Please check this page often for upcoming classes and events.
These events are in Prince George BC unless otherwise noted.

Please note: I am currently finishing my Associate of Arts degree and my class schedule will affect my client session availability times until May 2018. Thank you for your patience while I complete this goal.
This is my availability:
Monday 9 am to 4 pm
Tuesday 9 am to 11 am, 3 pm to 5 pm
Wednesday 9 am to 11 am, 3 pm to 5 pm
Thursday 9 am to 11 am, 3 pm to 5 pm
Friday 9 am to 5 pm
Some appointments available during evenings and weekends as well if necessary.


Reiki Classes: Classes are available whenever there is an interest. I prefer to keep my classes small with 1 to 5 students so please let me know if you are interested in taking a class and we will set up a convenient date for you.

Reiki Level II Second Degree
February 10 2018
4233 Quentin Ave  Prince George
Class investment: $295
, includes professional manuals
See Reiki page for class details :


This was sent out to all email contacts for the New Years greeting:

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!!
It is my sincere hope that you have had a wonderful holiday season and will have the best blessings of synchronistic connections, abundance, and prosperity throughout 2018!
I would like to share some important bits of information with all of you from 2017 and looking forward to an incredible 2018:
I have highlighted the most important points for those who are “skimmer” readers 🙂

1. Epicure: I having been sending out messages to anyone who has been an Epicure customer contact in the last 10 years. Yup it has been that long that I have been an Epicure consultant!
Thank you for supporting my business all these years!
This is to let all of you know that as of December 2017, I am letting my consultant status lapse and getting out of direct marketing Epicure sales.
I do have a fair amount of stock still here though, some of the popular favorites my regular customers usually have ordered regularly. I have deleted my Epicure Facebook page and now just have my stock list in my Ladybug Wellness websiteI will update this list as items are depleted. Until then, please let me know if you want anything from this list. Thank you!
2. Ladybug Wellness Gift Certificates: I had quite a few clients contacting me in the last few weeks wanting to use their gift certificates before the end of the year. Despite any “expiry dates”, rest assured I will still honor these certificates into 2018. Please feel free to arrange appointments to use your certificates soon.
3. Website: As always, I have continued to add more information to my website so that I can keep with only periodic emails as gentle reminders to check out anything new within my website. Particularly the Current events page, Links page, and recommended books page. My website is set up like a one stop self improvement website to empower you along your own healing journey.
4. Court of Atonement: There is a new page in my website with my “story” of discovering this spiritual intervention technique back in August; along with links to videos and also to Amy Jo’s website to get your own COA booklet. This is something ANYONE can do, and is absolutely AMAZING! It is a way to heal family patterns and any discord in any relationships. I have been using this with clients now in my sessions and we have seen shifts within days, sometimes even within hours!! Bring on inner peace! Healing Family patterns in Court of Atonement:
5. Testimonials/ Reviews:  My web designer has now set up a testimonial page within my site where you can share with others your own encouraging experiences with Jackie and Ladybug Wellness, if you so choose. Thank you!
6. Reiki Classes:  Would you like to take your own healing journey to the next level? Fascinated with “healing hands”?  Reiki classes are available now. We set classes at your convenience. More details in website.
7. Heal They Self Books: My most notable accomplishment of 2017 was getting my story published in June 2017. Thank you to each and every one of you who bought books and supported this journey! I started out with 100 books and have only THREE copies left! (I have access to more though), so if you missed getting one before, and want a book now, please let me know.   $26.95 plus $5 to ship within Canada. 

Thank you for the honor of being part of your journey this past year. I looking forward to continuing to serve you in the coming year. Many rich blessings wished for you and your families for 2018!


Epicure Stock:
December 2017: After 10 years, I have decided to let my “consultant” status lapse, however I do have several items in stock available to anyone local in Prince George BC:

**Update** My consultant status apparently is still active til June 2018, so you are still able to order through my “page” on the main site.
Jackie’s Epicure on Main site:
Current catalogue:

Seasonal and Business Fairs:
My daughter Melissa usually has a table at several local fairs with her craft business Honeybee Inspirations. Check back for dates when I usually accompany her for the day. Please see her Facebook page for pictures of her handmade journals and crafts

Thank you so much to everyone who has come out to the fairs here in Prince George, and also in Vanderhoof for this past Christmas season. Melissa and I have so much gratitude to all of you! Many Blessings!




Congratulations Maria Rossi on your First Degree Reiki Level! Saturday October 28   Usui Reiki Level I Class