened in their personal growth path, and some are still on the bottom rung living in the gullibility of fear. It is not my place to judge others where they are in that hierarchy. When we choose to see people for their hearts and souls, they all become beautiful. It is my mission to work on me first and to shine my light for others paths.

Our perception of the world, is just that, our perception. Our beliefs are our beliefs. Are they “right”? They are right in our own eyes. This is the reason we need to ground ourselves and align with Divine Truth daily. Just like our daily physical shower, we need to cleanse our energy daily as well. Always raising our own vibration.

On the back of my van I have this decal: “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space”. It is a good life motto. Bucket list!!

June 15 2020
Day of GRIT: 12 of 28
Metric: 12 MOD modified version
Finisher: Baby Shark Abs Challenge F2 modified easy version.

Context: “I seek out my Blind Spots”
When we think of blind spots, we usually think of driving and the awareness we need to have to drive defensively. I used to be terrified of semis on the highway years ago. I am quite aware of their blind spots and make sure I am never coasting there. I have known too many accidents having grown up in a logging town.
I lost my son in law a couple years ago when he was killed on a motorbike. I think that has made me hyper aware of motorcycles on the road now.
More than just driving a transportation vehicle, how do we apply awareness of blind spots as we drive our meat sack vehicle through the road of life?
I think back to a book I read that was instrumental to me when I started my real healing journey. You see, having gone through trauma, I was hyper vigilant and paranoid about a lot of things. I lived life by becoming adaptable to my circumstances, dodging life’s curveballs as I called it. The book I read was The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker. It explains that with all our modern conveniences, we often get complacent in being aware of the world around us. This can be a huge safety issue. One of the examples in the book was about a man who walked into work and shot up the place. No one saw it coming. Or did they?
Another example was a person sitting in the passenger seat waiting for the driver to run a quick errand. The passenger suddenly leaned over to lock the driver’s door just moments before a stranger tried to open the door. Why? What they realized is the passenger instinctively locked the door when he saw in the side mirror a shadow cross behind the car.
Our innate intuition is keenly aware of our surroundings before we are consciously aware. We just need to tap into this intuition and check our blind spots constantly.
I worked as a beer girl in a busy night club for two years. The security doormen knew to watch for me throwing ice in the air to catch their attention any time I noticed a brawl brewing so they could diffuse it before it happened. We had a good system. I had to keep my peripheral blind spots checked constantly from my vantage point for my own and everyone else’s safety.
Over the years I have learned to trust my intuition greatly. One of the best examples lately: I am a concert and road trip freak. Normally I would have bought my tickets to a few events I had planned to go to this year. I didn’t quite understand, but I didn’t jump on it as I have done in the past. Boy was I grateful when the SIP started and I didn’t have any costs outstanding for shutdowns. Then, I was intuitively guided to start offering Sunday night Reiki sessions. I am also grateful for that because it has become a way for me to assist my clients and attract newcomers on a grand scale which has been a huge benefit to all, and boosted my business.
Always be prepared for the worst, but expect the best. It is a good motto for life in keeping our blind spots minimal.

June 16 2020
Day of GRIT: 13  of 28
Metric: 5K Palooza F3, my 10 year old granddaughter joined in running around the house with tunes and getting our steps in.
Finisher: F4
Twist: 10 chair squat burpees for the fallen.

Context: “I am the experiment”
Years ago I kept telling everyone that I was the perfect example of what NOT to do in life. Most people graduate, get married then have kids. I did it backwards. Teen mom, got married over the summer, then was 6 months pregnant when I graduated.

I dodged life’s curveballs for many years until I learned to stand in my own power. Now I have a past that serves as an experiment of starting a family very young. Sure it was tough, but I made it, and my kids made it. And at 53 years old, I have four adult kids ages 36- 28, and 5 grandkids ages 17 to 3. I am still young enough to enjoy life, road trips and concerts with my large family. We are an instant party. The Rioux Crue wreckin crew. 😀
These days I look back and realize that the tough stuff I went through in childhood and early life is now my gift in being able to serve my clients effectively. I would rather not experiment again with those early life experiences. Experimenting with business administration techniques, and learning courses is much more my kind of thing now.

