Day of GRIT: #1 of 28

UNIT: 6   # GRITmeisters

METRICS: 12 MOD F2 Finisher F2

CONTEXT: A Story Athlete always finds a way…

I have always blamed my redhead Taurus nature for all sorts of stubborn things I have done in my life. Some to my own detriment unfortunately. But I have always found a way to overcome and or accomplish anything I set out to do.

These days I prefer to call it determination rather than stubbornness and I do try to choose what may be more beneficial to my future than just random goals. Then again, bucket list check offs are still mainly on a whim.

Still, I will always find a way, because I am a Story Athlete.

Day of GRIT: #2 of 28

METRICS: Leg Day palooza

CONTEXT: I take pride in my work

I had it instilled in me at an early age that Someone is always watching. Best to do the job right the first time than carry the guilt of a botched or sloppy job. Living authentically and with integrity is not always an easy path, but it is the path that gives a sense of gratitude and pride in my work.

Day of GRIT: #3 of 28

METRICS: Upper Body-Palooza

CONTEXT: I know perfection is the enemy of action

There are two concepts that have influenced me from years ago on the topic of perfection.

One is a quote from Michael Fox “I strive for excellence, perfection is God’s business”. I know that I am perfectly imperfect and it is only my job to do the best I can in any given situation.

Two is a concept from The website looks like it is about housework, but really it is more about routines and “Finally Loving Yourself (FLY)”. Marla promotes doing everything in baby steps to start and to just get moving.

When we worry too much about perfection, we won’t even start. It is totally psychological! Human nature! So, be the heroic self and take that first step, and you’ll leave the lesser self in the dust!

Day of GRIT: #4 of 28

METRICS: Sunday-Stretch-a-Palooza

CONTEXT: “I Take Advantage of My Opportunities…”

Many times my friends have been in awe, or made comments such as “You’re always in the right place at the right time, and score such great deals”.

Years ago I figured this was just a fluke, since there were many times my life seemed, or at least felt like, it was in shambles. Now I can really say that I live in synchronicity. Yeah, ok, bad things happen in life. Life’s curveballs. But do we let that destroy us, or do we rise up like the proverbial phoenix?

I could look back on my past as a series of mishaps and abuses, but as I have grown, I have realized that life does not happen TO us, it happens FOR us. Our life lessons to forge our growth.

I now look back on my life as a beautiful tapestry. The dark threads have accentuated the bright times and all this has brought me to the life I lead now in following my passions and living my dreams. Why is this?

Because I have always taken advantage of my opportunities. Why was I able to go to so many last minute concerts and get great seats? I keep my vehicle in road trip ready mode with regular repairs. I have roadside assistance insurance. I enroll in reputable sites where I can take advantage of last minute sales.

Why do I manage to find the best deals on food and necessities? I am resourceful and again, I follow the sales leads. I redistribute wealth through buying second hand items, while also caring for our environment. One man’s junk is another’s treasure.

Why do I manage to advance in my own personal growth? I am choosey of who I allow in my personal circles, and I network with like minded souls. I am choosey in who I follow for my inspiration and wisdom. Why should I bump along through life aimlessly making mistakes, when I can learn from others and their journey of triumphs.

This is just one of the reasons I am thankful for my fellow GRIT warriors and all that I gain through being a member of Story Athlete. I take advantage of my opportunities.   

Day of GRIT: #5 of 28

METRICS: 12 MOD Finisher F2

CONTEXT: I Choose Heroic Attributes…

There are many different energy balancing techniques and modalities out there. There are many variations out there as well. Some modalities offer training and certification so you can work with clients and get their technique “right” as they teach it.

I have trained and received certifications in several modalities. What I have learned over the years is that every practitioner has their own unique styles, backgrounds, and experiences. Since I have been doing this work for so many years, I have incorporated the best of each modality that works for me, and developed my own style of working with my clients. In this way I can use the most heroic attributes of each style and work more effectively to give my clients the most benefit.

