Just some thoughts to share on our nasty feelings towards our “enemies”.

This example was several years ago, before I knew of Court of Atonement. I ended up in a position at work for 6 weeks where I was under a supervisor who had a reputation for singling out certain people and making life hell for them. I got to be her target for that 6 weeks. There were several people using scanners, but she insisted all the errors were coming from me so she had me “watched” intently. That was just one of many things.

It upset me so much that I called her “Lady Hitler” behind her back. Well, this was also when I first started taking energy courses. My mentor at the time chided me harshly!

“Don’t you dare call her that!! It will come back on you”.

We are supposed to bless our “enemies” so she instructed me to Reiki that supervisors office since I was in the office early in the morning and could get a few minutes alone there.

So I did. I Reiki’d her office with as much energy as the room could handle.

Life went on…

A union rep who knew I had had issues texted me about 3 weeks later, “Hey, did you hear she transferred out? Not just out of office. Out of town!!!”

Lesson learned. We can be so upset with someone that the anger and upset just eats us alive. But it IS better to “bless them”.

THIS is the reason that FCOA is so wonderful. Put the person or situation into a FCOA and leave it alone. You never know what might happen, but pretty sure it will be something unexpected and wonderful.

Side note: I found out much later the reasons behind why she was so nasty to others. I felt sorry for her, because she didn’t know how to handle it, so she took it out on others.

You can think someone is an a**hole, a narcissist, or whatever other degrading terms. but one of my favorite quotes from Longfellow “If we knew the secret history of our enemies, it would disarm all hostility”.

Those who know me personally, know the awful past I had with my father. In my own personal growth, I found out some things of his past. It does not condone the awfulness I endured, but it did give me answers and reasons to “why”. I am glad I had a chance to forgive him before he passed and also use FCOA to sort the rest out after he passed.

Please give this example  some thought before getting stuck in awful stories.