June 17 2020
Day of GRIT:  14 of 28
Metric: Wednesday Palooza F5 (F what???) I did 5 x knee planks on the floor, and used 5 lb weights for the rest.
Finisher: F4 with my brand new birthday gift resistance bands that finally showed up a month after my birthday 🙂

Context: “I make public deadlines”
There was a psychological study done at some point that showed that the high school graduates who made plans and made a list of their goals were much more likely to accomplish those goals.

I have always been one to make daily lists for myself. Chores, errands, clients to contact etc. For the most part, I do get my list done. The days that I don’t make a list often end up in a day of scattered oblivion. I must say, those are Scrat days worse than normal.
Lists hold me accountable to myself and to others when I have told them something I will do, it goes on my list.
Several of my friends think I have accomplished so much in my life. In some ways I have, but I haven’t always made my plans public or given a deadline. I went and jumped out of a plane, then told them about it later. That is my modus operandi. Get a fascination with something, sit on it a bit, then just jump… then tell my friends I did it.
During my working years, we had time deadlines. For 26 years I was on someone else’s clock, and their deadlines. I suppose that is why I don’t like deadlines so much. I will get things done. In MY time.

Deadlines are about accountability and integrity. I can do that, but I do not feel the need to make plans or deadlines public. Just my own personal lists and goals and maybe a vision board or two.
Right now, GRIT is my “public deadline” for posting each day and taking care of my physical and mental health.
Today’s context must be a theme out there to do some more energy clearing on myself to get past procrastination. I just received an email from Amy Jo of her morning routine.
Time to do her suggested protocol and some other energy clearing, then get at ‘er for today’s list.

June 18 2020
Day of GRIT: 15 of 28
Metric: 12 MOD
Finisher: F3
Context: “I believe in Alchemy”
One of the energy balancing modalities I use is Balance Procedure cards. It is a set of 9 cards used for manifesting and intention setting. On the “Art of Transformation” card, one of the affirmations is “I am an Alchemist”. This card is all about letting go of the rigidity of old thought patterns, and aligning with a new created future. The chakra associated with transformation and alchemy is the Alto Major chakra, located behind the head at the base of the skull. This chakra is connected to the occipital nerve and, when balanced, opens up vision, both physically and spiritually.
In all aspects of life, change is the only constant. Believing in Alchemy means that we are open and intuitive to our inner guidance to create our best vision of our future.

June 19 2020
Day of GRIT: 16  of 28
Metric: Complex Palooza F5. I didn’t read it right… I got half way through FIVE rounds before I realized F5 was only 4 rounds. :/ Yup, one of those kind of days.
Finisher: AMRAP F2 4 minutes, 5 rounds
twist: 15 chair squat burpees for the fallen

Context: “I Value Ability Over Experience”
In my previous union corporate career, the newbies got the crap end of the stick with horrible confusing routes and the tedious jobs. As the management of the company got worse and worse, I often pulled rank seniority to get out of those situations. The frustrating thing is that there were many who also had experience in years yet they got complacent and comfortable in their monotony while the newbies in their youth could handle the tough stuff. With experience came a multitude of injuries though whether you were new or not. It is just the perils of the job. Thankfully I retired early before my body broke, unlike others stuck in the system. The experienced ones were not so open to new ideas that may work well, yet the new workers also didn’t have the experience to know what were tried and true methods to get the job done safely. It was a imbalance of sometime experience was best, and sometimes ability overruled.
I started plan B in 2008 after a breakdown and revaluation of life. I started taking courses and now am living my passion as an energy practitioner where I get to see miracles daily in working with clients, friends, and family.
In this line of work, I do value ability over experience. Anyone can say they are an energy healer (or any other professional for that matter), and they may have years of experience behind them, but they have become lazy and inefficient in their abilities. We are all unique in our abilities and there really are some people who are new to energy work yet they are flying in their ability to be of service to others.
Back in 2010, I met a lady who had been an energy healer for many years. Tons of experience and a wonderful mentor who took me under her wing. She kept telling me I had a very strong energy and would go far in this work. I was not that confident at that time.
After an exhausting day at work, I had a nap. When I woke up, still in that theta state of not quite awake and very open to intuitive guidance, Ladybug Wellness was just a thought. I went with it and got a business license. A few months later, my mentor looked at me one day and told me it was no mistake I got the ladybugs. Her explanation was that when Mother Mary’s energy came to earth, it was too strong for the earth to handle so it came though the ladybugs. She was right. I have come a long ways in my time as an energy practitioner, and in my own personal growth.
I have a few years of experience under my belt now than I had at that time, but I still have more experienced energy practitioners inquiring how I am so effective in my work. I am humbled and realize that my own perpetual student attitude is probably part of my ability and not just a God given gift as I am continuously learning and applying my newfound skills. We are all given gifts. Some of use choose to pursue those gifts in both experiences and in abilities. So while I value ability over experience in most cases, there needs to be a balance of the two in respecting experience yet being open to the newness of ability.

