GRIT January 2021

Day of GRIT: # 1 of 28

UNIT: 7 #HappyNewGRIT

METRICS: 12MOD F2 finisher. Modified with elevated push ups.

CONTEXT: “A Story Athlete Finds a Way”

I joined GRIT back in April 2020, stayed in for 4 months and signed up for a year but took some time off for way longer than I intended. GRIT gave me the kick in the butt I need to accelerate my business and other areas of my life as well. I got super busy, best year ever in that sense, but I also had to figure out my own limits as I prefer to keep a personal connection with each of my clients. I have now figured out that balance, thankfully, and am ready to jump back in the ring with my GRIT Warrior buds.

I also took time off to take some courses and to revamp my business. A few courses did get done, and since I previously considered myself a non techie, I am pretty proud of myself that I accomplished a few things like getting a YouTube channel going and also figuring out Excel. Don’t laugh. I did take a course in Excel years ago, but an obvious delay in grasping concepts here lol. Now I am flying along like a happy fledgling!

I have had a few GRIT buds messaging me and asking when I would be back. Because, you know, a Story Athlete Finds a Way and I gotta live up to my “redhead get ‘er done” reputation here. Thank you to @Sean, @Shawn and @Renee particularly with the gentle cattle prod I needed.

So yes, a Story Athlete I am, I found a way, and Jackie is back, back again…. BADA BOOM!!!

By the way, does anyone else choose a theme song for the year? I did. Rise up by Vinai. Fitting for me!

Day of GRIT: #2 of 28

METRICS: Upper Body Complex-Palooza F2, Finisher F2

CONTEXT: “I Know Motivation is a Dead End…”

I am a self proclaimed concert freak. There is nothing quite like the live pyrotechnics and booming bass to get the heart pumping and get an adrenaline rush like nothing else. In those moments, I feel like I can conquer the world. I love the exhilaration of random roads trips as well. Yet again moments in time with an exciting thrill.

Sometimes when I need to get housework done, or some other chore that certainly doesn’t thrill me, I’ll put on my tunes and let my mind go to a happy place, and just get ‘er done.

But when it comes to life goals, and business, and responsibilities… where does my motivation disappear to then? I cannot rely on motivation alone to get my butt out of the sack, or to lay the groundwork for certain goals that take time to achieve.

What I have found as the underlying problem is resistance! How ever those energetic blocks manage to manifest, when I clear my energy, I feel “motivated” in a whole different way. Kinda like the idea behind why you should always bet on the horse or dog that does its business at the starting gate. Energy clearing and balancing is like have a daily physical shower. We wash off the energetic dust we collect through the day, and through our lifetime.

Energetic blocks can be inherited, and that is what I have been working with so much this past year. We are carrying the weight and traumas of our ancestors. This shows up energetically as blocks and resistance.

Resistance coming down our lineage from our ancestors can be from the dynamics of war, famines, plagues or other traumatic events. They faced hardships and some did not survive. We are going through some world events now that can trigger all the similar feelings of scarcity, lack, control, lack of control, challenges, and a whole lot of uncertainty for the future. Who wants to face the hard shit? Honestly, no one. But facing hard shit is the Story Athlete way, and the way of the survivor.

If I want to get motivated and move towards my goals, I need to eradicate resistance first. Then full steam ahead!

Day of GRIT: #3 of 28

METRICS: Lower-Body-Light-Up Palooza F2, Finisher F2

CONTEXT: I Don’t Have To Wait…

I can procrastinate just as well as any other Joe Bloe, but what good does that do?

There is a theory I have read about saying “no”. We all want to be helpful to others, and that is a great philosophy, but when we don’t take care of ourselves and our own boundaries first, helping others too much can be to our own detriment.
So the philosophy is, instead of saying “no”, say “that is not my priority right now”.

Boy, does that give a change of perspective! And it also gives a definitive, decisive answer. No dilly dallying. No wishy washiness. No BS. No excuses.

