This is a poem I found printed out in a frame at a garage sale. I love it because my grandmother had a wonderful analogy about life as a tapestry.

Finding our way through grief is a lot like making a tapestry. As we grieve, memories of the past – of our losses – are gradually being gathered up, reclaimed and woven into the present. Eventually a pattern emerges: a picture that shows the past and present have been rewoven.

To appreciate the art of tapestry is to look at it from both sides. The back of the tapestry can tell us about brokenness. There we can see where all kinds of broken threads were left dangling and where they were securely tied together again. When we study the front of our tapestry, we see something quite different. We see the bigger picture. We see the connections. We see the unique patterns and shapes of our life has created. We might see a wholeness – that there is beauty. That in grieving our losses we have become artists of life. ~ Donna O'Toole from Facing Change