Jackie: Lots of good points here. I’ve spent probably $30,000 on my certifications and trainings, so far. Just like any other “profession”.

Shared from a Facebook post, written by Jenny Schiltz, Multidimensional Quantum Healer and Intuitive Guide

August 1 2018
I think we need to talk about the Elephant in the room…

Recently I had a session with a beautiful soul with amazing intuitive and healing abilities. She was afraid to step into her power not only because there are past lives of persecution, but current persecution by those she felt would support her.

She wasn’t referring to family or friends, as they support her but the spiritual community at large. She had been attacked numerous times for wanting to charge for her services. I totally understand that as I received a nasty email last night regarding the fact that I charge, complete with the tagline of “love and light” as a signature to the email.

Not all who say they are spiritual, are… it is simple as that. If someone can attack or demean another in an attempt to squash or grab power, they have deep inner work to do.

Here is what I explained to her:

– The whole ‘spiritual workers should not charge’ is a programming to keep the healers, seers, and frequency keepers in poverty and mentally and physically exhausted. This makes it so they cannot properly serve anyone to their fullest ability and it also makes it so they cannot ensure that their energy field is clear. (The best healers I know, work very hard to keep their fields clear and this may mean receiving energy work, massage, acupuncture etc)

– Yes, there was a time when you spiritual people did not charge. However, they were housed, clothed and fed by the town/village they supported. To apply that logic to today is absolutely absurd.

– To those that say that you should not charge because it is a God-given talent, need to stop paying for movies, books, music, carpentry, hairdressers, or even fashion designers. It is all a God-given talent when you do it from a space of love and joy.

– When someone says that you should give your service for free what they are really saying is “You should work an 8 hour day doing something else so you can feed your family and live indoors and then on your “free” time you should give your services to me”. These same people do not see how selfish this is.

– Nor do they understand the energetic toll this work takes. There is no way I can see an 8 hours day worth of clients. Until you have done this work, you have no clue. It is like me trying to tell my carpenter husband how long and how much energy it will take to build a house.

– When someone pays for healing or guidance they are showing that the work matters for them. It is not simply entertainment nor folly. As my higher self has said – people need to have skin in the game. If that means they don’t eat out in order to have a service. Fine, that shows spirit they are serious and ready for big shifts

– I don’t know a single healer that doesn’t do probono work. That could be individual sessions, free videos, free blogs, even creating inspirational pages. Their connection with spirit will show them the even exchange and there is no room for another’s judgment in that.

– Many healers have spent thousands and significant time on certifications and training. They do this so that they can bring the best possible healing to their clients. To think one should not charge for this wisdom is simply upside down like much of this reality

– What someone charges is completely up to the healer and if you don’t resonate… don’t go to that person. It is simple as that.

For those that feel that this work should be donation only. I suggest you walk into your bosses office and say that from now on, you will only be accepting donations for your work.

So to all those out there with these incredible talents, walk away from those that would take and take until you are bled dry. Don’t allow their belief system from keeping you from doing what you love to do and from thriving at it.

Much love to you all and thank you for reading this.