We’re here for a good time, not a long time, so have a good time, the sun can’t shine every day ~ Trooper
Everyone has a vice. I happen to LOVE music. I think my fascination for rock concerts started way back in about 1986 when I went to a Trooper concert. The next biggest memory was in 1998 when I went to Metallica in an outdoor concert venue with pyrotechnics. Perhaps this is my dark rebellious side as I was restricted to my choices in music when I was growing up. I had a cassette tape from Steve Miller Band, one from Joan Jett and all the LPs of ABBA. We often had German classic music, hymns, and country music to listen to. Now I have quite an electic taste for music as I find music to be an expressive art form, and the language of the soul. I have an appreciation of all music genres, anything from AC/DC to Zamfir, but I prefer heavy rock and dance mix — anything with drums and bass with a good beat.I have had several musician friends over the years, so I have sat in on lots of jam sessions. I have also attended concerts in the park, nightclubs and other smaller intimate type venues to see Rude Innocence, Last Call/Rictus Grin, The Industry, Rumour Red, and Hell Toupe. I’ve also seen Holler, Fifth Season/Social Code, Unit 731, Driver, and Aaron Pritchett in small venues.I love the raw live talent that concerts provide, something you just can’t experience through main stream media such as DVDs and CDs. I have found that some of the classic entertainers have been around for so long because they really know how put on a great theatrics show (Alice Cooper), or they have amazing pyrotechnics (KISS), or they can really draw in a crowd of fans (George Thorogood, Tom Cochrane).

I try to take my kids to events whenever possible now that they are older, but I have been known to take off on road trips alone to go see a concert last minute as well. I gave up on waiting for friends for company!! The most memorable experience was a road trip to see Motley Crue in my old van… although I had the van checked before I left, when I got home we found that the back brake line had rusted out and didn’t even have brake fluid!! I definitely have road angels!!

I save my concert ticket stubs and I also have some other memorabilia such as shirts/clothing, guitar picks and drum sticks 🙂These are some of the concerts I have been privileged to see over the years:Metallica/ Days of the New/ Jerry Cantrell (outside in Thunderbird Stadium!) September 4, 1998
Tea Party Saturday April 6 2002
Tom Cochrane and Red Rider Saturday April 12, 2003
Def Leppard Saturday September 20, 2003
Headstones 2004
Sum 41 UNBC Backyard BBQ September 23, 2004
Billy Talent Tuesday October 26, 2004
George Thorogood and the Destroyers Saturday May 14, 2005
Motley Crue/ Sum41/Silvertide “Carnival of Sins Tour” Friday July 29, 2005
Collective Soul Thursday October 6, 2005
Default April 5, 2006
Motley Crue “Carnival of Sins Tour” Friday April 7, 2006
Rocketface/Trews  Friday June 2, 2006
Fear Zero Friday June 9,2006
Miniatures June 22, 2006
Starewell w/ Downtyme June 23, 2006
Shocore/ Econoline Crush Tuesday September 26, 2006
Johnny Cash Tribute~ Marcel Soulodre (PWB’s 50th Birthday Bash) Saturday September 15, 2007
Blue Man Group “How to be a Megastar” Wednesday September 26, 2007
Arrogant Worms Friday October 19, 2007
Three Days Grace/Seether/Econoline Crush Monday February 4, 2008
The Cult/ The Klicks Friday March 28, 2008PEMFEST 2008 one weekend/50 bands. Most memorable: Nine Inch Nails, Wolfmother, Metric, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Tragically Hip, Sam Roberts, Coldplay, Jay Z, Death Cab for Cutie, Crystal Method DJ set. July/ August long weekend 2008
(Jared, Rae-Lee and I went to Pemfest. 40,000 people crammed into a small town with a normal population of less than 2000. CRAZY but so much fun!)Alice Cooper Tuesday September 23, 2008
Finger Eleven Saturday November 15, 2008
Backstreet Boys Sunday November 16, 2008
Kenny Rogers “Christmas and Hits” Wednesday November 19. 2008
Loverboy/ Hot Rash Thursday February 5, 2009
Buckcherry/Papa Roach/Rev Theory Sunday May 3, 2009 (X-Fest)
Rod Stewart “One Rockin Night” Saturday August 15, 2009
AC/DC Saturday August 29, 2009
ZZ Top w/ Charlie Major November 17, 2009
Three Days Grace Sunday November 22, 2009 (changed to Jan 8, 2010)
KISS/Buckcherry  “Alive 35 Tour” Saturday November 14, 2009
Elton John Friday July 16, 2010
Bryan Adams “Road to the PNE Tour” Wednesday August 18, 2010
KROME at UNBC Oktoberfest 2010
Heart Thursday February 24, 2011
Buckcherry/ Papa Roach/My Darkest Days/ Bleeker Ridge March 1, 2011 (Jagermeister Tour)
Bon Jovi Friday March 25, 2011
Tommy Hunter Sunday April 10, 2011
Kenny Shields w/ Streetheart/ Honeymoon Suite/ Prism Saturday April 30, 2011
U2 / The Fray Wednesday June 1,  2011
KISS Wednesday June 29, 2011
KROME August 2011 PGX  Fall Fair
Gordon Lightfoot Wednesday, November 23, 2011
Abbamania Friday March 23, 2012
Johnny Reid Monday April 16, 2012
Van Halen/ Kool and the Gang Monday May 7, 2012
RAMMSTEIN Sunday May 13, 2012 (BEST concert EVER for theatrics and pyrotechnics!! Check out pics below!)
The Canadian Tenors Thursday May 24, 2012
Jon Mellencamp June 17 2012
Linkin Park/ Incubus September 4 2012
John Fogerty September 25 2012
April Wine/ Myles Goodwin Rocktoberfest October 17 2012
Rihanna April 1 2013
Pink Floyd experience March 11 2013
Motley Crue/ Big Wreck April 25 2013
Brad Paisley October 5 2014
Doobie Brothers October 24 2014
Frank Mills November 7 2015
Mamma Mia Musical November 9 2016
Florida Georgia Line, Chris Lane, Granger Smith November 16 2016
Sum 41/ Papa Roach April 11 2017
Trooper/ April Wine/ Audio Union August 12 2017
“I love the 90s Tour” Vanilla Ice/ Salt n Pepa /C+C Music Factory/ Young MC September 17 2017
Glass Tiger September 23 2017
Hanson, Matthew V October 18 2017
Foreigner October 20 2017
Offspring October 24 2017