For example, in one modality I learned valuable knowledge, but the technique they use requires questioning the client to the point of being uncomfortable and reliving their experiences to get to the root of the issues. I am NOT at all comfortable with grilling my clients and making them uncomfortable. I prefer using a technique that does not require me to know much details of their stories.  I can find the root causes and balance their energy in such a way that it is non invasive and much less upsetting. Another modality I trained in uses a technique that I have found effective, but I do not use all that I have learned because the founders of that modality are not at all aligned with my own values. I do not want to bring that negative energy forward to my clients.

I am always open to learning new techniques and new knowledge. I choose the most heroic attributes of everything I learn, and in doing so, I feel I can serve my clients in the best way possible for them to take control of their own healing path.

Day of GRIT: #6 of 28

METRICS: Total Body Palooza F2 Finisher F2

CONTEXT: I Keep Hope Alive

Some things we learn stand out like a poignant moment and greatly influence our path forward. A few years ago, I read Viktor Frankl’s book Man’s Search For Meaning. Frankl was a psychiatrist that spent time in Auschwitz and developed Logotherapy. This is the concept that we are strongly motivated to live purposefully and meaningfully.

One thing that stood out for me in the book  was his story about a doctor who came to see him after the doctor’s wife died. The doctor was stuck and felt he could not go on with life. Frankl only asked him what would have happened if he had died first. The doctor said his wife would have been devastated. So Frankl suggested that the doctor allowed his wife to go first to save her that pain.

Yes, it is devastating to lose a loved one. My grandkids were 5 and 7 when they lost their daddy. I was a wreck for a while too. But it is up to me and our family to keep hope alive for my grandkids to live their best life and to make their dad proud as he watches them from the heavens.

Day of GRIT: #7 of 28

METRICS: 5K Palooza F2

CONTEXT: I am an Athlete.

My first thought was oh hell no I am not an Athlete, but understanding more that the usual description of “athlete” expands beyond sports, Yes I am an athlete in other areas of my life.

I had a heck of a time in psych stats class. My instructor told me that I have a PhD in child rearing as a mother of 4, I just needed to apply the same skills to figure out psych stats. Unfortunately, I barely skimmed that class to graduate with my Associate’s degree in Psychology. 

I think there are some areas of life that we can excel in, and others may be epic failures because they are just not our thing.

Math and stats is definitely not my area of expertise, but I can run circles around others when it comes to being a mom to 4, a grandma to 5, plus adopt-a-family extras. My survival skills are pretty good. I certainly don’t worry about a zombie apocalypse.  I have faced some things in life that I know beyond a doubt I can handle life’s curveballs with endurance, yet I prefer not to challenge myself quite that extensively these days.

I am an avid reader when I get on a topic I am interested in. And I am pretty good at using and applying new knowledge, so I am an athletic student that way. 

Psychology, science-y stuff, and definitely energy work. Those are areas I can excel in and proudly say, YES I am an athlete!

Day of GRIT: #8 of 28


CONTEXT: I Know I can Make a Difference…

I Know I can Make a Difference, and I do. Several years ago another practitioner found a broadcast message on me that said “Mistreat Me”. A broadcast message, in my explanation, is like a neon sign on your forehead that projects an energy out to others, and you may not even realize it is there. This is often a hidden belief of some sort, and this is likely how others may treat you until that broadcast message is found and corrected.

About 2 years ago, in working on myself, I purposely went looking for broadcast messages and any other energies I was projecting out to others inadvertently. What I found was quite interesting, but not really surprising with how my life had unfolded up to that point. All life learning lessons though.

Things have sure shifted for me since then. Back in March 2020, I was intuitively guided to offer a free remote group energy balancing session to my clients and others. This group offer has gone so well, that I have extended it through 2021.
Because this offer is free and effortless other than signing up, several people have been jumping on that are new to energy balancing. After a few weeks, I get emails telling me that they have noticed their home life, family members, and pets have experienced more calmness, that they often wake up refreshed, and even look forward to Mondays now. Many start booking individual sessions and then I can show them how correcting broadcast messages and other hidden beliefs can shift their lives to a more positive outlook.