Growing up with a totalitarian father, I learned to jump when told. No questions, no excuses. Just jump, not now, but yesterday. Get on the ball, now. No, it was not nice walking on eggshells to that extreme, and I am not suggesting that is a great upbringing, but I am thankful for that background now as I can, and do, “get ‘er done” when I need and want to.
This is also why I appreciate Jocko Willick’s philosophy of “Good”. Shitty things happened? Good. Regroup, and get er done. No excuses.

I am no where near suggesting I am perfect in these philosophies. But I do strive for this get ‘er done attitude. I learned that as long as I am “in tune” with my inner self and my higher self, I can rely on my own good or bad vibes in making any choice decisive, now. No waiting. I clear my energy continuously so I am always in the flow of synchronicity.

Years ago I had too many experiences where I wanted to go on a road trip, or go to a concert or some other great experience, but if I had waited for friends to make up their minds, I would have missed the experience. In those kind of scenarios, I don’t have to wait, and I won’t. I live for my bucket list and I get ‘er done now. Life is too short for lame excuses and missed opportunities.

Day of GRIT: #4 of 28

METRICS: 12MOD, Finisher F2

CONTEXT: “I display my integrity”

Years ago, I was such a wall flower. Could not pull me out from behind a curtain. Nopers. I was raised in the Pentecostal church, and I had it drilled into me that God is always watching. That we could die any time and you better not be doing anything that you don’t want to be caught doing. Kinda a harsh way to learn integrity, especially when I witnessed so many confusing things in other people around me.

One of our local Bible study groups turned into a cult with some weiiird stuff going on. A couple church elders succumbed to human failings with adultery and domestic abuse. A couple neighbors switched wives, then switched back. Good ol’ swingin’ 70s. Kids around me were sneaking around with petty thefts, skipping school, and all sorts of not so innocent activities away from their parents’ watchful eyes.

A lot of confusion for my young developing brain. Now add that to my own low self esteem issues resulting from childhood trauma, and a whole lot of bullying through school. Pretty sure all this is why I now appreciate my harsher upbringing with a totalitarian father and strict rules. Then again, being so sheltered early on brought some rude awakenings later in life.

Thankfully, when I learned more about energy balancing, I learned that we have several layers of being. Emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical, conscious, subconscious. Our experiences in life can create unprocessed trapped energies in any of these layers. Get enough of these unprocessed energies and you can create hidden beliefs as well. (Limiting beliefs are so much fun to get rid of. It’s like spiritual laxative and really gets you in the flow!).

This means that on a physical layer of consciousness, we can profess our integrity to the ends of the earth, but that bastard of a subconscious mind holds us back from actions in alignment with our words because of some unprocessed past event.

Through energy balancing, we can find those unprocessed and trapped energies, then release and correct so all levels of being are in alignment. That is when true integrity shines through.

I am no longer that shy little wallflower. In fact, I have probably seemed to turn into an outspoken bitch in how I have embraced my own self respecting boundaries. That is just fine with me. Those that know me well, know my heart.

My energy projects my self-respect and my integrity. The more I balance and clear my energy, the more I become known for my sense of integrity. Because taking care of me is my gift to others in assisting them to find their own integrity and truths.

Day of GRIT: #5 of 28

METRICS: 5K day F2, Finisher F2

CONTEXT: “I Live Like My Life Depends on It…”

Thank God the days of struggling to support 4 kids alone are long behind me. These days my only form of living like my life depends on it is that I am a retired, self sufficient entrepreneur. Making my own rules and living my dream.

Day of GRIT: #6 of 28

METRICS: 10-Move-Mayhem-Palooza F2, finisher F2

CONTEXT: “I know money matters”

Eons ago in my previous days of struggle, although I have a “good government job”, I could hardly make ends meet raising my kids. Money mattered in a different way then as a means for survival. Over the years, I have learned that money really matters in a different way. You see, money is an energy. It needs to flow. To have money in your life, you must treat it as a good friend, with respect. Allow it to provide for your needs, share it willingly with others, and it will most like be happy to come to you freely. Happy money is money in the flow. Arigato! and Maro Up!