Dirty Dancing musical
(A few missing here… need to find my tickets and update 🙂
Judas Priest, Uriah Heep June 14 2019

I hope some day to see Mike Oldfield, Enya, Nana Mouskouri, Trans Siberian Orchestra, and Roxette.

PICTURES!!!Concerts: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.29064225525.103267.571490525&type=3&l=293637aae1

More concerts:

Bon Jovi: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150465212125526.637068.571490525&type=3&l=6250854f9d

Streetheart/ Honeymoon Suite/ Prism:

U2: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150612459535526.681930.571490525&type=3&l=b337673e4a

U2 Fan cam: http://www.u2.com/gigapixelfancam/110601/1082694-jackie-rioux
Can you find me? I’m behind a red balloon. You can see my neck 🙂

Johnny Reid: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151503952410526.835422.571490525&type=3&l=1dd3c05fab

Van Halen:

RAMMSTEIN: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151716523490526.849106.571490525&type=3&l=6ecad95a14

I enjoy going to local theatre, some symphonies and musicals, as well as some other memorable entertainment:

Musicals: My Fair Lady, Who’s Tommy, Miss Saigon, Mamma Mia

Harlem Globetrotters Tuesday April 25, 2006
RBC Royal Bank Cup Junior A hockey May 12 2007
St Paddy’s Day Cabaret Saturday March 17, 2007
Cirque Sublime Tuesday November 6, 2007
Stuart McLean “Vinyl Café” Saturday October 4, 2008
Jeff Dunham Identity Crisis Tour Wednesday May 12, 2010
Cirque du Soliel Quidam September 2 2012

My adult kids and I have also enjoyed a few 94X pub crawls: Halloween, Toga, Hawaiian 🙂

I love drums and wanted to learn to play so my kids bought a drum set for me for Christmas 2004. I finally took some lessons in March 2006. I learned to play a simple rock beat and a paradiddle, and I have learned that anyone can play drums is very good at multi-tasking!!