I know from my own experiences that energy balancing works, and from many testimonials and group feedback emails, I know I can and do make a difference.

Day of GRIT: #9 of 28

METRICS: Leg Day Palooza F2

CONTEXT: “I Pursue Increasing Levels of Clarity…”

One of the most common first responses I get from my clients after an energy balancing session is that they feel calmer, lighter, and more focused. It is amazing even during a session that I can see their shoulders relax, their eyes become brighter and their skin also gets some color. The life came back into them. Clearing our energy of low and negative vibrations can open our third eye and balance our chakras, increasing our clarity.

I know all of these reactions from my own experiences as well. I overcame PTSD with all the energy balancing I do now. I have created my life, and I love it now!

This is why I continue to work on myself daily as an energetic daily shower, the nest kind of hygienic self care. I continuously pursue increasing levels of clarity.

Day of GRIT: #10 of 28

METRICS: Upper Body-Palooza

CONTEXT: I increase my capacity…

Following after yesterday’s context of increasing my clarity, as I transmute and clear my energy this makes space for lighter more positive energies to flow through me. With more clarity, I also gain the capacity for new knowledge and new skills. With new knowledge and new skills, I can make better choices to lessen adversity in my life but also have the skills to face adversity with a minimum of upset. Adversity forges inner strength, and I appreciate that I am at a point in my life that I know I have the capacity to handle anything in life, but I am also at a point that anything upsetting to occur is most likely external unavoidable and uncontrollable events.

Day of GRIT: #11 of 28

METRICS: Sunday Stretch Palooza

CONTEXT: “I Know the 1% Rule Works (For Me or Against Me)…”

I was raised with the idea that I need to accomplish just one thing every day. Those times when my kids were small, when I was deathly sick for whatever reason, I still managed to get some food for myself, or to fold some laundry or tend to my kids. Those are times where the bare minimum is needed to get myself back on my feet sooner than later.

Thankfully those days are long past, and I have not ever been quite that sick again. I have learned by body limits and am choosey about the stressors and overwhelming events that I allow into my life.

The focus these days is still always on my own health and well being, but also on my business goals and family responsibilities.

So whether I choose to gorge on a chocolate bar now and then, or to do a detox cleanse, or just keep up with doing my work out and writings each day, I know the 1% rule works for or against me. I have that choice and I choose Team Heroic Jackie more often than not.


Day of GRIT: #12 of 28


CONTEXT: I play for high stakes

I am trying to think of how this applies to me and my life. I know that when I truly started healing through energy work, I was living paycheck to paycheck in what I thought was a good government job at that time. Yes it was for a time. That job allowed me to raise my children and keep them fed with a roof over their head, barely.

In my own way, I was playing high stakes in paying as I go with all the courses and extra education I took back then. Looking back, I am not sure how I did that. My credit was ruined from the divorce from their dad. He left me with debts that I refused to give up on the responsibility of getting that paid off.

I was approached by one of my early mentors to take a particular course that she said would benefit me greatly. Sounded great, but the cost was way out of my budget right then. I arranged to make payments, and that course paid off tremendously in that I learned how to get out of my comfort zone to work with clients and I was introduced to some new techniques and modalities that have served me well and changed everything about my business and everything about how I work with clients as well.

I made an outrageous investment and played high stakes there, and that investment was a catalyst to where I am today.

Day of GRIT: #13 of 28

METRICS: Total Body Palooza F2

CONTEXT: I protect my time…

Nothing quite shakes you to the core as losing a loved one before their time. I don’t think we are ever ready to face that day. I lost a dear friend back in 2014. He was only 38. Then I lost my son in law age 37 in 2018. I was an absolute wreck for a while after these losses. As I began to come to terms with those losses, I have had more of a mortality check.

There’s lots of inspiration quotes out there: Live every day as if it is your last. Do something every day towards your goals. Do something every day that scares you. Tomorrow is never promised, be grateful today. Tell someone you love them NOW.

Those quotes are never quite so poignant as when you have a mortality check. Especially when those loved ones are in the prime of their lives and just snuffed out unexpectedly.