Day of GRIT: #7 of 28

METRICS: Stretch Day Palooza

CONTEXT: “I master my emotions”

I am an energy practitioner! Of course I master my emotions!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!! Ya right. I can get caught up in my emotions and succumb to my human failings just as easily as the next guy. Or do I?

In all honesty, yup… I can swear like a sailor and get downright stay-outta-my-way redhead pissy.

I can profess that “I am not a sap”, yet I’ll get a real bad case of onion tears reading a meaningful post or getting a hug from my kids and grandkids.

I don’t really think we master our emotions until the day we die. Emotions are what let us FEEL and appreciate life around us. What I do think we can master is controlling our emotions and overcoming trauma in such a way that we no longer have triggers.

I lived with nightmares for years. I had all the characteristics of what we now call C-PTSD. I lived with fear for many years, and all sorts of triggers that I now look back on and shake my head even though I know those fears were very real to me back then.

I loved CJ’s context post regarding music. Now you are speaking my language. I have had certain songs for the themes of my life and more recently I have chosen a theme song for some years of my life.

Some past ones:
White Wedding Billy Idol (teen Mom)

Primal Scream Motley Crue (childhood bullying)

Me Against the World Simple Plan (personal growth)

Numb Linkin Park (2nd divorce)

Living on a Prayer Bon Jovi (first marriage, and just life lol)

Cleaning out my Closet Eminem (exposing the past)

Without Me/ Lose Yourself Eminem (More personal growth)

Last year 2020, my chosen song was No Limits 2Unlimited because of these lyrics:

“No no limits, we’ll reach for the sky

No valley to deep, no mountain to high

No no limits, won’t give up the fight

We do what we want and we do it with pride”

For 2021, I chose Rise Up by Vinai because that is what we, as light workers, are called to do. I have been through the fire, and I have managed to master my emotions for the most part. Now it is my turn to RISE UP and show others the path to enlightenment.

Day of GRIT: #8 of 28

METRICS: 12 MOD F2, Finisher F2

CONTEXT: “I calculate return on risk”

Calculating return on risk can apply to a few things. Having grown up with a totalitarian father, I learned to walk on eggshells early and calculate my words and actions accordingly. That dysfunctional coping mechanism carried on into my first marriage and other areas of my life. Not very conducive to personal growth, I might add. But all learning lessons just the same.

Calculating return on risk then applied to finances in learning to be resourceful and stretching a dollar to raise four kids alone while working full time.

Then it applied to the different trainings and courses I took to better myself. What could I afford in time and effort and money to gain the most beneficial return while juggling my other life responsibilities?

Now calculating my return on risk can apply to investments, business training and opportunities, the clients I work with, and the friendships and relationships I keep.

Some days calculating return on risk can apply simply to whether I choose to speak my mind or not. Not everyone is on the same wave length, healing path, comprehension level, mind set, or alignment with Divine Truth in their personal growth journey and ascension process. This is the most important calculation of return on risk. I choose carefully, most days, where I choose to focus my energy, and who or what I allow into my personal space. Keeping my own vibration high and happy is of utmost importance to me.

Day of GRIT: #9 of 28

METRICS: Upper Body Complex-Palooza F2 Finisher F2

CONTEXT: “I win the day”

Because of my work as an energy practitioner, two things from Ryan’s context the other day are really resonating with me right now.

” Mastering our emotions is critical to productivity”.
“…those who deploy uncontrolled emotion are massive liabilities”.

Oh boy, don’t I know this well! I look back in my own life of times when something triggered me and I derailed everything to wallow in anger, or resentment, or whatever little pity party I had going for myself at the time. A liability to myself and to those around me.

When I can clear my energy, and get control of my emotions, that is when I can be productive, focused and clear.

That is when I win the day!

Buddha said, “A man who conquers himself is greater than one who conquers a thousand men in battle”.