June 20 2020
Day of GRIT: 17 of 28
Metric: Saturday Palooza F2 modified
Finisher: F2
Twist: 15 chair squat burpees for the fallen

Context: “I Know Pessimism Is Cancer”
When I took my first of many energy balancing related courses, I learned that they had done some studies with negativity and cancer. While negativity does not “cause” cancer, they found that 98% of their study participants with cancer, had negative energy readings. Yes you can actually measure and test this with a plain old voltage meter. Kirlian photography also can show the aura and energy of physical items and people.

Years later through all my courses, trainings, and just general holistic learning, I have come to understand that cancer is an overgrowth of dead cells and a broken lymph system that has failed to flush it all out. Metaphysically, negativity and pessimism contributes greatly to this severe imbalance and dis-ease.

There is a saying that one bad apple can spoil the bunch. That is true for pretty much any fruits and vegetables! Mold spores proliferate and ruin everything.
No one wants to be around a pessimist. They can bring down the energy in and around us like nothing else!
How do we correct this imbalance? Overflowing positivity. Getting to the root cause of issues and deep cleaning with positivity and high vibrations. We can use Solfeggio hz music, high vibration foods as fuel, and of course, energy balancing to bring about a healthy high vibration mind body and spirit.

June 21 2020
Day of GRIT: 18 of 28
Metric: Stretch Palooza

Context: “I See Defensiveness As A Character Flaw”

Through all my years of personal growth, I have come to learn that our perception of life is exclusively our own, and that life is also our mirror. Whenever we get defensive and or triggered, it is reflecting an unhealed part of ourselves. Whether it is a hidden belief or an emotional association to a traumatic event, this defensiveness is a character flaw. Thankfully we can balance and release these negative energies and bring about inner peace so we can maturely respond to situations rather than immaturely react.
We may be the product of our upbringing and the events that shaped us, but it is up to us to address and heal these character flaws so we can move forward in life and also to not be a burden or hindrance to those around us.
Personally, I had some seemingly silly triggers as a result of childhood trauma. For years when my kids were small, I had nightmares around Christmas time that someone would give my kids a red footed sleeper and that I would lose my shit because of my triggers. I was almost 40 years old before I got past flushing the toilet at night without freaking out. After my first divorce, I was vocally defensive about marriage and the idea that there are any good men out there.
These were MY defensive triggers that would not make much sense to anyone else, but they were very real to me at the time. I am forever grateful that I discovered energy balancing techniques that eradicated those triggers, fears, and character flaws.
Now I can appreciate the good memories of my past without the shadows of defensiveness, and I have developed quite a sense of twisted humor along the way. My past is my gift of learning compassion so I can be a light of hope to others.

June 22 2020
Day of GRIT: 19 of 28
Metric: 12 MOD
Finisher: Baby Shark Abs Challenge F2