Yes I have a bucket list, and I have been crossing off those experiences. I rode an elephant, drove a race car, swam with dolphins and sting rays, I have birthed 4 children, I have worked out in -40 Celsius (ok, that was NOT on bucket list but, built my strength and resolve in trying times). I met the famous Vancouver mascot Canuck the crow.

I have graduated with An associate of Arts Degree in Psychology. I have a wall of certifications from energy modalities. I retired early and now run my own business with an amazing array of clients and a network of practitioner friends.

I have accomplished much in my life in way of experiences. And I still stare at the wall and take defrag naps sometimes.

I have lengthy list of concerts and road trips. I have experienced LIFE. I have lived, loved, died emotionally a few times, and cried a heck of a lot. I am still here.

I may never be a millionaire in terms of finances, but I am wealthier than the most precious gold when I add up the fruits of my life assets and the meaningful people and things around me. All because I protect my time and prioritize ME and the meaningful things in life.

Day of GRIT: #14 of 28

METRICS: 5K Palooza F2

CONTEXT: “I Cultivate a Winner’s Mentality…”

I am actually not that competitive, at least in my mind. I prefer to allow someone else their space and I am quite happy in my space. I am choosey who I allow in my space too.

Then again, get me behind the wheel on one of my road trips, and a different side of me comes out with a form of redhead road rage and get the heck outta my way. I prefer highway Zen and little to no traffic though.

In life generally, second place is the first loser. I’d rather be self reliant and in first place.

Day of GRIT: #15 of 28


CONTEXT: “I Know the Importance of Being Hungry…”

My father was born in Germany in 1939. We were raised with the rule that you eat every last morsel on your plate. Or else. You didn’t want to find out what “or else” meant.

 I grew up with wood heat, and also had wood heat in my own home as well. A little shack was all we could afford.

Then, I was on social assistance for a while as a single mom. Thankfully I learned how to stretch a dollar and my kids were always fed. Maybe not always a variety of food, but we still had meals.

While these experiences were not always easy, we learned to make the best of things. Having less than for a while develops an understanding of hunger in many areas of life. You learn basic survival instincts and resourcefulness, which can then be turned into stepping stones later in life.

Without these early experiences to forge our inner resolve, many people become too complacent and comfortable.

That is not a good place to be. In my opinion, it can make a person naive and dependent. Entrepreneurship is not an easy path. But I would much rather be where I am now, than any other alternative.

I appreciated that social assistance system when I honestly needed it. Unfortunately that social assistance program is not really set up for anyone to get ahead, and too many loopholes that can be abused. I finally managed to secure another system in the form of a union job.

I worked in a union environment for many years. I am thankful for that job in that I was able to feed my kids. It was also a box though. Everyone kept equal, no reason to try to get ahead. Just rats in a cage. It was downright frustrating when some people abused the system and slacked off, because others ended up picking up the slack to get the job done.

This is what I see in the country and government too. People want unity and equality so they create systems and boxes, or unions. But then there are those who will always abuse the system. Why not get something for free and no effort? Human nature at its finest. The ones who work and make the efforts will soon tire of giving away their efforts, or having them taken away. These systems are designed to keep everyone dependent and naive in their little boxes. Safe and comfortable in the rat race until you die.

To overcome this laziness of human nature, I appreciate knowing the importance of what hunger really means. Making my own efforts in entrepreneurship builds a self of self worth, satisfaction, integrity, and most of all, dignity.

Day of GRIT: #16 of 28

METRICS: Leg Day Palooza

CONTEXT: I investigate my doubts

In the earlier part of my life I was such a wall flower and although I managed to raise my family, I really didn’t get out of my comfort zone until after my first divorce. A lot of low self esteem, low self worth issues going on.

Once I stepped out on my own, it was time to catapult my own personal growth. But could I actually reach and attain my goals? Some yes. It wasn’t until I learned about the hidden beliefs we can have stuck in our energy field that really holds us back.

These days I am quite adept at investigating, finding and correcting all those doubts and fears, making way for a much brighter future and being able to accomplish my goals.