Day of GRIT: # 10 of 28

METRICS: Lower-Body-Light-Up Palooza F2 Finisher F2

CONTEXT: I raise my standards

When I think of standards, unfortunately, my mind goes straight to failed relationships. I have had a few in my day. All lessons learned.

Whether romantic or platonic, birds of a feather flock together. It is all in the law of attraction, and all about vibrational attraction. When we have a low self image or a lack of self love, that is exactly the same kind of dysfunction we will attract in the people around us.

The more we heal ourselves, the more we raise our vibration, and the more we raise our standards to reflect a new sense of self worth. I am really blessed these days to be surrounded by amazing people that I call friends.

Day of GRIT: #11 of 28

METRICS: 12 MOD F2 Finisher F2

CONTEXT: “I am an adult”

I am a mother to 4 grown children, and 5 grandchildren plus in-laws and extras. Biologically and physically I am definitely an adult. My body sure thinks I am older some days.

But mentally and emotionally, some days I wonder. Trauma keeps us stuck at the age of occurrence until we sufficiently process the emotional damage. For many year, I feel I was socially behind my peers in some ways, yet way ahead of them in other areas. Becoming a mother at age 16 and getting married at age 18 made me mature faster in taking on necessary responsibilities, yet mentally I was a child raising a child.

I remember a family friend telling me that my child was lucky because if anyone could handle being a teen mom, it was me. I credit my “harsh” upbringing for my inner resolve to survive. Harsh in today’s terms, and probably a bit more. Eat everything on your plate. Get your chores done. Feed the chickens. Clean the coop. Yard work. Stacking wood. Feed the fire. Keep your room clean or your stuff will get broken and end up in the fire. Clean up after your sisters, Babysit your sisters while parents work.  

I had a paper route early on. I sold Regal at age 13, and Avon at age 15 (under my mom’s name, youngest consultant in Canada). I had the makings of an entrepreneur even then.

But am I an adult? For the most part yes. I think I have addressed my past sufficiently to claim adulthood. But then I have days where I like to keep my innocence of youth with silly jokes and an awe of wonder in nature.

Day of GRIT: #12 of 28

METRICS: 5K Palooza F2 Finisher F2

CONTEXT: I kick back harder.

I was the picked on kid all through school. I mean the lowest loser doormat. Or so I thought. What I learned through all my years is that there was nothing wrong with “me” other than I carried ancestral trauma energies that attracted this low vibration abuse. Nope, not fun, but still life lessons learned.

Fast forward to after my divorce in 1996. I had taken steps to stand up for myself and life was getting much better. However, I did have one experience where some girl in town decided she didn’t like me based on some wrong information she had heard about me. Small town twisted rumors. I didn’t even know this person, but she had a bad reputation for being a scrapper that preceded meeting her.

I was usually the Designated Driver back in those days. The local nightclub doormen always watched out for me. They heard about this girl taking a dislike for me and offered to walk me to my vehicle or otherwise be bodyguards. This went on for a few months.

One night, my friends decided I needed a couple shots. I am a lightweight so I usually avoid alcohol, but that night yes, I did have a couple shots. Well, Laurie happened to be out that night and got her posse to antagonize me and my friends. I tried walking away. I kept telling her I am not a fighter and besides, her information on me was wrong anyway.

She slapped me twice, and I still tried to walk away. The third time she slapped me, I saw my fist in her face. Weirdest feeling ever because I did not intentionally put my fist there. I scared myself, and made her lip bleed. She starting crying so I gave her a hug. A bunch of people around started yelling they wanted a fight, but I just hugged her while she cried. I made sure she was ok, then left. There were a lot of stunned people around.

Strangely enough, the next day I saw her and she waved at me like I was her best friend. And even all these years later, there have been a few times I ran into her and she has always been friendly. I am guessing those days are long past as she went on to school and getting a career. The one and only time I ever threw a punch in my whole life. But, yup, I hit back harder and stopped the fight.

A few years ago, someone teased about kicking a Ginger. Apparently, that is something from South Park. I shared my one punch story as an example that I do not ever plan to get in a situation like that ever again, but I do have it in me to kick back harder if I ever need to. I prefer it to be in other ways of standing up for myself rather than a physical confrontation though. Thankyouverymuch.