Context: “I Know To Use Models”
I have had one of those days that went sideways in good ways. Client appointments and just got sidetracked following up with other clients as well. I had serious craving for salmon and spinach so that is what I had for dinner tonight. Along with mushrooms. I have been feeling ill all evening and just realized duh… I can correct everyone else’s upsets but do I remember to fix me? Apparently mushrooms didn’t like me today. Fixed now, but I almost forgot to do my work out tonight and did it with an upset tummy and woozy head. (Yes it is subsiding now). Those side crunches and baby shark abs were not fun this time 🙁
Now get the brain in gear. Models.
About 20 years ago, I participated in many local fashion shows. I was a walking clothes hanger to showcase whatever any given store wanted to feature. The stores loved me. Many girls wanted to wear what they wanted to wear, but since I have absolutely no fashion sense, I always let the store managers dress me in what they wanted to feature. The outfits that got lots of compliments, I bought for myself. Customers got to see clothing on a real moving person and could make a better informed choice of their purchases. I also did photo modeling for a local wedding store for their change rooms and store advertising.
Modeling looks so easy, but it is not. Next time you watch a runway model, pay very close attention to their poses and gait and where they shift their weight. To make the runway strut look confident and natural, there are little nuances in how they turn and shift weight from one foot to the other. It is NOT natural, but it looks way better and looks natural.
When you see a magazine cover model, look closely at their pose. It looks natural at first glance, but again there are subtle shifts in the way they contort their arms behind their back, or shift in such a way to look thinner. Front forward, hips slightly turned. Lift slightly here and there, tilt here. In photo modeling, if it feels uncomfortable, it probably looks good. I remember doing a photo shoot one evening with a back drop over a plywood board underneath and strategic placements of cushion. I was exhausted by the end of the night as if I had worked my physical day job all day.
This is all fashion modeling, but there are still tried and true techniques that every model learns then tweaks to their own style.
I still am not very good at techie stuff in my business, but I am learning that my scheduler is a life saver. It is a model that works and I can tweak it to my own needs. Each of the energy balancing modalities I have learned were based on a tired and true model of techniques that worked. I have learned the ways of the taught method, and now can tweak it all to my own unique style.
The point is that a “model” of any sort has a lot of work behind it to make things easier for the next person to use. Models are an absolute godsend for people like me who don’t catch on easily at first, but once shown a model, I can fly with it and make it my own.

June 23 2020
Day of GRIT: 20 of 28
Metric: 5 K Palooza. Only the minimum today getting steps walking around my house in intervals.
Thank God for my practitioner friends! I was so ill last night and through my own testing figured out I overdosed on iron. I have always been anemic so doc recommends supplements now and then. I overdosed years ago twice and ended up in hospital. Iron is not water soluble. I have been getting iron through diet more recently and I figured out I overdid it with symptoms I had last night and today. Thankfully with their assistance, we neutralized excess iron energetically and got me balanced again. Just need to process and adjust and drink lots of water. I want to shed weight yes, but this purging is not my choice of action. :’/
Finisher: F2

Context: “I Know Word Choice Matters”
In some ways I had this concept drilled into me at an early age. We were not allowed to say “stupid” or “dummy”, at least not to siblings. It was a double standard though if Dad got mad.
I look back, with the knowledge I had now, to times where I really didn’t understand the power of words and how the tongue can kill the spirit of others so quickly.
More in recent years, I have come to understand the power of words energetically. Masaru Emoto has some fascinating studies of how human consciousness affects water. Many other studies have been done since then.
I have also learned how the subconscious is so literal and how choice of words can affect us and our perception of the world.
In particular, apparently our subconscious does not recognize “no”, so we really need to reframe our word choice to intend what we really want and not inadvertently invoke the opposite.
I used to have default phrases “no worries” and “no problem” which may invoke more problems and worries. I have reframed and now my default phrase is ” all good”.
Another word I have consciously removed from my vocabulary is “worry”. Especially as parents we care about our kids. Worry is a stuck energy though, so when we worry about kids or anyone else, we are keeping them stuck and corded to us in not being able to move ahead in resolving their own issues. We can be concerned, which is a different energy world that allows for us to connect, yet not interfere.
I am careful about my use of the word “help”. It just has a heavy energy to it, on the same level of “I can’t”. I prefer to assist, support, offer compassion where needed. I also ask for assistance and support, not help. “Help” just has a connotation of almost laziness to it, like “do it for me”. The other word choices allow for self empowerment, and in turn, self confidence.
In my years of energy balancing, I have continued to learn the energy and effects of word choices, and I am, for the most part, conscious of my vocabulary. Today I am taking my own advice and avoiding a certain word to describe how I feel today. Instead I choose “I feel better now than I did this morning”.