Day of GRIT: #17 of 28

METRICS: Upper Body Palooza F2

CONTEXT: I practice gratitude..

I was pretty excited to see Ken Honda mentioned in CJ’s context today. I had the opportunity to hear Ken Honda speak at a business conference in 2016. I have signed up for his emails and booklets, and I love his philosophy of Maro Up! beginning with Arigato and being thankful for everything!

I know full well that an attitude of gratitude brings much more of the same to be grateful for. I also admit that I am not always on the bandwagon and can easily slip into being a pissy curmudgeon at times.

Those times that I do remember to be thankful and to practice gratitude, things just seem to flow better. After I get over being pissy over whatever event set me off, I try to find the lessons in events and then try to develop some gratitude for any silver lining.

Another way to get on track with gratitude is a Hawaiian forgiveness prayer Ho’oponopono. Simply keep repeating “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, Thank you”. This can shift a situation or feeling sufficiently to get back on the gratitude train, a much better place to be.

Day of GRIT: #18 of 28

METRICS: Stretch Day Palooza

CONTEXT: “I Don’t Let My Intelligence Get in My Way…”

When I decided to leave my job after 26 years, there were some stressful factors going on both at work and at home. In a union job, it is best to have a paper trail, so I enlisted a counselor. That decision helped me decide to leave my job earlier than originally anticipated. One of the most important things that stood out for me with that counselor was that she told me that most people are either book smart/ life dumb, or vice versa. She told me I had plenty of life experience, and with taking a fair bit of further education later in life, I was quite balanced between the two. Quite humbling actually.

One of the required courses for the psychology program was Research Methods in Psychology. Oh boy. We learned that any data can be skewed to whatever narrative is being presented. I don’t trust much of anything I read these days, thanks to that course.

There is a saying that the wisest man knows he has much to learn. Many of my friends think I am wise with all my experiences and some applicable education as well. Honestly, there are days I don’t feel smart at all. But, I have learned to laugh at myself human failings and to do my best at learning lessons through it all without letting intelligence get in the way.

I do think there is a difference in innate intelligence and educated intelligence. Innate intelligence is our knowingness to not touch a hot stove. (How many of us learned that the hard way?). Educated intelligence is often filling our brains with someone else’s opinions formed into a curriculum. I find that it is best to learned from both these angles and to question everything without letting my intelligence and ego get in the way. 

Day of GRIT: #19 of 28


CONTEXT: I am the Proof…

I am my own walking testimony. Who would have ever thought that the shy, withdrawn, and endlessly picked on “loser” in elementary school would grow up to be an emotionally balanced, self reliant entrepreneur like ME?

Well, it happened. It is ME. I overcame my own PTSD due to childhood trauma and healed myself to the point that now I can efficiently work with clients and show them the keys to inner peace and psychological freedom through energy balancing.

I am the Proof!

Day of GRIT: #20 of 28

METRICS: Total Body Palooza F2

CONTEXT: I ask more questions…

Our bodies love to hide things in order to protect us and keep us in the familiar safe zone, even when our environment isn’t safe. It has been all we have been used to, even in cases of trauma. Maturity and personal growth is all about unlearning everything we learned growing up, because our parents really did the best they knew how at any given time.

Energy balancing is a method of asking questions of the body energy in order to find and release trapped energies. If you ask the right questions, the body can and will give up all the needed information to balance the energy and to give the body a boost towards healing itself. I am always searching for and learning new ways to ask question in order to best serve myself, my family, and my clients.

Day of GRIT: #21 of 28

METRICS: 5 K Day Palooza F2

CONTEXT: I see cause and effect…

As an energy balancing practitioner, I definitely see cause and effect. I know when someone has an effect or symptom throat issues and/  or thyroid issues, I look for the cause being a throat chakra issue where they had their voice stifled for some reason.
When we can balance the associated hidden beliefs, hormones, and other trapped energies, the physical symptoms often subside.
This method of seeing the cause and effects from the root of an issue can be instrumental in alleviating all sorts of problems and symptoms. This is how I serve my clients in the highest and best way.

