February 26 2020

It is “Be Kind” day here in Canada. The idea is for people to wear pink shirts and “Stand up to bullying”. This annual event was created back in 2012 after some people brought awareness to a bullying incident where a young man in high school was bullied for wearing a pink shirt.

This day was originally called “Anti- Bullying” day, and I must say I appreciate the more positive message of “Be Kind”. Words have energy. What we resist persists, so I do not agree with “anti” being part of a message that is supposed to promote positivity. Be Kind is a higher vibration message that encompasses more than just a stand against bullying, and I do hope this message is spread far and wide ðŸ™‚

Now, just some personal thoughts on “bullying” from my own experiences and what I have learned through life. Please read to the end, that’s the best part.

I was bullied all though grade school. I was the shy little girl who kept to herself and really had not many friends. I was excluded from many social activities, because “who wants to be around that loser”. By the time I got to high school, I was such a wall flower. I really was the loser who hung out in a unofficially designated loser corner with a couple other “loser kids”. (They were NOT losers to me, just kids that also had hard lot in life).

Why was I bullied? I was the oddball, the quiet one, I didn’t fit in. I could never do anything right. It was just a perpetual cycle of abuse. Shoved around, picked on, insulted.

At age 16, a boy told me I was pretty. Really??? I latched on to him, and soon was a teen mom. Being a good little Christian girl, I “did the right thing” and got married age 18. In that 10 year marriage, I could never do anything right in his eyes either. Ironically, he had been one of the kids that picked on me in grade school too. Small town. You take what you can get, right?

After that divorce, I spent several years raising 4 kids. Dating was an awful experience. My ex told me no one would ever want a chick with 4 kids. He was right.

Sounds awful, huh? I am not sharing this for sympathy. I am sharing to give you a basis behind what I have learned through life and, the key to where my life has come to now. Read on…

I spent a lot of years asking WHY?? Why me? What did I do to deserve this lot in life?

It wasn’t until I started my psychology courses, and took energy balancing courses that I finally understood “what happened”. There are a couple factors:

You see, our cells, our DNA carry memories through our lineage.

Everything is energy, and everything has a vibration. Even our emotions. Dr David Hawkins, author of Power vs Force, explains that Happiness, Love, Joy, Peace, Enlightenment all have a vibration of 500 to 1000. Shame and grief have a vibration of 20 to 30. Imagine what happens when you are carrying lots of shame and grief. Your overall vibration is low. Now think of magnets. You understand the idea of attraction, and repelling there. Pretty basic concept. Now let’s apply it to human nature.

What was going on behind the scenes? Well, for one, the world wars affected my ancestors. I had a major childhood trauma age 6. I lived with nightmares for 20+ years. Shame, grief, low self esteem and low self worth. My energy vibration was extremely low, and I unknowingly “attracted” more abuse. Yes I know that is a hard concept to wrap your head around. I did not do anything to deserve the awful events, but my energy already carried the attracting energy. Think of some awful events in history and how that would have affected your ancestors. Its a perpetual cycle that needs to be broken!

Thankfully these days there are many energy balancing modalities available, and some are even being more recognized by mainstream health care. People are starting to realize how energy balancing gets to the root level of balancing your cells energy so your body can function properly the way it is meant to. And healthy body equals healthy mind, and that results in a higher vibration. I finally found some effective ways to manage my physical and mental health through energy balancing. No more nightmares, no more abuse. Life is beautiful! As I have matured through life and expanded my own personal growth, many of those childhood bullies have become friends.

All these experiences are now my gift as I understand the dynamics and the after effects of abuse, on the physical mental and energetic levels. It is now my gift to be able to show my clients how to effectively raise their vibration and let go of the past, to empower themselves.

#BeKind , for me, encompasses trying to understand the behind the scenes events that have affected a person’s vibration. It is also about doing my part of raising the vibration of the societal collective.

And it starts with being aware, and being KIND. #BeKind

March 17 2020: Raymon Grace is a well known dowser in my practitioner circles. He is a mentor I follow, and I use many of his techniques in my own work. He subscribes to the concept of keeping things SIMPLE. Just received his newsletter today and would like to share this excerpt. Sign up yourself here: https://www.raymongrace.us/contact.html#/
Another note from Raymon on Bullying: A friend asked me to make a film about ‘bullying’, as it has become a major problem, so I am writing about it first to test the response from you. Will it help people to not be victims?Seems there is an attitude of people wanting to be offended or victimized by those who for some reason, don’t like or agree with them. This is a sure way to be disappointed.My attitude is ‘Not everyone liked Jesus, it is unreasonable to expect everyone to like me.’Maybe the best way to eliminate bullies is to eliminate victims. A victim cannot be a victim unless they have an abuser or bully. The bully cannot be a bully unless they have a victim ~~so they attract each other. Life is a matter of choices. either person can choose to be, or not be. a victim or bully. The bully is not likely to make that choice so the victim can make it for them. The first step is to choose NOT be a victim. You can develop this attitude.’ I REFUSE to let anyone intimidate me.’Your thoughts are more powerful than you realize, so if you think of yourself as a victim, you will attract a bully. Your thoughts determine your decisions, which determines your actions, which determines what happens to you. Probably most victims have ‘victim archetypes’. These are characteristics or forms of energy, which can be neutralized ~~with INTENT.If you have attended my class, you would likely know how to remove the ‘bully archetypes’ from the bully.I have read that Eleanor Roosevelt said, ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your permission. SO~~Don’t give anyone permission to make you feel bad about yourself in any way.Anytime you let someone embarrass you ~~you have given them power over you. You have the power to refuse to be embarrassed. Here is a quote from my late friend Chief Two Trees. “People have given their money to the banker, health to the doctor, soul to the church, and I added their kids to the school system. In so doing, they have lost their power to control their lives” Now if you follow these suggestions, you probably won’t fit in with the crowd~~You will be unique and you will be EMPOWERED. If you want to change your life, think of the kind of person you want to be, SPEAK as if you are that person, ACT as if you are that person~~and you become that person.And for those of you who are not concerned about being politically correct, remember ~~~~bullies, thieves, rapists and murderers prefer unarmed victims. This is why I wear a gun, it sends the message~~~ I am not a victim.