I AM is a wonderful word choice. Anything you place behind I AM, makes for a powerful intention — just make sure your choice is positive!

June 24 2020
Day of GRIT: 21 of 28
Metric: Wednesday Palooza F2. Feeling WAY better today but not pushing it with those planks.
Finisher: F4, those I can manage today 🙂

Context: “I Believe In You-Niversity”
I am the only one that is going to be here for me until the end of my life, so I better make sure I am good company for myself. I love intelligent conversations. Psychology. Discussions on human nature. Scientific phenomenon that I can’t explain but still fascinates me.

I had such a fascination with learning that I completed a bucket list of getting a degree. An Associate of Arts Degree, Psychology concentration. Took me 10 years to do the required 20 courses. I thought of doing more, but it wasn’t fun anymore. Besides, a friend with a PhD told me that PhD just stands for Piled High and Deep.
Mainstream psychology is so frustrating with all the drug solutions when I know that most issues can be resolved with proper nutrition and energy balancing. But I am thankful of all I did learn as I now have a balance between mainstream and holistic solutions.

I am a minimalist, not much for possessions, and I like it that way, except for BOOKS. And rocks. But mostly BOOKS. I love books. I love learning, I love reading.
I have taken several energy healing type courses, leadership courses, and I continue to sign up for seminars and courses. I purchase books, and I do get around to reading them as well. I do still have a lot of Shelf Help left to read. It is important to apply new knowledge as well.
I find that everything I learn is in Divine Timing. I learn, I grow, and then oh my goodness I tie things together and need this newfound information soon after. I seem to be a perpetual student of life and learning and I love it! I live in synchronicity.
I have taken several energy modality courses and I have several forums that I follow to gather new information to apply and use in my energetic “toolbox”.
I definitely believe in You-Niversity!

June 25 2020
Day of GRIT: 22 of 28
Metric: 12 MOD
Finisher: F2
Context: “I Have Endurance”
These contexts seem to come at the perfect time to kick me in the ass some days. I have endurance? sometimes? most of the time? I am still here, aren’t I?
I spent 26 years in one job as a corporate slave. I spent 10 years in a stagnant marriage. That is not necessarily endurance. More like a frog in boiling water there.

I have worked out in -40C a few times for several hours when the corners of my eye froze shut and I had icicles on my eyelashes. Is that endurance? I have hiked Mount Robson (23 km up) three times. That was more fun kind of endurance.

I have held out waiting for dreams to materialize. I have completed goals and cross off bucket list accomplishments. Is that endurance?

Now I am in GRIT. My third round. I have managed to keep up with daily workouts and context writing. I have not kept up with the daily burpee challenge. I also have not kept up with the bonus material FUEL, Income, or Marketing components.
Some days I do have endurance. Some days I feel like I am so far behind I should be first. All I know for sure, is that I ain’t no quitter. And I am still here for the long haul.

June 26 2020
Day of GRIT: 23 of 28
Metric: Complex Palooza F2
Finisher: AMRAP F2
Context: “I Know Answers Reveal Themselves”
Truth always wins out in the end. So many times in my life I have been in a frustrating position of being caught in someone else’s web of lies. I had a wonderful lady I call my Big Sis, offer some sage advice years ago. “Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves”.
It is true. When you strengthen your own boundaries and step out of the drama of others and find your own inner peace, those others will eventually “hang themselves”. I have seen it time and again that the deceptions and lies have backfired.

I have learned that poor personal boundaries attracts that kind of drama. Thankfully, I have grown enough in my own personal growth that I no longer have those kind of people or that kind of drama around me.

I have honed my intuition sufficiently that I live in synchronicity and most often I sense trouble before it begins. If I am patient and quiet, the answers and Divine truth reveal themselves.

June 27 2020
Day of GRIT: 24 of 28
Metric: Saturday Palooza F2
Finisher: F2
Context: “I believe in progressive practice”

I hardly ever plan things. Just roll with life’s punches. That worked well with raising four kids and working a job that varied with volumes and weather conditions.

Although it’s great to have adaptive skills for changing situations, it is also healthy to have a small steps plan like GRIT to teach me to get my 1% workout in every day.

