For 10 years I have been a consultant with Epicure. I have let my “consultant  status” lapse as of December 2017, but I still have a fair bit of stock available to anyone local who is looking for the following items:

**Update** My consultant status apparently is still active til June 2018, so you are still able to order through my “page” on the main site.

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Jackie’s Epicure on Main site:
Current catalogue:

Are you in Prince George BC Canada? Do you need something quick?  The following list is stock I have ON HAND right now!! Call or text Jackie 250-961-6190 for quick delivery! (Some Usana and other items at the bottom as well!)

Epicure stock: (I have more than one of most items here, please inquire)
*Not all in alphabetical order*
*Catalogue prices shown, shipping and tax added at time of purchase*

**  = Seasonal, discontinued

Special items:
**Insulated food jar. Regular $24. now $20. Only one available!

Asian coat n cook 3 pack $15
Asian umami nutritional yeast sprinkle $12
balsamic vinaigrette dressing $11.50
baking powder $7.
Beef Boullion $11.50
Belgian chocolate chips 750g  $20
Buffalo Wings 3 pack $10
chocolate instant pudding 3 pack $15 (or single $5)
cocoa acai smoothie booster $39.95
cocoa crunch whole food booster $12
creamy dill popcorn seasoning $8
**eggnog seasoning $7.50
everything bagel whole food sprinkle $12
fajita seasoning $7.50
French Onion dip mix $8.95
garden veggie dip $8.95
**gomasio sansel $8.50
greek dressing $11.50
Good Greek Collection: Lemon Dilly, Spinach, Souvlaki, Greek Dressing $37
Good Food Cookbook. Regular $25, now $12
Gluten free brownie mix $5 each
Italiano coat n cook 3 pack $15 (or single $5)
cha cha chili mix single $4
mac n cheese pack of 3 $10
pad thai seasoning pack of 3 $10 (or single $3.50)
minced garlic $8
poultry gravy $12
poudre douce $7.50
**quickles pickling mix $7.
red pepper jelly $8.50
roasted garlic hummus dip $8.95
**salted caramel instant pudding 3 pack $15 (or single $5)
**pumpkin spice latte instant pudding 3 pack $15 (or single $5)
** pumpkin cheesecake mix $5 each
satay sauce mix $7.50
senna chai blend herbal tea $13
sesame crunch topper $11
Slow Cooker stampede ribs $5 each
shish kebab seasoning $7.50
summer berry $10
sencha citron green tea refill $10
taco seasoning 3 packages $10
tex mex coat n cook 3 pack $15 or $5 each
Toasted Onion $8
Turkey seasoning $7.50
za’tar seasoning $7.50
Vanilla Pudding  single $5

**Dark and Dreamy Hot Chocolate
**Mulling Spices

3 in 1 burger press $12
basting brush $10.95
grip n grab $14.95
set of 4 tempered glass prep bowls $20
sip set $15

Also available USED silicone square steamer new value $50, asking $10

Meteorology Today CNC Geo 201 textbook current 2016 edition asking $175 or best reasonable offer

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