February 29 2020

I got up last night, in the dark, made my way to the bathroom for a tinkle, flushed, and walked back to bed. I crawled back under the covers and went back to sleep. Pretty normal occurrence for most people. This morning, I was having a pondering thought that I have come a LONG way from days past!

People often ask and wonder why I am so passionate about energy balancing and clearing. I figure this is a good opportunity to share some of my own experiences, as I am my own testimony!

I have learned much in all my years, of the after effects of childhood sexual abuse. All of these experiences I share are now a gift of understanding. I now know what the possible energetic imbalances are, and this knowledge allows me to assist my clients in empowering themselves through energy balancing. I no longer have any emotional attachment or triggers to the events of my own past.

My night time wander last night is a good example. One of the after effects of childhood trauma is an extreme fear of the dark. I was absolutely terrified of the dark! This fear prevented me from a normal bodily function of getting up for a night time pee. I had wet the bed often until, I think, I was about age 10. After that I learned to hold it until morning. Unfortunately there were always times that I drank too much liquids before sleep and was forced to get up in the night.

These extremely irrational fears created a coping mechanism within me. I look back now and can only think how downright silly this fear was, yet at the time, and for many years of my life, this was a grim reality for me.

Those nights when I absolutely had to get up in the night, I would juggle whether to turn on the light and suffer night blindness or sneak through the dark quietly tip toe-ing. I learned where all the creaks were in the floors and avoided them like molten lava! Any noise or light could possibly alert the unseen forces of “boogeymen” (or whatever I thought was “out there” to attack me) that I was up and moving around. Whether I turned on the light or not, I then had the dilemma of flushing and getting back to bed. Flushing was also a loud noise that, in my mind, would awaken the dead and open up the portals of hell to suck me into oblivion, never to be seen again. It was a hair trigger moment to time myself to flush and dash back to bed with a running leap back into bed, only to hide under the covers and be bug-eyed and paranoid until morning.

Sleep is an important healing time for our bodies. Lack of restful sleep can create a whole host of other imbalances in our brain and body functions. As well, restricting normal body elimination can create a host of physical toxicity issues and stomach problems. Yes I have managed to overcome all that as well in my life.

This whole coping mechanism routine with this night time fear lasted until I was almost 40 years old!!! I have been married twice, and yes both of my husbands thought it was awfully weird that I would bolt back into bed with a flying leap. They didn’t understand this irrational fear I had. I actually didn’t understand it myself for many years. It was just there.

When my clients tell me they think their fears and phobias are silly, and they are embarrassed to say anything, that is just fine. This is a safe space with me because I DO understand irrational fears. The beautiful thing about energy balancing is that I do not need details. You do not have to tell me anything at all!! Through several of the energy balancing methods I use in my unique toolbox, we can find and release these low vibration energies that have created irrational fears and imbalances. These fears can be a thing of the past, and you can have a peaceful sleep!

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If you know someone who would benefit from hearing my story, you are most welcome to share!