Thought Field Techniques (TFT)

Thought Field Therapy techniques work with your body’s electrical system in correcting information that causes upsets and disturbances within the body. These techniques involve tapping on energy meridians in particular sequences to relieve stress, anxiety, love pain, grief, trauma, addictive cravings, and practically any other negative emotion. This is a rapid response system of techniques that can eradicate the emotional charge and upset connected with memories, yet leave memories intact. Thought Field techniques can also be used successfully for peak performance and visualization of goals. These techniques can help relieve symptoms of Individual Energy Toxins as well.

Thought Field Therapy has been used in several overseas missions to help trauma victims cope with their losses. Haiti, Japan, New Orleans, and Rwanda are some of the places where TFT has benefited many residents faced with seemingly insurmountable odds. TFT worked so well that Kosovo has made TFT the national protocol for dealing with trauma. TFT is not a talking cure so it has also worked well for soldiers dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I was introduced to Thought Field Therapy in October of 2009. I had just lost a dear senior friend and found that TFT helped me cope with that loss.  In February 2010, I became a certified TFT Algorithm Practitioner. In August 2010, I took a Boot Camp course through Joanne Callahan and received my diagnostic designation. I went further in taking a Master Class that helped me put my TFT skills into steady practice. I have since used these techniques successfully on family, friends and skeptical clients. It is both rewarding and humbling to see miracles happen before my eyes! I have witnessed people with upsets and stresses become relaxed and calm within just a few minutes. Many wonderful stories, including some of my own stories, can be found at the TFT trauma blog


Individual energy toxins can wreak havoc on the well being of your body. These are substances that can be either foods, or chemical exposures to household cleaners, detergents and toiletries that react negatively with individual people. Through TFT toxin testing, these substances can be identified so clients can avoid them and let their body come back into balance and heal itself.

There are several interesting and informative videos on YouTube. Look for ones with Roger Callahan, heart rate variability, Rwanda genocide (Dr Sakai) and Dr Franzi Ng. (She is the wonderful lady who taught me the first level algorithm course).

This video shows Dr Callahan talking about Heart Rate Variability which I feel is one of TFT’s most amazing successes:

Why Heart Rate Variability Is Important

It is the vision of Roger and Joanne Callahan that Thought Field Therapy be kept simple and available to the general public. Anyone can learn the basics and have amazing results.

There are books and other products available that can teach you how to do these techniques yourself. I highly recommend Dr Roger Callahan’s book “Tapping the Healer Within”.

An extensive library of TFT information:


Thought Field Therapy has been around for over 30 years, be sure to find a practitioner trained under Dr. Roger Callahan, the founder of Thought Field Therapy.

Thirty years after his first discovery, Dr. Roger Callahan, founder and developer of Thought Field Therapy, received the Life Time Achievement Award from the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP). He was recognized for originating, devising and popularizing a coherent meridian-based tapping system that is changing the world of psychotherapy and the world of so many who (used to) suffer.

Watch the YouTube video of Dr. Callahan receiving the award. Congratulations, Dr. Callahan!



Jackie Rioux (me) with Dr Roger Callahan at TFT Boot Camp August 2010, Vancouver

Simple Algorithym:

This is a quick exercise you can use to overcome any general “mental blocks”.  Tapping on energy meridians in a certain sequence works like opening a combination lock on your energy system to diffuse upsets and mental blocks.

Use this exercise any time you are faced with a craving, a revulsion, or a fear /mental block. You can even use it in emergencies to relieve shock and stress, to be able to focus.

Tap gently but firmly a few times at each point, and repeat a few times as needed until craving or upset dissipates.
1.eyebrow close to nose,
2. under eye,
3. under arm,
4. collarbone.

Another simple sequence to keep focused is:
1. tap fleshy part of side of either hand (below baby finger)
2. Rub upper left chest (this can also release toxins as it is a lymphatic drainage point)
3. tap under nose
We used this throughout course days to stay on task and focused.

Downloadable PDF of the Tapping Points:

These are videos put together by my friend and mentor Dr Franzi Ng.
TFT power ritual.. use for general stress, anxiety, visualization… just a boost in the morning or any time. Above picture is this sequence in printed form.

Introduction to collarbone breathing… confusing yet effective… used as a system reset for addictions, autism, ADHD, anything psychological.
Advanced collarbone breathing (once you get the hang of it)

Tapping is a wonderful technique to teach children to cope through their feelings and upsets. Tapping can be taught as a fun form of play for younger children.