I am learning that there is an awful lot I can't do
I can't control life the way that I am used to
I can't make people be what I want
I can't stop the pain inside me
I can't even fully submit to my plan yet —
I'm still too frightened of you.
But I know there is one thing I can do right now
I can make the decision to turn my will and my life over to you.
Making the decision doesn't mean I have to make it happen
Making the decision doesn't mean I understand You or Your plan
Making the decision doesn't even mean I'm entirely willing,
but it does mean that I know your will and way is right.
Lord, turn my simple decision into reality.


Psalm 75:3
Recovery means giving up our attempts to control our lives and others lives. Of course, we never had control in the first place, but we still keep on trying. Letting go of our need to control applies not only to our habits and attitudes, but also to our time and schedules. When we want something, especially change, we want it now — either in ourselves or in others. But God has His own timetable and everything will happen exactly at the time he appoints.