As a qualified practitioner in energy work, I take my professional development seriously. I am constantly learning the latest skills and techniques to provide my clients with the best experience possible.

I started taking energy psychology courses in 2009 and have received certification in several energy healing modalities. I have also taken many other short personal interest courses that have led me on the path to where I am today in building my confidence and skills, facing fears, and learning about human nature and psychology. My courses and interests have been geared towards anything that will help me support those who have survived various traumas to get their lives back into balance.

My greatest educational achievement was working towards an Associate of Arts Degree in Psychology at College of New Caledonia, Prince George BC Canada. I started in September 2008 and I had 10 years to complete this degree. It was a slow process with taking a few courses at a time while juggling work, business, and family obligations. I completed this bucket list goal in June of 2018. I retired from the post office June 2016 and Ladybug Wellness has been my full time passion ever since!

Here is a brief summary of my qualifications and education. (Course, instructor, date):

Usui/Tibetan Reiki Online Upgrade, William Rand, Reiki .org, May 2020 (3rd teacher training, upgrade to certify teaching online)

Make Your Mark Training and Consulting with Colin Sprake
(2 x 3 day Business Mastery Courses, and 3 x 3 day Business Excellence seminars 2016 – 2019)

Emotion Code Practitioner training cruise with Dr Bradley Nelson May 2019

Traditional Japanese Reiki Master Teacher, Dr Franzi Ng, April 2019 (Second teacher training under different instructor)

**Associate Degree of Arts Psychology Concentration, College of New Caledonia, June 2018**

Prenatal Suffocation Syndrome (PNSS), Rachelle Delorey, April 2017

Container Method Workshop (for trauma), Mary Woodthorpe, April 2017

The Balance Procedure Level 2 practitioner, Jenny Cox, January 2017

Theta Healing, Rachel McFerran, November 2016

The Balance Procedure Level 1, Jenny Cox, November 2016

Assemblage Point workshop, Mary Woodthorpe, November 2016

Black Pearl Technique, Rachelle Delorey, October 2016

Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment and Complete Cellular Soul Memory Clearing. Rachelle Delorey, October 2016

Access Consciousness Bars, Access Consciousness, October 2016
Also Access Classes: Energetic Facelift, Exit Stage Left, Correcting Eye Vision, Invocation of the Stupidity of Sexuality

Reiki Grand Master, Rachelle Delorey, October 2016

The Emotion Code, Dr Bradley Nelson/ Healer’s Library, December 2011

The Master Class: Cracking the Mystery of How People Can Change, Dr Franzi Ng, March 2011

Traditional Japanese Reiki Third Degree, Dr Franzi Ng, February 2011

Traditional Japanese Reiki Second Degree, Dr Franzi Ng, February 2011

Thought Field Therapy Techniques Algorithm Level, Dr Franzi Ng, February 2011

Thought Field Therapy Techniques Diagnostic Level & Toxins, Callahan Techniques, October 2010

Traditional Japanese Reiki First Degree, Dr Franzi Ng, September 2010

Introduction to TFT Diagnostics and Toxins, Dr Franzi Ng, April 2010

Thought Field Therapy Techniques Boot Camp, Callahan Techniques/ Joanne Callahan, August 2010

Thought Field Therapy Techniques Algorithm Level, Dr Franzi Ng, February 2010

Competent Communicator Award, Toastmasters International, August 2006

Basic Techniques of Relaxation, College of New Caledonia, Fall 2005

Web Page Design, College of New Caledonia, Spring 2005

Windows XP, College of New Caledonia, Spring 2005

First Free fall certificate, Canadian Sport Parachuting Association, October 2004

Psychopaths and Serial Killers: the Criminal Mind, University of Northern BC, March 2004

From Ashes to Mummies: Introduction to Forensics, University of Northern BC, March 2003

Professional Modeling, La Mode Modeling Agency, Fall 2001

Introduction to Computers/ Email and Internet/ Windows 98, Northwest Community College, 1999