Day of GRIT: #13 of 28

METRICS: 10-Move-Mayhem-Palooza F2 Finisher F2

CONTEXT: “I Know Happiness Is Not a Destination…”

Early in life I had the idea of a destination, a goal that would finally make me happy. Life just sucked and kept on sucking. Thankfully I finally learned all about energy balancing.

Everything is energy and everything has a vibration, including your emotions. Happiness, love, joy, peace, and enlightenment have a vibration of 500 to 1000. Shame and grief have a vibration of 20 to 30. When you have lots of the lower vibration energies stuck in your system, it is virtually impossible to truly be “happy”.

As we process and release the lower vibrations, our overall vibration is raised and we can experience happiness and joy in ways that we had never understood previously. In this sense, happiness is not a destination resulting from achieving goals or milestones, but an enduring state of mind that becomes possible through the process of energy balancing.

Reference: Dr David Hawkins Power vs Force book and Levels of Consciousness chart.

Day of GRIT: #14 of 28

METRICS: Stretch Palooza

CONTEXT: “I see food as fuel”

I love food. I love trying new foods. I love multicultural and ethnic foods. I love comfort foods. I love milk chocolate with nuts. I love charcuterie boards shared with friends. I love potluck dinners and buffets trying out others’ recipes.

Psychologically, the idea of “breaking bread” and dining with friends is a form of human connection. We need that connection for human survival. Eating with others is also a form of peace keeping in the human and animal kingdoms.

I have enjoyed a whole lot of this kind of human connection through my life. Church potlucks and tea times with girlfriends. Let’s not forget family dinners once the kids grew up and brought the grandchildren to visit grandma.

I had also gone through a period of raising kids alone and food was our only real treat. When I couldn’t afford to buy the latest trend toys for four kids, homemade baking was gifts from the heart that filled tummies.

What were we talking about here? Oh ya.. food as fuel. I have always seen food as sustenance and nutrition, not always as “fuel”.

I have enough knowledge of biology and nutrition to understand that we need protein to build muscle. We need sulphurous foods like cabbage and broccoli to feed our mitochondria, which is the powerhouse of our cells. As a woman, particularly, I need to replenish my iron stores regularly so that my blood cells can carry oxygen sufficiently through my body and in turn give me a boost of energy. Magnesium and other supplements are vital to our body functioning properly. I know it is better to find these supplements through foods rather than pills. Bone broth is an amazing food that replenishes so much in our bodies. I make my own and also purchase some as well.

Scientifically this all makes sense. Other than chocolate cravings, I don’t think my regular diet is really that unhealthy. I know when I eat more nutritiously, I do not crave chocolate as much.

Energetically, I have learned that we can develop blocks in our physical body systems that disrupt our “fuel lines” and this in turn can create dis-ease and proper absorption issues, which results in weight gain, weight loss, and other ideal body imbalances.

I love CJ’s context about calories, but let’s be honest here: Calories are those lil bastard bugs that get into our closets at night and make our clothes shrink!

I also love the GRIT FUEL ideas of coal/ windmill/ nuclear foods.

I think we do need to view food more as fuel with understanding the nutritious components of the foods we eat, and for the most part, I am conscious of this aspect of fuel intake. But, I will gladly indulge in a hot cup of tea and grandma’s scones with my lady friends once in a while.

Day of GRIT: #15 of 28

METRICS: 12 MOD F2 Finisher F2

CONTEXT: I Am My Own Therapist…

I am an energy practitioner. I have overcome all sorts of upsets and trauma in my own life by doing my own work and by working with others. Now I work with clients and we find all sorts of interesting imbalances to correct for them and in turn, I am just as surprised as them with the miracles we can create in this work.

I am just as human as the next person though and even though my life is astronomically better than it was in many years past, I still go through regular upsets and frustrations just like anyone else. The difference now is that I have the tools to “fix” my own life and much better coping strategies than the average person.