Almost 3 months completed and I am seeing the results of progressive practice. And that is why i am ALL IN for the long haul. 💖

June 28 2020
Day of GRIT: 25 of 28

Metric: much needed stretch day. I’m in a hotel on only my phone but i wrote out CJ’s stretch video moves before trip and did that this morning.

Context: “obstacle immunity is my endgame”

I’m often reiterating that I’m a redhead Taurus and nothing stands in my way when i get a bee in my bonnet.

Taurus is known for stubbornness. I prefer to call it determination. Or maybe that is just a better word in my mature years.

Life lessons were learned early on with stubbornness to my own detriment so yes, now I call it determination.

When I have a goal, it will happen whether I physically deal with obstacles, or whether i use a lots of faith in manifesting.

I don’t think i am completely immune to obstacles but i find that they are more speed bumps than insurmountable mountains.

GRIT mindset also makes mountains into mole hills.

June 29 2020
Day of GRIT: 26 of 28
Metric: 12 MOD in my jammies, in my hotel room before my 10 hour drive home.
Finisher: baby shark abs F3
Context: i hold the pen.

Once I figured out how to step into my own power, I figured out I hold the pen and no one else can take that from me.

So many people trying to control their lives by attempting to control everything and everyone outside of themselves. It doesn’t work and it often backfires.

Not only do I hold the pen of my own life, I now have an eraser called energy balancing. With this tool, i can disconnect/ erase the emotional charge associated with upsetting events of the past that hold me back from uncovering my true self and from progressing forward in my personal growth.

What’s more, I can share these skills with my clients to they can take charge of their own pen as well.

June 30 2020
Day of GRIT:  27 of 28
Metric: 5K Palooza F2. Got home 11 pm last night. Today my mom came to visit. So we went for a walk around the neighborhood to visit and get my steps in.
Finisher: F2
Context: “I Reflect On My Results”

My third round of GRIT. I am still not at the point of doing every move without some modifications here and there, but I have definitely gained muscle tone. I have shed about 5 pounds so far.  I have a much better mindset than when I started in April.
I have been busier with clients and still making time to get my GRIT obligations done each day. This past weekend I traveled a 10 hour drive for an extended family funeral and still did my workout in the hotel room, and my context posting on my phone. A Story Athlete finds a way!

I am so appreciative of the daily 1% journey and just feeling wonderful overall.

As I have said at the end of the past the past two 28 day challenges, the community is the biggest thing for me. There are so many inspiring people in GRIT. I follow several people and look forward to their context writing each day. We are all unique with our own perspectives and I appreciate the diversity that adds to my own personal growth. I still have not completely kept up with the bonus material of fuel, income and marketing, but I glean some great information here and there. I am in for July, and I will be signing up for a full year membership after that. I can’t even express in words how grateful I am for CJ and Ryan to have this program available. #WeLuvRyan #WeLuvCJ

July 1 2020
Day of GRIT: 28 of 28
Metric: Last day 1000 Spartan Challenge F2 modified with burpee squats and tummy crunches for sit ups.

Context: “I expected the unexpected”

I was away this past weekend for an extended family funeral. Ten hour drive, and all sorts of unexpected unplanned curveballs, but all went well and all worked out nicely to see grandkids and everyone else. I wasn’t sure if I was going to come home Monday or Tuesday until my mom wanted to come visit. I drove home Monday, got in 11 pm, unpacked, spent Tuesday catching up business stuff and client sessions until she arrived with my sister last night and my kids came to visit too. I still got my workout and context done all through these scattered days.
Today is Canada Day. All official events cancelled, but we had a family day here. I had 4 clients booked and family visiting. I almost forgot about GRIT, and although today was optional workout, I still did F2. My Rice Krispie body appreciates the stretches and movements now.
With four kids, five grandkids and extended family, and that many personal schedules to accommodate on top of running my business and doing client sessions, I have learned to expect the unexpected.

Ryan has eluded to some GRIT changes for next month. I am curious as to what will change, but I have faith that Ryan and CJ will surprise us in the best ways.


Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8gYMxDi_-0

On to July GRIT!!