Day of GRIT: #22 of 28


CONTEXT: I don’t break the chain…

Some of my friends think I have accomplished much in my life. When I look back over my life, I certainly have had a full life.  Considering my past, I have come a long way. Although I do continue to move forward, I am more of a sprinter than a marathon runner when it comes to consistency. I am more of a “roll with life’s punches” kind of gal.

It reminds me of my grade 8 math teacher and trying to wrap my head around algebra. He insisted I show my work. I usually got the answer right, but I could not explain my thought process to get my answers so I got marks off and a low grade.

I may break a streak, and in turn break the chain, but every day is a new day and as long as I keep moving forward and reach my goals eventually, I am ok with that.

Day of GRIT: #23 of 28

METRICS: Leg Day Palooza F2

CONTEXT: “I Supply My Character with the Needed Tools…”

I took a whole lot of courses years ago before I decided to turn my energy balancing skills into a viable wellness business. Energy is always changing, science comes out with new discoveries that support energy balancing methods, and our bodies like to hide things to keep us in safe mode and stuck in the familiar past.

I have several practitioner forums I follow regularly, a wonderful network of practitioner friends, and I take the opportunity to learn through any more courses that will enhance or upgrade my skills and knowledge.

By continuously being open to new information, and more importantly implementing any new information into my toolbox, I supply my character with the needed tools to serve myself, my family, and my clients in the best way possible.  

Day of GRIT: #24 of 28

METRICS: Leg Day Palooza F2

CONTEXT: I’m Ready In Any Season…

Every morning as mail carriers get ready to go out, there is a conversation going on about weather predictions and what gear we’ll need out there. Shorts? Cleats? Parka? sun hat? scarf? We had a gear allowance and some items also supplied for us so we could face any weather challenges and get the job done. We actually signed papers in taking the job that we would be faced with inclement weather and all sorts of adversities in doing this job. You learned to adapt.

I never did learn to adapt to below 0 Celsius temps though. I was the office joke actually. Don’t ask Jackie what to wear cuz you’ll end up with 15 layers too many. I remember one year our union rep yelled out in July “It must be summer, Jackie finally took off her parka!”.

I did go out in -40 Celsius a few times though. I am always ready in any season whether it is weather related or life related. We must learn to adapt to changes, and to be ready for life’s curveballs so they don’t knock us off track.

Day of GRIT: #25 of 28

METRICS: Sunday Stretch Day Palooza

CONTEXT: I push beyond my 40%…

I remember missing the bus a few times as teenager, probably on purpose a couple times in a rebellious nature. You don’t do that with my father though. No bus? Then walk. I have walked in a rain storm, and in a blustery winter storm about 6 km to school.

Then later after I got married, we didn’t have a vehicle, and the bus didn’t go as far as where we lived. I had determined to finish my grade 12, so I walked again in blustery snow storms. You know you are darn cold when a porcelain toilet seat is warmer than your butt when you get home from that walk.

Years later, my job as a mail carrier required me to work out in -40 Celsius a few times. Although I was bundled with proper gear, that kind of cold goes to the bone. Still I pushed though carrying a satchel and delivering mail for a several hours. Sometimes all I could think was to put one foot in front of the other. I distinctly remember one time seeing the end of my route just over the horizon. I was exhausted, and freezing, and I didn’t dare cry because the corners of my eyes were already frozen shut and I had icicles on my lashes. Then there was a few times I had forced overtime. Don’t bother complaining to the labor board. It was in our contract that we would face these conditions.

I know I CAN push way beyond my 40%, but after so many years of being forced into exhaustion I have had to work though the stresses and energy imbalances of that job and being forced into situations that were way less than comfortable.

But I also know that I have the mental capacity to push beyond 40% to achieve whatever goal I set for myself. As an entrepreneur I have had to push past my own feigned limitations on technology and YouTube, something that I did not see in my future previously. I may still be a fledgling to some, but in my world I am flying!

Day of GRIT: #26 of 28


CONTEXT: My Actions Speak Louder Than My Intentions…

I intend to do well. I intend to live with integrity. I intend to be my authentic self. I intend lots of good things in my life, and so do many other people. But to an outsider our actions may not align with our words, or our intentions.