However, there is a catch to this. I need to remember to work on me first. Example? Several years ago, while working outside through winter conditions and the usual exhaustion that came with that job, I often got quite sick with a head cold in about February each year. I would keep pushing though and just get myself sicker and sicker.

I had taken a toxin course at one point, and was quite adept at helping clients discover and correct their energetic toxins. When I came down with this recurring head cold, I wallowed in misery as I usually had done in the past. Then I took some Echinacea tea and some Buckley’s syrup, remedies that often work to relieve head cold symptoms. It was a few days of suffering through feeling even worse, and adding heart burn and nausea to my other symptoms.

I finally had a light bulb moment to check myself for toxins.  DUH!! Echinacea and pine oil in the Buckley’s syrup are energetic toxins for me, so rather than relieving my issues, they made things worse. I managed to correct the toxins, and also clear my energy to the point of creating a space for my physical body to actually heal itself. I have broken that pattern of a yearly head cold as well.

Since I work with clients, I am much more conscious these days to work on myself first to be in a good frame of mind before working with others. My energy balancing skills and my methods of clearing my own energy are like a necessary daily shower part of my self-care routine.

So, yes, I am my own therapist, when I remember to be!

Day of GRIT: #16 of 28

METRICS: Upper Body Complex Palooza F2 Finisher F2

CONTEXT: “I Create My Own Reality…”

“Be the change you want to see” is the famous Ghandi quote. To be anything, we need to turn inward and address any and all imbalances creating resistance and blocks from our intended goals of becoming whatever we want to be, and see.

From an energetic standpoint, the hardest concept to overcome is realizing that every thing outside ourselves is a version of what is inside ourselves.

If theft and deception is a major trigger more than the average person, we need to look at any time we too have taken something or told a lie. It can be as simple as lifting a pen in the bank line up and forgetting to put it back, or telling our best friend she looks fine when she just came out of surgery. Silly examples, yes. But our subconscious mind is so literal that it does not differentiate between reality and intention.

This can be to our detriment, but also to our advantage. We can address the blocks and the miscommunications in our subconscious mind, then reformulate a better response to the world around us.

 And this is the key to creating my own reality to whatever I want to be, or see.

Day of GRIT: #17 of 28

METRICS: Lower-Body-Light-Up Palooza F2 Finisher F2

CONTEXT: I hunt leverage

I am all too familiar with the idea of trading time for dollars. I worked a union job for many years. Because the nature of the job fluctuated daily based on volumes, we had time values worked into our pay structure hourly wage. The problem is that when you are working as an employee, and you get too efficient at your job, they pile on more work in your given time frame and that leads to exhaustion.

Much better running my own business where I can set my own time limits. I happen to like following Eric Edmeades and Speaker Nation. I got to hear him speak at a conference a couple times. His emails and promotions this past year have been about learning to put your business online and also about leverage in creating digital products to create once and to sell many times over.

In March of 2020 I started offering a Sunday evening remote group energy balancing session on a weekly basis. This leveraged my time in being able to serve hundreds of people in just a few hours, once a week. The inaugural sessions turned out to be a yearlong regular offer to my clients and newcomers with amazing results that has tripled my business in the last year. This is how I learned to hunt leverage and to make it work for me and also benefit many more clients than just one on one sessions.

Day of GRIT: #18 of 28

METRICS: 12 MOD F2 finisher F2

CONTEXT: “I eliminate limiting beliefs”

You are speaking my language here. As an energy practitioner, the most common blockage or interference energy anyone can have is a limiting belief. The most common limiting belief is a variation of “I’m not enough”, or “I can’t”.

Personal growth and energy healing is a process of unlearning all we have learned through our experiences in life, and to eliminate limiting beliefs.

We have different levels of being: emotional, physical, spiritual, mental. Plus different levels of consciousness with our conscious and subconscious minds. These limiting beliefs can get trapped anywhere and create havoc in our lives with all sorts of unexplained and or unreasonable fears.

Through energy healing, we can find and eliminate limiting beliefs along with many other trapped energies so we can manifest a much brighter and productive future.

Day of GRIT: #19  of 28

METRICS: 5K Palooza F2 Finisher F2

CONTEXT: I embrace failure.

What exactly is failure other than knowing “well, that didn’t work”?

We can look at our chosen life lessons. What are we here to learn? What is the energy we are carrying and or projecting that is attracting events of failure into our lives? By looking for these patterns of energies and the root causes behind them, we can raise our vibrations and shift into higher states of consciousness.

What is behind failure? Is it self-worth issues? It is fears of some sort? We can find and release these trapped energies and let go of the patterns. Of course, we may not completely eradicate any future events of failure. We can, however, correct the patterns of the past and connect ourselves to our inner knowings which will greatly reduce future failure events.

This is why I embrace failure as the catalyst to learning and evolving and creating a better future.

Day of GRIT: #20  of 28

METRICS: 10-Move-Mayhem-Palooza F2 Finisher F2

CONTEXT: I find the root cause

At about age 19, my childhood trauma issues surfaced with a vengeance. I went to several counselors to try to figure out my life and how to fix myself. Counselors do have their place and can be helpful, but for me, I just ended up regurgitating and reliving my experiences over and over again. Analyzing repeatedly and not getting anyway except all sorts of emotional circles and more drama.

It was only when I had a major breakdown at work in 2008 that I re-evaluated life and starting taking psychology courses. Taking that first step was all that was needed to set a pinball machine of synchronicity into motion with the people I met and the new opportunities that came my way.

I soon found my calling in taking energy balancing courses in several modalities, and finding a whole fascinating world of techniques that can easily and painlessly find the root cause to our problems and the patterns behind our issues.

Life has never been the same and I get to see miracles around me every day with the profound shifts we can create. All because we go directly to the root cause. No band-aids needed here. 

Day of GRIT: #21 of 28

METRICS: Stretch day paloooza

CONTEXT: Tenacity is my super power….

There was a time that I kept saying that if life hasn’t killed me yet, I am supposed to still be here. These days I look back and understand that my past is now my gift towards my future and my life purpose. Tenacity is my super power and I know that I can face pretty much anything. I just prefer that fate will not take that as a challenge thank you!

My published story:

Day of GRIT: #22 of 28

METRICS: 12 MOD F2 Finisher F2

CONTEXT: I am a Pace Car

A few years ago I had an angel card reading with my dear friend Barb Goggins. The first thing my angels wanted me to know is that I am “a very good conduit”, meaning I network people and information. BINGO! Yes that is definitely me!

I have had a website for 22 years. It all started back in 1998 because I had saved all sorts of poems and quotes in a book, and then added it all to the internet when that became an opportunity to share with more friends and, well, I could never get my book back from friends who borrowed it!

This sharing has become “my thing”. It really is a networking thing. I have the most amazing circle of friends because I connected so many of them. My website does have all my wellness business in the forefront now, but all the encouragement and inspiration is still in the back end.

Over the years, I have had so many people inquire about his or that, and I am able to connect them with just the right article or webinar that may interest them and assist them in their personal growth journey. In this way, yes I am a pace car for many, many people. Within GRIT, I have had the honor of connecting with others who have become my pace car as well.

Day of GRIT: #23 of 28

METRICS: Upper Body Complex Palooza F2 Finisher F2

CONTEXT: I use a Documented Approach

Following from yesterday’s pace car context, I have read a lot of books, taken courses, and learned so much from others that I consider my pace cars. I have forums I follow to glean ideas and feedback from other energy practitioners.

In the world of energy work though, there are all sorts of unexplained miracles beyond the scope of a documented approach. I live in synchronicity, with miracles shifting around me constantly.

I am not sure how a documented approach applies here in my world other than following my pace cars and also trekking off on my own sometimes to be my own way shower. 