This is when it is a good time for some self reflection to find those hidden beliefs that hold us back from acting, being, and showing up authentically. We have different levels of consciousness: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual, conscious and subconscious minds, body, spirit, and soul to name a few. Energetic misalignments can happen anywhere in these levels of being and wreak havoc on the impression we project out to others.

By getting our intentions fully in alignment, we can then align our actions as well. Until then, yes, actions speak louder than intentions. I do my best to balance myself energetically, and regularly to bridge this gap.

Day of GRIT: #27  of 28

METRICS: Total Body-Palooza F2

CONTEXT: I reflect on my results…

I am so glad to be in GRIT and to have so many fellow GRIT warriors for my daily inspiration. February was  a weird month for me. I usually can be so positive and uplifting, but I got off kilter this past month.

An acquaintance I have known about 15 years committed suicide completely unexpected. He was prominently known in town, left a wife, and 2 year old son. I am having a hard time admitting how much this has affected me, particularly the rumors going around. I knew him to be a wonderful person.

We had mercury retrograde, which honestly I think only really affects people who are already imbalanced and overly sensitive to astrological influences. I figure as long as we have an awareness, this is a good time for self reflection and rejuvenation.

We’ve have some behavioral issues with our cats, and some unexpected home expenses, and lastly, I had to “fire” a long term client that was a last straw in disrespecting my own boundaries. I am thankful to have my practitioner friends to assist me through that process of letting go of the guilt there in realizing that this person needs professional help and is beyond my scope of skills. This “relationship” was affecting my mental and physical health for far too long and needed to end. Now.

Thank God for GRIT and having a focused priority each day along with daily inspiration from others here. Thank God for my own skills as an energy balancing practitioner that I can work on myself lots and I have an amazing network of other practitioners that can assist me when needed as well.

On that note, I have been working with a fellow practitioner this past month as a volunteer to try out and develop her weight release protocol. It has been a fascinating journey as she focuses on foundational aspects such as self love, self respect etc. These are things I was sure I had worked though in all my years, but some fascinating things have been coming up relating back to my first marriage and childhood trauma and the resulting shame from those experiences.

I am ever so thankful for starting back in March 2020 a remote group energy healing session on Sunday evenings. This group has grown so much, and has been beneficial to so many, and on a business front, it has attracted many newcomers to energy work, and new clients for me.

I feel like I am bumping along with just keeping up with an F2 level each day in GRIT, but I am still showing up!! I am the 1% tortoise. Although I have not dropped any significant weight to speak of, my skin seems tighter and my muscles firmer. That counts in my books! The journey never really ends, but we do have an opportunity to re evaluate and reset our course now and then. Looking forward to spring rebirth and renewal, and the next month of GRIT with my fellow Warriors.

Day of GRIT: #28 of 28

METRICS: Expect the Unexpected Workout “The Seven”

CONTEXT: I Expect the Unexpected…

The key to life is adaptability. I look back on the tapestry of my life and there are many areas where I have no idea how I got through those places. I could look back on my traumatic childhood as walking on eggshells, but I have come so far in life now that I realize that when I turned around my perspective, that upbringing was preparing me for unfolding my gifts and my purpose, all because I learned to expect the unexpected.

Yes I am human and there are definitely areas where my emotions and reactions got the best of me, but I also got to a point of not asking “what’s next?”, because at some points it seemed like fate, the universe or whatever took that as a challenge.

Now, I just stay prepared, but not in an anxious fear gripping way. I know damn well I can survive pretty much anything, so why live in fear. Keep my vehicle serviced, keep emergency supplies on hand, be adept at juggling my responsibilities and priorities.

The only thing I have learned that I cannot handle, and it doesn’t matter if it is expected or not, is death of a loved one. Yeah, I managed to get myself back on track after some losses. And I try to see the soul and spiritual aspect of death. But it still throws me severely off kilter.

I can expect the unexpected through pretty much anything else of catastrophes. Just leave my loved ones alone.