Day of GRIT: #24 of 28

METRICS: Lower-Body-Light-Up Palooza F2 Finisher F2

CONTEXT: I Don’t Need Permission…

Back in my home town years ago, we had a 5 km loop around town and over the two bridges that was quite popular for walking enthusiasts. At some point a friend asked me to go walking and I quite enjoyed it. We walked together on whatever days it worked out, until she injured her knee elsewhere and had to give up walking the bridges for a while. Then I found another friend to go walking with me.

It is tough to rely on others schedules and to align schedules with work and family responsibilities. I was sad that I could not find anyone to go walking with me. Finally, one day I grabbed my walkman filled with upbeat tunes, and started strutting out the door. This became my regular thing every day after work. My loop got down to an hour of time when walking by myself and my body looked forward to the solitude away from kids, work and other stresses for that one hour a day.

We moved to my current city when my kids were teens. I found another walking loop in my neighborhood. Then I found another new passion. Concerts!!! But who to go with? Sometimes my kids would go with me, but I soon found that road trips and rock concerts were fun all by myself as well. I enjoy my own company and I have my own schedule. My kids know me well enough to just say a prayer any time mom takes off. Because I don’t need anyone’s permission. Life is too short. I am living it up now while I can!

Day of GRIT: #25 of 28

METRICS: 12 MOD F2 Finisher F2

CONTEXT: I kick my own ass…

As an energy practitioner, I am respectful of my clients and take into consideration their sensitivity to energy processing in how much work we do in any one session.

Think of energy balancing like “energy surgery”. When you go to the hospital to have a tumor removed, your body has to adjust to taking out a non beneficial mass and then to heal afterwards. We balance and clear energy and the body can need some rest afterwards before we do more energy clearing.

I work on myself lots though and I really do kick my own ass because I have knocked myself out many times. I have learned to sit in bed at bedtime to clear my own energy until I fall asleep, and then just wake up in the morning very refreshed.

I love it but I would not do that much at once to anyone else. I just kick my own ass.

Day of GRIT: #26 of 28

METRICS: 5K Palooza F2 finisher F2

CONTEXT: My body is more than just hardware.

Taking into account that we have several levels of consciousness with our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual beings, my body is definitely more than just hardware. I am a complex and unique individual, sovereign in my own Divine Femininity.

Day of GRIT: #27 of 28

METRICS: 10-Move-Mayhem-Palooza F2 Finisher F2

CONTEXT: I reflect on my results

Guess who’s back, Jackie is back!!

I took 5 months off GRIT and I was regretting that, but I am glad I jumped back in for January. I had done 4 months of GRIT last year. Connected with some amazing souls that are  “my tribe” kind of people who don’t shy away from owning up to accountability and responsibility. I took time off because I felt I need to catch up when my business got super busy, and I needed to find a balance there. I think I accomplished that goal well enough and I was happy to get back in with my tribe.

I started off the month kinda feeling bumpy, just getting back in the swing of it. I regret that I did not keep up with a daily workout all that time off. Those calf raises! Not a problem back in working days, but I felt those burn this time!

Look at me now at day 27! OooRah!! My muscles feel good. My mind feels good. YAY!

As for my FUEL aspect, I did take part in the 48 hour fast back in November. I managed pretty well I think and proved I can do it.  The past 3 weeks I have incorporated a new habit of drinking 2 cups of bone broth per day. My appetite has gone down. The cravings for sweets has subsided considerably and my insides feel “clean”. My overall intestinal functions seem to be normal again. I just feel good all over! Best of all, I shed 10 lbs in the last month.

ALL IN for February! Let’s do this!!

Day of GRIT: #28 of 28

METRICS: Expect the Unexpected-Palooza F2

CONTEXT: I expect the unexpected…

Does life ever go as planned? Oh hell no. If anyone had told me on my 16th birthday how my life would turn out by middle age, I would not have believed them. But here we are.

What I have learned through life is that change is the only constant. We are either going into a challenge, muddling through a challenge, or coming out of a challenge. The key to life is adaptability. Adaptability is the key to being open to the synchronicity of life and many unexpected miracles.